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Thank you for purchasing this Panasonic Product.
Before operating this product, please read the instructions carefully, and save this manual
for future use.
Before using your projector, be sure to read "Read this first!" (See pages 2 to 7).
Operating Instructions
Model No.
Functional Manual
Commercial Use
 P T-CW330E


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   Summary of Contents for Panasonic PT-CW33OE

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Model No. PT-CW240E PT-CX300E Thank you for purchasing this Panasonic Product. Before operating this product, please read the instructions carefully, and save this manual for future use. Before using your projector, be sure to read “Read this first!” (See pages 2 to 7).

  • Page 2: Read This First

    Read this first! WARNING: THIS APPARATUS MUST BE EARTHED. WARNING: To prevent damage which may result in fire or shock hazard, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. This device is not intended for use in the direct field of view at visual display workplaces. To avoid incommoding reflexions at visual display workplaces this device must not be placed in the direct field of view.

  • Page 3

    Read this first! WARNING: POWER „ The wall outlet or the circuit breaker shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible when problems occur. If the following problems occur, cut off the power supply immediately. Continued use of the projector in these conditions will result in fire or electric shock. If foreign objects or water get inside the projector, cut off the power supply.

  • Page 4

    If liquid enters inside of the projector, consult your dealer. Particular attention must be paid to children. Use the ceiling mount bracket and the wall mount bracket specified by Panasonic. Defects in the ceiling mount bracket will result in falling accidents.

  • Page 5

    Read this first! Do not allow children to reach the battery (CR2025). The battery can cause personal injury if swallowed. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately. If the battery fluid leaks, do not touch it with bare hands, and take the following measures if necessary. Battery fluid on your skin or clothing could result in skin inflammation or injury.

  • Page 6

    Read this first! ACCESSORIES „ Do not use the old lamp unit. If used it could cause lamp explosion. If the lamp has broken, ventilate the room immediately. Do not touch or bring your face close to the broken pieces. Failure to observe this will cause the user to absorb the gas which was released when the lamp broke and which contains nearly the same amount of mercury as fluorescent lamps, and the broken pieces will cause injury.

  • Page 7

    Read this first! To remove the battery Remote Control Battery 1. Press the guide and pull out 2. Remove the battery. the battery base. Trademarks • HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.

  • Page 8

    Features of the Projector Features of the Projector Quick steps Quick steps Blu-ray 3D compatible For details, see the corresponding pages. discs 1. Set up your projector. You can use the projector to view Æ page 20) 3D videos by playing media such as Blu-ray 3D compatible discs on a 3D device such as a 3D Blu-ray player.

  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    Contents Be sure to read “Read this first!”. ( pages 2 to 7) Viewing 3D Images ........32 Important Information About viewing 3D images ..........32 Read this first! ........... 2 Contents ............. 9 Settings Precautions for Use........11 On-screen Display Menus....... 33 Cautions when transporting ...........11 How to operate menu ...........

  • Page 10

    Contents Information ..............44 3D .............. 45 3D ................. 45 3D Invert ............... 45 3D Format ..............45 1080p@24 ..............46 Safety Precautions Message ........46 Safety Precautions ............46 LAN ............47 DHCP ................47 IP Address ..............47 Subnet Mask ..............

  • Page 11: Precautions For Use

    Precautions for Use Cautions when transporting When transporting the projector, be careful not to touch the mirror. When transporting the projector, hold it securely by its bottom and avoid excessive vibration and impacts. Doing so may damage the internal parts and result in malfunctions. Do not transport the projector with the adjustable feet extended.

  • Page 12: Security

    Make your password as difficult to guess as possible. Change your password periodically. Panasonic or its affiliate company never inquires a password directly to a customer. Do not tell your password in case you receive such an inquiry. The connecting network must be secured by firewall or others.

  • Page 13: Cautions On Use

    To assure continued compliance, follow the attached installation instructions, which include using the provided power cord and shielded interface cables when connecting to computer or peripheral device. Importer's name and address within the European Union Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Panasonic Testing Center Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany...

