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Raypak 206A Installation & Operating Instructions Manual

Gas-fired pool & spa heater
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Pool & Spa
Atmospheric Models
206A, 266A, 336A & 406A
WARNING: If these instructions are not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result
causing property damage, personal injury or death.
Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of
this or any other appliance.
• Do not try to light any appliance.
• Do not touch any electrical switch; do not use any phone in your building.
• Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbor's phone. Follow the gas sup-
plier's instructions.
• If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire department.
Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer, service agency or
the gas supplier.
This manual should be maintained in legible condition and kept adjacent to the heater or in a safe place for future
Catalog No. 6000.59Y
Effective: 01-16-12
Lo NOx Models
207A, 267A, 337A & 407A
Replaces: 08-25-11
P/N 241236 Rev. 26



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  Summary of Contents for Raypak 206A

  • Page 1 Pool & Spa Heater Atmospheric Models Lo NOx Models 206A, 266A, 336A & 406A 207A, 267A, 337A & 407A WARNING: If these instructions are not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury or death.
  • Page 2 WATER CHEMISTRY (Corrosive water voids all warranties) For your health and the protection of your pool equipment, it is essential that your water be chemically balanced. The following levels must be used as a guide for bal- anced water. Other Pool & Spa Recommended Level(s) Fiberglass Pools Fiberglass Spas Types...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS PART ONE Wiring Diagram - AFT Models, Lo NOx OWNER'S OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS SECTION 4 SERVICING INSTRUCTIONS SECTION 1 General Location of Controls START-UP PROCEDURES Control Panel Removal Before Start-Up Control Adjustments - AFT Models Lighting Instructions & Shut-Off Procedures - Control Adjustments - Millivolt Models Manually Lighted Pilots MV Thermostat Operation - AFT Board...
  • Page 4: Part One

  • Page 5: Millivolt System

    CAUTION: Propane gas is heavier than air and will settle on the ground. Since propane can accumulate in confined areas, extra care should be exercised when lighting propane heaters. LIGHTING INSTRUCTIONS AND SHUT-OFF PROCEDURES MILLIVOLT SYSTEM (MANUALLY LIGHTED PILOT) *If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the This appliance has a pilot that must be lit by fire department.
  • Page 6: Electronic Ignition System

    CAUTION Propane gas is heavier than air and will settle on the ground. Since propane can accumulate in confined areas, extra care should be exercised when lighting propane heaters. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS AND SHUT-OFF PROCEDURES ELECTRONIC IGNITION SYSTEM (AUTOMATICALLY LIGHTED PILOT) *If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the This appliance is equipped with an ignition fire department.
  • Page 7: After Start-Up

    AFTER START-UP Feel the inlet and outlet pipes. Outlet pipe should be only slightly warmer than the inlet. It should not be hot. WARNING: Should overheating occur or the gas supply fail to shut off, turn off the manual gas control to the heater.
  • Page 8: Pool & Spa Water Chemistry

    2. Your pump strainer basket may be full. If so SECTION 3 - MAINTENANCE AND remove debris. CARE PROCEDURES 3. Your filter may be dirty. If so, backwash or clean WARNING: Check the heater for possible rodent filter. (To tell if your filter is dirty, look to see if the nests after long periods of non-use.
  • Page 9: Cold Weather Operation

    WINTERIZING THE POOL & SPA HEATER COLD WEATHER OPERATION Heaters installed outdoors in freezing climate areas IMPORTANT FREEZE INFORMATION may be shut down for the winter. Observe the follow- ing procedure for winterizing the heater: MODERATE CLIMATE: Heater operation can contin- ue during short-term cold spells.
  • Page 10: Part Two

    PART TWO INSTALLATION AND SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS SECTION 1 - RECEIVING EQUIPMENT The manufacturer recommends that this manual be reviewed thoroughly before installing your pool/spa heater. If there are any questions that this manual does not answer, please contact the factory or your local represen- tative.
  • Page 11: General Specifications

