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Care And Storage - Husqvarna 268K, 272K Operator's Manual

Husqvarna brush cutter operator's manual
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Pull in
Pull in occurs when the lower part of the disc is suddenly
stopped or when the cut closes. (To avoid this see the section
" How to avoid kickback " and "Pinching/rotation" below).
Pinching occurs when the cut closes. The power cutter can be
drawn suddenly and powerfully downwards.
How to avoid pinching
Support the work piece in
such a way that the cut
remains open during the
cutting operation and when
the cut is finished.
Drying the disc
After using the disc with
water cooling, let the cutter
run for approx. half a minute
so that the disc dries.
If a damp disc is stored it can
become unbalance and
cause damage.
Check the speed of the
drive shaft
Use a tachometer regularly to
check the speed of the drive
shaft when the cutter is
running at working tempera-
ture and at full throttle without
a load. The maximum speed
is stated on the unit.
If the speed is higher than that stated then the
unit must be adjusted by an authorised
service workshop before it is used.

Care and storage

Husqvarna's power cutters are robust and durable. However, as
they are used for high speed operations all servicing should be
carried out on time and as specified, so that the power cutter
always works effectively and safely.
Read this Operator's Manual to determine which service
routines you can carry out and ensure that all other service
work is carried out by an authorised service workshop.
Power Cutter
Always handle the power cutter with care and store it with the
disc removed.
• All discs should be
removed from the cutter
after use and stored
• Special care should be
taken with abrasive discs.
• Discs must be stored on a
firm, level surface. If discs
are supplied with a
backing pad then a spacer
should be used to keep
them flat.
• Avoid moisture and
temperature extremes.
• Remove the discs before
the cutter is moved or
• Inspect new discs for
transport or storage
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