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Using Your Cooktop; Hotplates; Choice Of Hotplate; Pots And Pans - Electrolux GHS605W Instruction And Installation Manual

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Choice of Hotplate

For your convenience there is a choice of Hotplates –
A small burner for special low heat and slow cooking.
A medium burner for normal cooking and simmering.
A large burner for fast heating and large pots and pans.
A Wok burner for very fast heating using a Wok or large pot or pan.
To conserve gas, place the pan centrally over the burner and adjust the flame so that it does not
extend past the edge of the pan (Figure 3). Do not boil food too rapidly. A vigorous boil will not
cook food any faster, and will waste energy.

Pots and Pans

All common pots and pans; aluminium, stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, etc., may be used on
your new gas model cooktop. Ensure that the pots or pans are steady and have flat bases to
avoid dangerous spill-over of hot liquids and wasted energy.
Figure 3
Never use asbestos mats, wire mats or grids, aluminium foil as it can lead to
overheating, cracked enamel. The warranty will be void if these utensils are used and
cause a failure. Woks should only be used on the wok burner and wok support trivet.