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Spark Plug; Silencer; Cooling System - Husqvarna 268K, 272K Operator's Manual

Husqvarna brush cutter operator's manual
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Spark plug

The condition of the spark plug
is affected by:
• An incorrect carburettor
• An incorrect fuel mixture
(too much oil).
• A dirty air filter.
These factors cause deposits
on the spark plug electrode
that may result in malfunction
or starting difficulties.
• If the machine is low on
power, difficult to start or
runs poorly while idling
always check the spark
plug first. If the spark plug
is dirty, clean it and at the
same time check that the
electrode gap is 0.5 mm.
The spark plug should be
changed after about one
month of operation or earlier
if necessary.
NOTE! Always use the recommended type of spark plug. (see
chapter "Technical data" )! An incorrect spark plug can damage
the cylinder/piston.


The silencer is designed to
dampen the noise level and to
direct the exhaust fumes away
from the user. The exhaust
fumes are hot and can contain
sparks, which can result in fire
if the exhaust fumes are
directed towards a dry or
inflammable material. Some
silencers are fitted with a
special spark arrest screen.
If your power cutter is fitted
with this type of silencer then
the screen should be cleaned
at least once a week. This is
done using a wire brush.
NOTE! If the screen is
damaged in anyway it should
be replaced. If the screen is
blocked this will result in the
engine overheating and
damage to the cylinder and
piston. Never use a power
cutter with a defective
– English
0,5 mm

Cooling system

To maintain as low an operating temperature as possible the
power cutter is equipped with a cooling system.
The cooling system consists of:
1. An air intake on the
starter unit.
2. Air flow guide.
3. Cooling fins on the
4. Cooling fins on the
5. Cylinder cover (leads cold
air onto the cylinder).
Clean the cooling system
using a brush at least once
a week, in difficult
conditions more often. A
dirty or blocked cooling
system leads to the engine
overheating resulting in
damage to the cylinder and

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