  • Page 14: Accessories

    Precautions for Use Accessories Make sure the following accessories are provided with your projector. Numbers in the brackets ( ) show the number of accessories. Wireless remote control Computer cable (x1) Lithium coin cell Battery CD-ROM (x1) unit (x1) (H4200200G005) CR2025 (x1) (H368SY01G001(B)) (H458SZ01G001)

  • Page 15: About Your Projector

    About Your Projector Remote control (12) <S-VIDEO> button Switches to S-Video source. (13) <VIDEO> button Switches to Video source. (11) (14) <KEYSTONE +> button Adjusts the image to compensate for distortion (12) caused by tilting the projector. (13) (15) <IMAGE> button Selects the color mode among Dynamic, PC, (14) Movie, Game and User.

  • Page 16: Projector Body

    About Your Projector Projector body 12 4 Do not open this cover. It is no use for this projector. (1) Air intake port (7) Speaker (2) Mirror Cover (8) Adjustable feet Adjusts the projection angle. (3) Remote control signal receiver (9) <AC IN>...

  • Page 17: Control Panel And Indicators

    About Your Projector Control Panel and Indicators (7) <INPUT> button (1) <ON(G) / STANDBY(R)> indicator Æ Displays [Source] menu. ( page 31) Indicates the projector’s status. (8) <LAMP> indicator (2) < > button Indicates the projector’s lamp status. Turns the projector on/off. (9) <TEMP>...

  • Page 18: Connecting Terminals

    About Your Projector Connecting terminals (9) <COMPUTER 2 IN> (1) <MINI USB> <COMPUTER 2 AUDIO IN> For service use. Connects to COMPUTER 2 IN input signal and (2) <HDMI IN> Input AUDIO 2 IN signal. Connects to HDMI input signals. (10) <VIDEO IN>...

  • Page 19: Using Remote Control

    Using Remote control Using Remote control Installing and Removing battery Press the guide and pull Install new battery into Put the cover back. out the battery base. the compartment. Remove the old Lithium coin cell battery and install new one (CR2025). Ensure that the side with a “+”...

  • Page 20: Setting Up

    Setting up Setting up Projection method You can use the projector with any of the following 4 projection methods to set the desired method in the projector. J Mounting on the ceiling Mounting on the ceiling and projecting forward and projecting from rear (Using translucent screen) J Setting on a desk/floor Setting on a desk/floor...

  • Page 21: Adjusting Projection Image Size

    Setting up Adjusting Projection Image Size For the setting of this projector, please refer to the following diagram or the projection distance on the next page. Attention Before installing, please read “Precautions for Use”. ( Æ pages 11 to 14) Do not use the projector and the high-powered laser equipment in the same room.

  • Page 22

    Setting up Projection distance for PT-CW330E, PT-CW240E For 16:10 aspect ratio (unit: m) (There maybe some errors in the dimensions shown in the table below.) Projection size Projector top to Throw Throw Projector bottom to Bottom of the distance A distance B Bottom of the screen Diagonal (SD) Height (SH) Width (SW)

  • Page 23

    Setting up Projection distance for PT-CX300E For 4:3 aspect ratio (unit: m) (There maybe some errors in the dimensions shown in the table below.) Projection size Projector top to Throw Throw Projector bottom to Bottom of the distance A distance B Bottom of the screen Diagonal (SD) Height (SH) Width (SW) screen...

  • Page 24: Adjusting The Projector's Height

    Setting up Adjusting the Projector's Height The projector is equipped with elevator feet for adjusting the image height. Extend the adjustable feet by rotating in the direction shown in the below picture and retract by rotating in the opposite direction. Spacer Spacer (Detachable)

  • Page 25: Connections

    Connections Before connecting to the projector Read carefully the instruction manual for the device to be connected. Turn off the power switch of the devices before connecting cables. If any connection cable is not supplied with the device, or if no optional cable is available for connection of the device, prepare a necessary system connection cable to suit the device.

