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Using Your Cooktop - Electrolux EHGC77BS User Manual

Gas cooktops
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2 electrolux e:line gas cooktops installation
• An authorised person must install this appliance and
MUST provide a certificate of compliance. This
certificate should be retained along with purchase
• Before using the appliance, ensure that all packing
materials are removed from the appliance.
• In order to avoid any potential hazard, the installation
instructions in this booklet, and any labels on the
appliance must be followed.
• Ensure that all specified vents, openings and air spaces
are not blocked.
• Where the appliance is built into a benchtop, the
benchtop material must be capable of withstanding 85°C.
• Ensure that the duplicate rating label (in the instruction
pack) is attached to a readily accessible adjacent surface,
so that the cooktop can be easily identified in the case of
a service call.
• Servicing MUST only be carried out by authorised
• To maintain safe operation, it is recommended that the
product be inspected every five years by an authorised
service person.
• If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by an
authorised service person in order to avoid a hazard.
• Always ensure the appliance is turned off
before cleaning.
• This appliance contains aluminium fittings.
Do not use caustic based cleaners.
• Do not use steam cleaners as this may cause moisture
build up on electrical components.
• Always clean the appliance immediately after
any food spillage.
• Do not place bodies and caps in a dishwasher.
• Do not place burners in a dishwasher.

Using your cooktop

Each burner is controlled by a control knob. The markings on
the control panel indicate which burner the knob controls, and
the setting for that burner (see Figure 4).
Figure 4
NOTE! Gas controls turn anticlockwise from 'OFF' and have
limited movement.
Lighting burners
Electronic ignition: These cooktops are fitted with mains
powered ignition. When the appliance has been connected
and the power is on, depressing any knob will release
sparks to all burners.
• Keep hands clear of burners when lighting.
• If burner does not light within 5 seconds, turn knob
to 'OFF' position, allow gas to disperse, then try
lighting again.
• Burners MUST be operated between 'HIGH' and 'LOW'
settings only.
To light a burner, the knob must be turned to the
'HIGH' position, then pushed down as far as possible
for approximately 5 seconds. If the flame goes out when
the knob is released simply depress the knob again, this
time holding it down with slightly more force for the same
length of time.
The height of the flame can be varied by turning the control
knob toward the
'LOW' position.
In the absence of electrical power, carry out the ignition
directly to the burner with a hand held ignition source.

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