    SECTION 2 - GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS These heaters are design-certified and tested under the latest requirements of the ANSI Z21.56 / CSA 4.7 Standard for Gas-Fired Pool Heaters. All heaters can be used either indoor or outdoors. The appropriate top designated for each type of use is required. If necessary, the top can be changed at a later date to change from outdoor to indoor or vice versa.
  • Page 12: Clearances

    CLEARANCES ALL HEATERS For clearances from combustible surfaces, see the When installed according to the listed minimum clear- chart below. ances from combustible construction, the pool heater can still be serviced without removing permanent CLEARANCE FROM construction around the heater. COMBUSTIBLE CONSTRUCTION However for ease of servicing, we recommend a clear- INDOOR INSTALLATIONS:...
  • Page 13 Heaters must not be installed under an overhang of less than three 3 ft from the top of the heater. Three sides must be open in the area under the overhang. Roof water drainage must be diverted away from the heaters installed under overhangs with the use of gutters.
  • Page 14: Florida And Texas Building Codes

    FLORIDA AND TEXAS BUILDING CODES WIND SPEED = 150 MPH, 3 SECOND GUST EXPOSURE = C 206/266/336/406 Atmospheric MODEL # 20” 23” 26” 29” 40” 28” 2” x 6” x 1/8” Pallet Anchor Bracket (4 Total) (Kit# 011636) 3” Min. Conc. Pad by others 1/4”...
  • Page 15: Indoor Heater Installation

    (3) Screws Clips (1) Instructions Clips ** REFER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS OUTDOOR INDOOR STACK INSIDE BOX FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO STACK INSTALL OUTDOOR/INDOOR STACK. Model Part No. Part No. 206A/207A 009834 009838 266A/267A 009835 009839 336A/337A 009836 009840 406A/407A 009837 009841...
  • Page 16 SPECIFICATIONS AND DIMENSIONS ATMOSPHERIC UNITS Amp Draw 120 Volt 240 Volt FLUE 10" 8-7/8" 4-3/8" (6-5/8" ASME) (3-3/8" ASME) INDOOR DRAFTHOOD 32-11/16" 40" 38" ELECTRICAL STACKLESS CONNECTION OUTDOOR TOP 26-5/8" (28-5/8" ASME) 13-1/4" CONNECTION 28" Shipping Weights (lbs) Standard ASME BTUH Heater Heater...
  • Page 17 SPECIFICATIONS AND DIMENSIONS LO NOx UNITS Amp Draw 120 Volt 240 Volt FLUE 10" 8-7/8” (6-5/8” ASME) 4-3/8” (3-3/8” ASME) INDOOR DRAFTHOOD 34” 26-1/2” STACKLESS ELECTRICAL OUTDOOR 31-13/16" CONNECTION 20-1/2" (22-1/2" ASME) 7-3/4" CONNECTION 28” Shipping Weights (lbs) Standard ASME BTUH Heater Heater...
  • Page 18: Combustion And Ventilation Air

    010744 009832 appliance. 336/337 010745 009833 Optional Raypak D-2 406/407 010745 009833 Power Vent For more information consult the D-2 Power Vent manual, (Catalog No. 6000.57.1). The power vent assembly is a fan-assisted combustion system designed for application to models 206-407. The unit, when installed as directed, is capable of operating in applications such as through-the-wall venting and reduced horizontal and vertical vent pipe sizes in new and current installations.
  • Page 19: Gas Supply Connections

    For protection against rain or blockage by snow, the GAS SUPPLY CONNECTIONS vent pipe must terminate with a vent cap which com- plies with the local codes or, in the absence of such codes, to the latest edition of the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1 (Canada - CAN/CSA-B149).
  • Page 20: Gas Pressure Regulator

    GAS PRESSURE REGULATOR ELECTRONIC IGNITION GAS VALVES-CONTINUED The gas pressure regulator is preset at 4.0 in. WC for natural gas (3.1 in. WC for Lo NOx), and 10.5 in. WC. for propane gas. The pressure at the gas valve, taken with a manometer, should be about 4.0 in.
  • Page 21: Flow Rates