  • Page 26: Connecting Example: Computers

    Connections Connecting example: Computers Computer Active Speaker Monitor HDMI Cable LAN Cable Computer Cable Stereo sound Cord Stereo sound Cord Computer Cable - ENGLISH...

  • Page 27: Connecting Example: Av Equipment

    Connections Connecting example: AV equipment Blu-ray disc Player Video deck DVD Player, Set-top Box, HDTV receiver Audio Instrument Video deck DVD Player, Set-top Box, HDTV receiver HDMI Cable S-Video Cord Stereo sound Cord Mini stereo sound Cord Component Video Cord D-Sub Component Converse Adapter Video Cord Stereo sound Cord...

  • Page 28: Powering On/off

    ic Operation Powering ON/OFF Connecting the power cord Make sure that the supplied power cord is securely fixed to the projector to prevent removal of the power cord. Installation Removal Insert the power cord holder in the holes Push the power cord holder to the left. provided above and below the AC input terminal.

  • Page 29: On(g)/standby(r) Indicator

    Powering ON/OFF ON(G)/STANDBY(R) indicator The ON(G)/STANDBY(R) indicator informs you the status of the power. Confirm the status of the <ON(G)/STANDBY(R)> indicator before operating the projector. <ON(G)/STANDBY(R)> indicator Indicator status Status No illumination or flashing The power plug is not connected to the outlet. The power is switched off.

  • Page 30: Powering On The Projector

    Powering ON/OFF Powering On the Projector Connect the power plug to the power outlet. Enter Standby status when the <ON(G)/STANDBY(R)> indicator is lighting / flashing in red. Press the < > button on the control panel or the remote control. When the <ON(G)/STANDBY(R)>...

  • Page 31: Projecting

    Projecting Projecting Check the connections of the peripheral devices and connection of the power cord ( page 28) and switch on the Æ power ( page 30) to start the projector. Select the image and adjust the state of the image. Æ...

  • Page 32: Viewing 3d Images

    69) for the types of 3D video signals that can be used with the projector. This projector supports the 3D glass of DLP Link method. However, Panasonic do not guarantee this projector supports the 3D glass from other companies.

  • Page 33: Settings

    Settings On-screen Display Menus On-screen Display Menus How to operate menu Operation steps Press <MENU> button on the remote control or on the control panel. Main Menu displays. Use ▲▼ to select any item in the Main Menu. The selected item is highlighted in orange. Press ►.

  • Page 34: Menu Tree

    On-screen Display Menus Menu Tree Main Menu Sub Menu 2nd Sub Menu Default Value Range Color Mode Dynamic / PC / Movie / Game / User Wall color White / Light Yellow / Light Blue / White Pink / Dark Green Brightness 0 ~ 100 Contrast...

  • Page 35

    On-screen Display Menus Main Menu Sub Menu 2nd Sub Menu Default Value Range Auto Source On / Off Input HDMI, Computer 1,Computer 2, S-Video, Video Auto Power Off (Min) 0~120 Lamp Hours Used (Normal) Lamp Hours Used (ECO) Lamp Life Off/On Reminder Lamp...

  • Page 36: Picture

    Picture Picture Wall color Select [Picture] from the Main Menu (see “How to operate menu” on page 33) and then select Select an appropriate color for wall projection. the item from the Sub Menu. Press ▲▼ to select [Wall color]. Press ►...

  • Page 37: Sharpness

    Picture Sharpness Gamma You can adjust the sharpness of the projected image. Adjust the gamma table when the dark areas or bright areas of the image is not clear. Press ▲▼ to select [Sharpness]. Press ▲▼ to select [Gamma]. Press ► to display the adjustment dialog box.

  • Page 38: Position

    Position Position Note Select [Position] from the Main Menu (see “How If an aspect ratio which is different from the aspect ratio to operate menu” on page 33) and then select for the input signals is selected, the pictures will appear the item from the Sub Menu.

