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Program Change - Novation Impulse User Manual

Impulse piano
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Pages 7 to 21: Zones 2 to 4
The remaining pages in the Zones menu repeat the settings available for Zone 1 in Pages 2 to 6.

Program Change

Page 3: Zone 1 End (Z1 End)
You can set the upper note of the Zone in the same manner
as the lowest.
Page 4: Zone 1 Octave (Z1 Octav)
This enables you to change the octave that the keys in the
zone will play. A setting of 0 (the default) means that the
notes in the zone will play at their normal pitch. Note that
the range of octaves available varies between the three
Impulse models.
Page 5: Zone 1 MIDI Channel (Z1 Chan)
Each Zone can use a different MIDI channel, enabling you
to play different sound sources from different parts of the
keyboard. You can set the Zone to any of the 16 standard
MIDI channels, or select tPL, when the Zone's MIDI
channel will follow that set in the current template.
Page 6: Zone 1 Ports (Z1 Ports)
As well as selecting a different MIDI channel for each
Zone, you can also set the MIDI Port each Zone uses. The
options are: Template (tPL) – the port will be that set in the
current template; USB (Usb) – the USB port will be used;
MIDI (Mid) – the DIN sockets will be used; All (ALL) – both
USB and DIN ports will be used; Off (Off) – the Zone is
You can manually transmit a MIDI Program Change
message from Impulse. Press Shift + MIDI Chan to enable
Prog Change mode.
Select the Program Change number with the Data knob and
the MIDI data will be transmitted. Note: Program Change
MIDI values are automatically transmitted as the Data knob
is turned – i.e., this makes it possible to browse through
patches simply by turning the knob. Press Enter to exit this
mode and revert the screen to the normal display.

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