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Special Functions Of Charger - ALDI Auto XS CPL 2054 User Manual

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3.6 Special functions of charger

Reactivation of deep-discharged 12 V batteries using pulse charging
Pulse charging allows gentle pre-charging of 12 V batteries to 10.5 V. The set charging
program (
capacity. (See also chapter "Starting the charging process").
During charging, the charger produces a reduced charging current changing between
0.07 and 0.8 A. This way, the battery is moved into a normal operating condition.
Fault protection function
Where a short-circuit, contact interruption or incorrect polarity is detected during
charging, the charger automatically terminates the charging program. The charger
switches to the standby mode.
Where an incorrect polarity is determined, the red warning light also lights up.
Overheating protection
If the temperature of the heat sink in the charger reaches 100° C, the charging current
is reduced until the temperature has returned to within its normal range.
Trickle charging
Once the battery has been fully charged, the charger automatically changes to trickle
charging. Depending on the measured voltage, the charging is interrupted or the bat-
tery is maintained in a fully charged condition with low voltage currents (0.8 / 0.07 A).
A battery can remain permanently connected to the charger without
damage or adverse effect on its performance. The trickle charge can be used
to maintain a battery.
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) then continues charging until the battery is charged to

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