  • Page 39: Position

    Position V Position Press the ▼◄ on the remote control Shift the projected image position vertically. or the ◄ on the control panel to Press ▲▼ to select [V Position]. adjust the bottom of Press ► to display the adjustment the keystone.

  • Page 40: Setting

    Setting Do not display Closed Caption. Select [Setting] from the Main Menu (see “How to operate menu” on page 33) and then select Displays the CC1 data. the item from the Sub Menu. Displays the CC2 data. Displays the CC3 data. Displays the CC4 data.

  • Page 41: Test Pattern

    ID on the Æ projector. ( page 19) Startup Logo Set this function to display the Panasonic logo when the projector is turning on. Press ▲▼ to select [Startup Logo]. Press ► to display the setting dialog box.

  • Page 42: Audio

    Audio Audio In Standby Mode (Audio) Select [Audio] from the Main Menu (see “How to operate menu” on page 33) and then select This function is used to switch the output sound On/ the item from the Sub Menu. Off at standby mode. Press ▲▼...

  • Page 43: Options

    Options Options The input with a check mark will be able to be Select [Options] from the Main Menu (see “How searched when [Auto Source] is set to [On]. to operate menu” on page 33) and then select To remove the check mark, choose the desired the item from the Sub Menu.

  • Page 44: Dynamic Black

    Options Lamp Power Mode For the elevation approx. 1 000 m (3 300 ft) and approx. 3 000 m Selects desired lamp power mode under (10 000 ft). different situations. For the elevation below approx. Press ▲▼ to select [Lamp Power Mode]. 1 000 m (3 300 ft).

  • Page 45: 3d Invert

    is not displayed correctly when [3D] menu is set to [Auto]. Select [3D] from the Main Menu (see “How to In this case, set [3D] menu to [On] and then select the operate menu” on page 33) and then select the desired 3D video format in [3D Format] menu.

  • Page 46: 1080p@24

    1080p@24 Use this function to select 96Hz or 144Hz when viewing 1080p/24 signal according to the signal of the external equipment. Press ▲▼ to select [ 1080p@24]. Press ► to display the setting dialog box. Note Press ◄► to switch. The message of [3D SAFETY PRECAUTIONS] will appear for about 2 minutes.

  • Page 47: Lan

    The projector will acquire the IP Select [LAN] from the Main Menu (see “How to address automatically. operate menu” on page 33) and then select the item from the Sub Menu. User must set the [IP Address], [Subnet Mask], [Gateway] and [DNS] manually.

  • Page 48: Store

    Store Save the network settings. Press ▲▼ to select [Store]. Press ► to display the setting dialog box. Press ▲▼ to switch [Yes]/[No]. Press ► to execute. Press <MENU> to exit. Reset Return all data that has been set in the [Setting] menu to the factory defaults.

  • Page 49: Connect To Network

    Connect to Network The projector has a network fuction, and the following operations are available from the computer using the web browser control. Setting and adjustment of the projector. Display of the projector status. Transmission of an E-mail message when there is a problem with the projector. This projector supports "Crestron RoomView"...

  • Page 50: Computer Operation Via Network

    Computer operation via network Connection can be made with wired LAN. However, confirm to your system administrator on network settings before changing any settings. Turn on the computer. Make the network setting according to your system administrator. Æ If the projector settings are the default settings ( page 47), the computer can be used with the following network settings.

  • Page 51: Projector Information

    Main Menu description (1) Projector Information Click this item and the [Projector Information] displays. (2) LAN Settings Click this item and the [LAN Settings] displays. (3) Projector Status and Control Click this item and the [Projector Status and Control] displays. (4) E-mail Setting Click this item and the [E-mail Setting] displays.

  • Page 52: Security Setting

    Projector Status and Control Sets the projector status and adjusts Image and Audio controls. (1) [Projector Status] Confirm Projector Status. Press [Refresh] button to refresh. Press [Power ON] and [Power OFF] button to operate power status. Set the time for the projector to shut down automatically when there is no signal input in [Power Saving].

