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General Safety Instructions; Transport And Storage - Husqvarna 268K, 272K Operator's Manual

Husqvarna brush cutter operator's manual
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3 Silencer
Never use a machine that
has a defective silencer.
Check regularly that the
silencer is secured to the
engine body.
If your silencer is fitted
with a spark arrest screen
then it should be cleaned
regularly. A blocked
screen leads to the
engine overheating with
serious damage as a
result. Never use a
silencer with a defective
spark arrest screen.
4 Disc guard for the cutting disc
Never use a defective disc
guard or a disc guard that is
not fitted correctly.
WARNING! Check that the cutting disc is
fitted correctly and does not show signs of
damage. A damaged cutting disc can cause
personal injury.
WARNING! Never use a power cutter with
defective safety equipment. The power
cutter's safety equipment should be checked
and maintained as described in this
Operator's Manual. If your power cutter does
not meet any of these controls you should
contact your service workshop.
– English


Do not use the power cutter until you have read the
entire contents of this Operator's Manual.
All servicing, in addition to the points listed in the
section " Control, maintenance and service of the
power cutter's safety equipment" , should be carried
out by trained service specialists.
• Use the equipment recommended in the chapter "Personal
safety equipment".
• Never use the machine when you are tired, under the
influence of medicines/drugs or alcohol.
• Do not lend the power cutter to anyone without providing this
Operator's Manual. Ensure the person using the power cutter
understands the information in this Operator's Manual.

Transport and storage

• Store the power cutter under lock and key so that it's out of
reach for children and unauthorised persons.
• Do not store or transport the power cutter with the cutting disc

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