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ALDI Auto XS CPL 2054 User Manual page 17

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You have made an excellent choice with the purchase of this quality product. Our commitment to quality also
includes our service. Should you, contrary to expectations, and during private use within the warranty period
(starting from the date of purchase), experience defects due to manufacturing faults, we shall be liable for
warranty in accordance with statutory warranty regulations provided that:
The product is guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and parts for a period of 12 months from
date of purchase. Defects that occur within this warranty period, under normal use and care, will be replaced at
our discretion, solely at our option with no charge for parts and labour. The benefits conferred by this warranty
are in addition to all rights and remedies in respect of the product that the consumer has under the Trade
Practices Act and similar state and territory laws.
Proof of Purchase
This warranty is valid for the original purchase and is not transferable. Please keep your purchase docket or
receipt as proof of purchase and as proof of date on which the purchase was made. The purchase docket or
receipt must be presented with the warranty when making a claim under this warranty.
Service during the Warranty Period
Please ensure the product is properly packaged so as to ensure that no damage occurs to the product during
transit. Also make sure that you have included an explanation of the problem.
Extent of Warranty
This warranty is limited to defects in workmanship or parts. All defective products or parts will be repaired
or replaced. This warranty does not extend to accessories. This warranty does not cover manuals and
packaging, antennas, line cords, handset cords, filters, bags, seals, cogs, belts or other matters not referred
to in the above. This warranty does not cover batteries or any other consumable item.
Normal Wear and Tear
This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear to the product or parts.
This warranty does not cover:
Any defect caused by an accident, misuse, abuse, improper installation or operation, lack of reasonable
care, unauthorised modification, loss of parts, tampering or attempted repair by a person not authorised
by the distributor.
Any product that has been damaged by a lightning strike either directly or indirectly or a main's power
surge or liquid ingress.
Any product that has not been installed, operated or maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's
operating instructions provided with the product.
Any product that has been used for purposes other than domestic use.
The product if it is located outside of Australia.
Any damage caused by improper power input or improper cable connection.

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