  • Page 53: Crestron Roomview Control Tool

    Crestron RoomView Control Tool "Crestron RoomView" is a system developed by Crestron Electronics, Inc. which collectively manage and control multiple system devices connected via the network, from a computer. For details of "Crestron RoomView", refer to the Crestron Electronics, Inc. website (Provided only in English).

  • Page 54: Maintenance

    Maintenance About indicator status About indicator status If an indicator turns on If a problem should occur inside the projector, the <TEMP> and/or <LAMP> indicators will inform you. Manage the indicated problems as follow. Attention Before you take a remedial measure, follow the procedure of switching the power off indicated in “Powering off the projector”.

  • Page 55: Maintenance/replacement

    Maintenance/replacement Before cleaning/replacing the unit When you perform maintenance or replacement of the parts, make sure to turn off the power and disconnect Æ the power plug from the wall outlet. ( pages 28, 30) Æ Be sure to observe the procedure “Powering off the projector” ( page 30) when performing power supply operation.

  • Page 56

    Maintenance/replacement Clean the air filters. Vacuum dirt and dust from the air filters. Install the air filters. To install the air filters, reverse the previous steps until you hear a "click" sound. Reset the [Filter Reminder]. Æ Turn on the power and perform [Cleaning up Reminder] in the [Options] menu. page 44) Attention Turn off the power before you clean the air filters.

  • Page 57: Replacing The Unit

    Maintenance/replacement Replacing the unit Air filters The air filter should be replaced when cleaning is ineffective. A replacement air filter unit is available separately. (service component) Contact your dealer for the optional air filters. Also, please replace the air filters together when replacing the lamp unit. Air filters (Part Number: Side H518PE28G001, Rear H518PE29G001) are included with the [ET-LAC300 / ET-LAC200] replacement lamp unit.

  • Page 58: Lamp Unit

    Maintenance/replacement Lamp unit The lamp unit is a consumable component. See "When to replace the lamp unit" about the lifespan. It is recommended to ask an authorized engineer to replace the lamp unit. Contact your dealer. Consult your dealer to purchase a replacement lamp unit. (for PT-CW330E / PT-CX300E: ET-LAC300;...

  • Page 59: Replacing The Lamp Unit

    Maintenance/replacement Replacing the Lamp unit Attention When the projector is mounted on a ceiling, do not work with your face close to the projector. Attach the lamp unit and the lamp cover securely. When you experience difficulty in installing the lamp, remove it and try again. If you use force to install the lamp, the connector may be damaged.

  • Page 60: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Please check following points. For details, see the corresponding pages. Reference Problem Cause page The power cord may not be connected. — No electric supply is at the wall outlet. — Power does not turn The circuit breakers have tripped. —...

  • Page 61

    1. First, follow the steps above to adjust resolution of the computer. 2. Press the appropriate keys listed below for your notebook manufacturer to send signal out from notebook to projector. Partial, scrolling Panasonic  [Fn]+[F3] SAMSUNG  [Fn]+[F4] or incorrectly Gateway  [Fn]+[F4] Acer ...

  • Page 62

    Troubleshooting Reference Problem Cause page Dust Filter Reminder Message: This message displays when the projector reached the timer set in the [Filter Reminder (Hour)]. In this case, please clean the air filters or replace them. Lamp Warning Message: The lamp has reached its end of life, please replace it as soon as possible.

  • Page 63: Appendices

    Appendices Appendices Appendices Serial terminal The serial connector which is on the connector panel of the projector conforms to the RS-232C interface specification, so that the projector can be controlled by a personal computer which is connected to this connector. Connection Connecting terminals on projector...

  • Page 64: Basic Format

    Appendices Basic format Transmission from the computer begins with STX, then the command, parameter, and ETX are sent in this order. Add parameters according to the details of control. Colon (1 byte) Start 3 command Parameter (1 byte) characters (undefined length) (1 byte) (3 bytes) When sending commands without parameters, a colon (:) is not necessary.