    FLOW RATES MODEL PIPE SIZE MIN. GPM MAX. GPM* *When flow rates exceed maximum GPM an external auxil- iary bypass valve is required. See external bypass valve 206/207 1-1/4”–1-1/2” - 2” section for details. 266/267 1-1/4”–1-1/2” - 2” 336/337 1-1/4”–1-1/2” - 2” 406/407 1-1/4”–1-1/2”...
  • Page 22: Polymer Headers

    required, use a silicon base such as AquaLube etc. POLYMER HEADERS (STANDARD MODELS) Before attaching the 2-inch unions to the inlet/outlet There are two sets of flange gaskets supplied with header, make sure the O-rings are properly seated in your heater. Use the appropriate gaskets for all your the grooves.
  • Page 23: Internal Automatic Bypass Valve

    PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE INSTALLATION INTERNAL AUTOMATIC BYPASS VALVE To conform to local building codes, it may be neces- In addition to the Unitherm Governor, a built-in auto- sary to install a pressure relief valve. A 3/4" pressure matic bypass valve is provided in the in/out header. relief valve, having a capacity equal to the BTUH out- While the Unitherm Governor responds to the changes put of the model to be installed, is recommended for...
  • Page 24: Plumbing-Water Connections

    PLUMBING—WATER CONNECTIONS Single Pool Heater Installation Multiple Pool Heater Installation The heater requires water flow and positive pressure to fire and operate properly. It must therefore be installed downstream of the discharge side of the filter pump. A typical installation is plumbed as follows: 1.
  • Page 25: Heat Exchanger Reversal Procedure

    HEAT EXCHANGER REVERSAL PROCEDURE - STANDARD MODELS 1. Remove right and left side access panels (Figure 1). 2. Disconnect wires at high limit, AGS (automatic gas shut-off), and pressure switch on the in/out header (Figure 2). 3. AFT Models: Remove the thermostat temperature sensor by loosening the compression fitting nut (Figure 3).
  • Page 26: Electrical Wiring

    ELECTRICAL WIRING CAUTION: Heater must be electrically grounded and NOTE: If it is necessary to replace any of the original bonded. Bonding lug is provided loose with the wiring, use 105°C wire or its equivalent, and/or 150°C heater. Install bonding lug on lower right or left side wire or its equivalent, like the original wiring.
  • Page 27: Transformer Wiring

    TRANSFORMER WIRING 120 VAC WIRING For 120 VAC input power to the unit, connect the black wire to the “L1” or hot leg of the power supply. Connect the white wire to the “Ret” or neutral leg of the power supply. Attach the wire nut to the red wire. There should be no connection to the red wire for 120 VAC operation.
  • Page 28: Wiring Diagram - Millivolt (Mechanical Therm.)

  • Page 30 WIRING DIAGRAM - LO NOx...
  • Page 31: Servicing Instructions

    SECTION 4 - SERVICING INSTRUCTIONS GENERAL LOCATION OF CONTROLS ATMOSPHERIC Drain Plug (Located in rear header) Mounted On Top Of Header HL1 - High Limit HL2 - High Limit Pressure Switch Temp Sensor/Well AFT Thermostat Circuit Board Unitherm Governor Drain Plug Roll-Out Switch Transformer...
  • Page 32: Control Panel Removal

    CONTROL PANEL REMOVAL CONTROL ADJUSTMENTS - MILLIVOLT MODELS The water temperature is controlled by the heater ther- 1. Remove screw from front door. Set aside door for mostat on the upper front panel of the heater. The serviceability. control center contains an On/Off switch and one ther- mostat.
  • Page 33 THERMOSTAT OPERATION - ADVANCED FLAME TECHNOLOGY (AFT) BOARD Program button LCD Display Temp Buttons Mode Button The pool heater touchpad, located on the upper front the pilot flame current using a bar graph and numeri- panel of the heater, allows the user to select either cal display.
  • Page 34 Program Button Fahrenheit or Celsius 1) Remove the four screws holding the control cover, Refer to step one above to access the program and swing the panel down so the back side of the screen. Press the Mode button until Fahrenheit or board is visible (see page 31).
  • Page 35: Status And Diagnostics

