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Special Safety Instructions; Working Environment - ALDI Auto XS CPL 2054 User Manual

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2.3 Special safety instructions

Store the charger and accessories out of children´s reach.
Only connect the charger to an easily accessible 240 V socket so that you can take
quick action in the case of a fault.
Do not cover the charger as it could overheat and thus be damaged.
Where the battery is installed in a vehicle, ensure that the vehicle is switched off and
is secured in a stationary position. Switch off the ignition and make sure the vehicle is
parked – applied handbrake (e.g. car) or secured cable.
Avoid electric short-circuiting when connecting the charger to the battery.
Only connect the negative terminal cable to the negative terminal of the battery or
to the chassis. Only connect the positive terminal cable to the positive terminal of the
Only touch the insulated area of the terminal clamps (positive terminal and negative
Prior to installation, maintenance or repair disconnect charger from mains.
Do not expose charger to open fire, heat or prolonged high temperatures of +40°C.
At higher temperatures, the output of the charger is automatically reduced.

2.4 Working environment

Never expose the charger to rain or humidity. The device must not come into contact
with water, not even dripping or spray water.
Only use the charger at an ambient temperature of between -5 to +40 °C.
Do not expose the charger to strong sunlight for a longer period of time.
CAUTION: Avoid explosive gasses, flames and sparks. Ensure adequate ventilation
during charging. The battery can emit gaseous hydrogen during charging and di-
scharging. Contact with a naked flame can lead to a highly explosive reaction.
Carry out the charging operation in a well-ventilated, weather-protected room.
Ensure that explosive or combustible substances such as fuel or solvents cannot be
set alight when using the charger.
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