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KitchenAid 4453218A Use & Care Manual

Built-in electric convection oven.
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Use & Care Guide
In the U.S.A, for questions about features, operation, performance, parts, accessories or service, call: 1-800-422-1230
In Canada, for product-related questions call 1-800-461-5681, for parts, accessories, installation and service, call: 1-800-807-6777 or
visit our website at... or
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Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for KitchenAid 4453218A

  • Page 1 In the U.S.A, for questions about features, operation, performance, parts, accessories or service, call: 1-800-422-1230 In Canada, for product-related questions call 1-800-461-5681, for parts, accessories, installation and service, call: 1-800-807-6777 or visit our website at... or Table of Contents ......................2 MODELS KEHC309 KEHC379 YKEHC309...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS OVEN SAFETY..............3 PARTS AND FEATURES..........5 ELECTRONIC OVEN CONTROL ........6 Display(s) ..................6 Start ....................6 Lower Oven Cancel..............6 Clock ....................6 Tones....................7 Fahrenheit and Celsius..............7 Timer.....................7 Control Lock.................7 Oven Temperature Control ............7 Sabbath Mode................8 OVEN USE ................8 Aluminum Foil................8 Positioning Racks and Bakeware ..........8 Bakeware..................9...
  • Page 3: Oven Safety

    OVEN SAFETY Your safety and the safety of others are very important. We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance. Always read and obey all safety messages. This is the safety alert symbol. This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can kill or hurt you and others. All safety messages will follow the safety alert symbol and either the word “DANGER”...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS For self-cleaning ovens: Clean Only Parts Listed in Manual. Do Not Clean Door Gasket – The door gasket is Before Self-Cleaning the Oven – Remove broiler pan essential for a good seal. Care should be taken not and other utensils.
  • Page 5: Parts And Features

    PARTS AND FEATURES This manual covers different models. The oven you have purchased may have some or all of the items listed. The locations and appearances of the features shown here may not match your models. 1. Upper Oven 6. Oven Door Window Parts and Features not shown (see separate Use and Care Guide) 7.
  • Page 6: Electronic Oven Control

    ELECTRONIC OVEN CONTROL UPPER OVEN ULTIMA CONVERSION 1. Lower Oven Display 6. Timer 11. Convect Full Meal 7. Clock 12. Lower Oven Light 2. Lower Oven Start and Cancel 8. Lower Oven Selectors 13. Upper Oven Control 3. Number Pads (see separate Use and Care Guide) 9.
  • Page 7: Tones

    3. Press TIMER SET · START or EASY MINUTE START. Tones If not pressed within 5 seconds, the display will return to the time of day mode and the programmed function will be Tones are audible signals, indicating the following: cancelled.
  • Page 8: Sabbath Mode

    Sabbath Mode OVEN USE The Sabbath Mode sets the oven to remain on in a bake setting until turned off. When the Sabbath Mode is set, only the number and start pads Aluminum Foil will function, no tones will sound, and the displays will not show messages or temperature changes.
  • Page 9: Bakeware

    Bakeware Oven Vent The bakeware material affects cooking results. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations and use the bakeware size recommended in the recipe. Use the following chart as a guide. BAKEWARE/ RECOMMENDATIONS RESULTS Light colored Use temperature and time aluminum recommended in recipe. 1.
  • Page 10: Convection Baking

    Convection Baking Convection Roasting 1. Broil elements 1. Broil elements 2. Convection fan 2. Convection element and fan 3. Bake element (hidden in floor panel) 3. Bake element (hidden in floor panel) During convection roasting, the bake and broil elements cycle on During convection baking preheat, the convection and broil and off in intervals to maintain the oven temperature, while the elements and on some models, the bake element all heat the...
  • Page 11: Maxi And Econo Broiling

    Maxi and Econo Broiling Convection Broiling 1. Outer broil element 2. Inner broil element 1. Broil elements Broiling uses direct radiant heat from the broil element(s) to cook 2. Fan food. During convection broiling, the broil elements cycles on and off in During maxi broiling, both the inner and outer broil elements heat.
  • Page 12: Convect Full Meal

    To Use: Convect Full Meal Before using Convect Full Meal, place the food in the oven. If the temperature probe is required, insert the probe into the food and Convect Full Meal lets you choose from eleven preset cooking plug the probe into the jack. See “Temperature Probe” section cycles.
  • Page 13: Dehydrating

    To Use: Dehydrating Before using convection temperature conversion for BAKED GOODS and OTHER FOODS, allow the oven to preheat before Dehydrating is method of food preservation that removes the placing food in the oven. water from food. For additional information, refer to a book 1.
  • Page 14: Temperature Probe

    4. Press LOWER OVEN CANCEL or open the lower oven door to Temperature Probe clear the display and/or stop reminder tones. The temperature probe accurately measures the internal WARNING temperature of meat, poultry and casseroles with liquid and should be used in determining the doneness of meat and poultry. It should not be used during maxi and econo broiling, convection broiling, dehydrating or proofing bread.
  • Page 15: Timed Cooking

    Timed Cooking OVEN CARE WARNING Self-Cleaning Cycle Food Poisoning Hazard Do not let food sit in oven more than one hour WARNING before or after cooking. Doing so can result in food poisoning or sickness. Timed Cooking allows the oven to be set to turn on at a certain time of day, cook for a set length of time, and/or shut off automatically.
  • Page 16: Cleaning

    How the Cycle Works Cleaning IMPORTANT: The heating and cooling of porcelain on steel in the oven may result in discoloring, loss of gloss, hairline cracks and IMPORTANT: Before cleaning, make sure all controls are off and popping sounds. the oven is cool. Always follow label instructions on cleaning The Self-Cleaning cycle uses very high temperatures, burning soil products.
  • Page 17: Oven Lights

    BROILER PAN AND GRID Oven Door There is no need to remove the oven door for normal use. Do not clean in the Self-Cleaning cycle. However, it can be done if necessary. Mildly abrasive cleanser: Before removing or replacing, make sure all controls are off and Scrub with wet scouring pad.
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    Oven cooking results not what expected TROUBLESHOOTING Is the appliance level? Level the appliance. See the Installation Instructions. Try the solutions suggested here first in order to avoid the Is the proper temperature set? cost of an unnecessary service call. Double-check the recipe in a reliable cookbook.
  • Page 19: Assistance Or Service

    For further assistance If you need further assistance, you can write to KitchenAid with ASSISTANCE OR any questions or concerns at: KitchenAid Brand Home Appliances SERVICE Customer Interaction Center c/o Correspondence Dept. MD 8020 Before calling for assistance or service, please check 553 Benson Road “Troubleshooting.”...
  • Page 20: Warranty

    SECOND THROUGH FIFTH YEAR FULL WARRANTY On electric ranges and electric cooktops, in the second through fifth years from the date of purchase, KitchenAid will pay for factory specified parts and repair labor for any electric element to correct defects in materials or workmanship. Service must be provided by a KitchenAid designated service company.

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