    NOTE: The LCD temperature display may not agree with the temperature reading of your pool or spa ther- mometer. The heater reads the water temperature at the inlet. Due to the circulation characteristics of any pool or spa, the water temperature at the inlet to the heater may differ from that observed at a given location in the pool or spa.
  • Page 36: Remote Control Installation And Operation

    REMOTE CONTROL INSTALLATION AND OPERATION CAUTION: Before installing remote controls to the AFT thermostat model heaters, read the following: The digital thermostat model is remote-ready in most cases. The digital liquid crystal display (LCD) shows the actual pool temperature, operating status, and service codes (See examples below). The touch pad on the con- trol panel allows you to select the desired pool or spa temperature.
  • Page 37: Remote Control Wiring

    REMOTE CONTROL WIRING Important Installation Notes for Remote or External Wiring Configuration • Remote wiring must be run in a separate conduit. • Remote wiring must not be run parallel to high voltage lines. • For runs of under 30 feet, remote wiring should have stranded conductors with a minimum of 22 AWG, 600V, cable twisting 1.5 to 2.5 in.
  • Page 38: Time Clock/Fireman's Switch

    4. Turn the heater ON. TIME CLOCK/FIREMAN’S SWITCH 5. Manually turn the pressure adjustment knob clock- To operate the heater with a time clock, connect the wise until the heater shuts off. (A flat screwdriver timer to the fireman’s switch connection in the heater’s may be necessary if knob is too tight.) wiring.
  • Page 39: Pilot Safety

    NOTE: An erratic high limit is often characteristic of an MAIN BURNER AND ORIFICE REMOVAL - internal heat exchanger problem, e.g. scale build-up, ATMOSPHERIC MODELS defective bypass. Refer to Troubleshooting section 1. Remove burner tray. (starting on page 43). 2. Remove screws and burner hold-down bracket. HIGH LIMIT REMOVAL NOTE: If the heat exchanger is sooted badly, the burner hold-down bracket and spacer can become dis-...
  • Page 40: Heat Exchanger Removal

    Extension Pieces (2) Auger with Carbide Tip Wire Brush 4. Remove heat exchanger from the heater and wash HEAT EXCHANGER REMOVAL with a garden hose, making sure soot is removed 1. Shut water, gas and electricity off, close valves from spaces between fins. and relieve pressure, then remove relief valve.
  • Page 41: Unitherm Governor (U.g.) Replacement

    UNITHERM GOVERNOR (U.G.) REPLACEMENT 1. Shut water, gas and electricity off, close valves Retainer Plug and relieve pressure. 2. Drain heat exchanger. U.G. 3. Remove retainer plug located next to the outlet Spring pipe connection. 4. Unsnap old U.G. to remove from retainer plug. Gasket Snap in new U.G.
  • Page 42: Burner Tray Removal

    LO NOx HEATERS (CONTINUED) MAIN BURNER AND ORIFICE REMOVAL 1. Remove burner tray, following above procedure. BAFFLE MOUNTED COMBUSTION 2. Remove pilot. See pilot removal procedure. INLET SIDE AIR BLOWER 3. Remove (8) total screws from the burner hold- PILOT down brackets, front and rear of tray.
  • Page 43: Troubleshooting

    SECTION 5 - TROUBLESHOOTING MECHANICAL IMPORTANT NOTICE These instructions are intended for the use of qualified personnel who are specifically trained and experienced in the installation of this type of heating equipment and related system components. Installation and service personnel may be required by some states to be licensed.
  • Page 44: Electrical - Standing Pilot Millivolt

    ELECTRICAL - STANDING PILOT MILLIVOLT POOL OR SPA HEATER ELECTRICAL CHECK WITH MILLIVOLT GAS VALVE CAUTION: For qualified service personnel only. 1. Filter must be on with adequate water flow through heater. 2. Gas valve must be in "ON" position. Thermostat set higher than pool water temperature. 3.
  • Page 45: Electrical - Electronic Ignition Iid