  • Page 65: Control Commands

    Appendices Control commands When controlling the projector from a computer, the following commands are available: [Projector control command] Command Control contents Remarks Power [ON] Power [OFF] (Parameter) VID = Video SVD = S-video INPUT selection RG1 = Computer 1 RG2 = Computer 2 HD1 = HDMI Turning off the projection and sound temporarily.

  • Page 66: Other Terminals

    Appendices Other terminals Pin assignments and signal names of <S-VIDEO IN> terminal Pin No. Signal names Outside view GND (luminance signal) GND (color signal) Luminance signal Color signal Pin assignments and signal names of <COMPUTER 1 IN/COMPUTER 2 IN> terminal Pin No.

  • Page 67: Pjlink Protocol

    NAME ? Projector name query The name set for [Projector name] in [LAN Settings] is returned. INF1 ? Manufacturer name query “Panasonic” is returned. INF2 ? Model name query Answer the model name with "CW330E", "CW240E" or "CX300E". CLSS ? Class information query “1”...

  • Page 68: List Of Compatible Signals

    Appendices List of compatible signals The following table specifies the types of signals compatible with the projectors. Format : V = VIDEO, S = S-VIDEO, R = RGB, Y = YP , H = HDMI Scanning Plug and play * Display Dot clock frequency...

  • Page 69: 3d Compatible Signals

    Appendices Scanning Plug and play * Display Dot clock frequency Mode resolution * frequency Format COMPUTER 1/ (dots) (MHz) H (kHz) V (Hz) HDMI COMPUTER 2 63.98 60.0 108.00 SXGA 1 280 x 1 024 76.97 72.0 133.00 79.98 75.0 135.00 1366x768 1 366 x 768...

  • Page 70: Specifications

    Specifications Specifications Model No. PT-CW330E PT-CX300E PT-CW240E Power supply AC 100-240 V 50/60Hz 100 V - 240 V, 3.2 A-1.3 A, 100 V - 240 V, 3.6 A-1.5 A, 340 W 310 W Standby power consumption Power consumption 0.5 W When [LAN (Standby)]/[VGA Out (Standby)]/[In Standby Mode (Audio)] are all set to [Off].

  • Page 71

    Specifications Model No. PT-CW330E PT-CX300E PT-CW240E 2 set, high-density D-Sub 15p (female) [RGB signal] 0.7 V [p-p] 75 Ω (When G-SYNC: 1.0 V [p-p] 75 Ω) COMPUTER 1 HD/SYNC TTL high impedance, automatic positive/negative polarity compatible COMPUTER 2 VD TTL high impedance, automatic positive/negative polarity compatible SYNC/HD and VD are not compliant with 3 value composite SYNC signal] Y: 1.0 V [p-p] including synchronization signal, P...

  • Page 72: Dimensions

    Ceiling mount bracket safeguards Dimensions <Unit : mm (inch)> 357 (14.06) 163 (6.42) 98 (3.86) 17 (0.67) 367 (14.45) 133.7 (5.27) 19.4 (0.76) 241 (9.49) 267.6 (10.53) Actual dimension may differ by product.  Ceiling mount bracket safeguards Installation work of the ceiling mount bracket should only be carried by a qualified technician. Even if it is during guaranteed period, the manufacturer is not responsible for any hazard or damage caused by using a ceiling mount bracket which is not purchased from an authorized distributors, or environmental conditions.

  • Page 73: Index

    Index Numbers Specifications .........70 Startup Logo ........41 3D ...........45 ID numbers ........19 3D compatible signals ....69 Image select ........40 Store ..........48 Subnet Mask........47 3D Format........46 Information........44 3D Invert .........45 Input..........43 1080p@24 ........46 Installing and Removing battery ..19 Test Pattern ........40 In standby mode ......42 Troubleshooting ......60 IP Address ........47...

  • Page 74

    Note for the battery symbol (bottom two symbol examples): This symbol might be used in combination with a chemical symbol. In this case it complies with the requirement set by the Directive for the chemical involved. Panasonic Corporation Web Site : © Panasonic Corporation 2013 M0113GC1033 -ST...

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