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Safety Instructions; Correct Use; General Safety Instructions - ALDI Auto XS CPL 2054 User Manual

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Safety instructions

The warning triangle identifies all instructions important for ensuring safe use.
Always follow these Instructions as failure to do so may result in injuries or may da-
mage the charger.
The information symbol highlights useful information

2.1 Correct use

This charger is only intended for use with lead-acid batteries (vehicle batteries) with
6V and 12V rated voltage (see details in Technical Specification). The charger may not
be used for other types of batteries as high charging currents can cause a hazard.
The charger may not be used as a starting aid. Prior to starting the vehicle, always fully
charge the battery of the vehicle and disconnect the charger as described in these
The charger is designed for use in a dry and protected environment at temperatures
of -5 to +40 °C.

2.2 General Safety Instructions

The charger is not designed to be used by persons (including children) with impaired
physical, sensory or mental ability, lack of experience and/or lack of know-how, unless
they are supervised by another person responsible for their safety or unless they have
been instructed in how to use the charger.
Children must be supervised to prevent them from playing with the charger.
Only connect the charger to a correctly installed socket. The voltage must correspond
to the one specified on the rating plate of the charger.
Ensure that the mains cable is not damaged and keep away from sharp edges,
humidity, heat or oil.
Do not connect the charger if the mains cable is damaged. A damaged mains cable
must be replaced immediately by central Service Centre staff or similar qualified
persons, in order to prevent any hazards.
Do not operate charger or unplug from mains immediately if the charger is damaged
or if you suspect that the charger is faulty. In these cases have the charger repaired by
our Service Engineers.
Remove plug from mains if charger is not in use.
Keep packaging material and, in particular foil and foil bag, away from children –
danger of suffocation.
Prior to starting the charger, remove all protective foil from the charger.
Install the mains cable in such a way that it does not cause an obstruction and nobody
can pull on the cable accidently.
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