    ELECTRICAL - ELECTRONIC IGNITION IID WARNING HIGH VOLTAGE For qualified technicians ONLY NOTE: Some heaters may be equipped with an ignition module that shuts off pilot gas if pilot fails to light. To reset, interrupt power to heater. START TURN GAS SUPPLY OFF. NOTE: Before troubleshooting, familiarize yourself with the start-up and check-out TURN THERMOSTAT procedure.
  • Page 46: Control Logic - Flow Chart

    CONTROL LOGIC - FLOW CHART Power On • Check On/Off switch (under lid on control panel) Is the water • Check for 120/240 volts to the transformer temperature displayed? (time clock, circuit breaker, wire connections) • Check for 24 volts to Circuit Board (P6 connector) “Remote”...
  • Page 47: Replacement Parts

    SECTION 6 - REPLACEMENT PARTS NOTE: To supply you with the correct part, it is impor- If determined defective by the Company and within warranty, a like part or equal substitution will be tant that you supply the heater model number, serial returned, freight collect.
  • Page 48 ATMOSPHERIC HEATERS 14-M I3-S 6-HP 5-HP 7-HP I5-HP 3-HP 4-HP 6-HP 7-HP I2-S 14-M 17-HM 11-S 10-M 11-M 13-M 12-M 16-M 16-M 10-S...
  • Page 49 LO NOx HEATERS I3-S 6-HP 5-HP 7-HP I5-HP 3-HP 6-HP 4-HP I2-S 17-HM 11-S 12-M 13-M 12-M 10-M 10-S...
  • Page 51 ATMOSPHERIC HEATERS CALL DESCRIPTION 206A 266A 336A 406A BURNER TRAY Burner Tray w/Burners (sea level)* 010391F 010392F 010393F 010394F Burner Tray w/o Burners (sea level)* 010395F 010396F 010397F 010398F Burner Tray w/Gas Valve Nat Millivolt 010399F 010400F 010401F 010402F Burner Tray w/Gas Valve Pro Millivolt...
  • Page 52 ATMOSPHERIC HEATERS CALL DESCRIPTION 206A 266A 336A 406A HEAT EXCHANGER - METAL 1-HM Heat Exchange Assy.Copper ASME CI 010051F 006727F 010053F 010054F Heat Exchange Assy.Cupro Nickel ASME CI 010360F 010361F 010362F 010363F 2-HM Inlet/Outlet Header ASME CI Complete 006730F 006730F...
  • Page 53 ATMOSPHERIC HEATERS CALL DESCRIPTION 206A 266A 336A 406A SHEETMETAL Jacket Top (Louvered) 010047F 010048F 010049F 010050F Flue Collector (Units with Polymer Header) 010071F 010072F 010073F 010074F Flue Collector (Units with Metal Header) 010075F 010076F 010077F 010078F Door Assy Raypak Green...
  • Page 54 LO NOx HEATERS CALL DESCRIPTION 207A 267A 337A 407A BURNER TRAY*** Burner Tray w/Burners (0-5000) 010343F 010344F 010345F 010346F Burner Tray w/o Burner (0-5000) 010084F 010085F 010086F 010087F Burner Hold Down Kit 010254F 010255F 010256F 010257F Burner 310732/3 310732/4 310732/5 310732/6 Burner Orifice Nat.
  • Page 55 010050F Flue Collector (Units with Polymer Header) 010063F 010064F 010065F 010066F Flue Collector (Units with Metal Header) 010067F 010068F 010069F 010070F Door Assy. Raypak Green 010267F 010268F 010269F 010270F Cool Dark & Warm Dark Gray 013871F 013872F 013873F 013874F Rheem...
  • Page 56 Raypak, Inc., 2151 Eastman Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030 (805) 278-5300 Fax (805) 278-5468 Litho in U.S.A.

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