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Pullman Holt 45 Operation & Care Instructions

Wet/dry vacuum cleaner
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Model 45
Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner
This vacuum cleaner is a high quality, precision made
product. All parts used in the manufacturing of this
vacuum cleaner have passed rigid quality control
standards prior to assembly and an "each unit" fi nal
inspection prior to packaging is your assurance of
proper assembly. This vacuum cleaner was protectively
packaged to prevent possible damage in transit. Should
damage occur, please notify the transporting carrier
immediately for loss and\or claim.
Insert the hose end into the tank inlet until it clicks. To
remove the hose, press the button on top of the hose
inlet, and remove hose.
The vacuum cleaner is designed to perform as a
wet/dry unit. The cloth bag is used for dry operation
only and must be removed from the tank prior to wet
Insert casters into sockets on bottom of canister. Push
casters until seated. Attach hose to coupling on front
of can.
This vacuum cleaner contains no user serviceable
parts. If repair is needed, please take the vacuum
cleaner to an authorized Pullman-Holt factory service
Never lubricate the vacuum cleaner motor. The
motor bearings are permanently sealed. This
vacuum is intended for indoor or outdoor use
and for wet pickup, but it is not intended to be
exposed to rain.
Operation & Care Instructions
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(45-10P Only)
Install paper bag on inlet inside of tank.* Insert the
cloth fi lter assembly in the top of the tank. Install
motor head. The cloth fi lter located inside the can
provides highly effi cient separation of dust and dirt
particles from the incoming air stream.
During dry operation, never operate the vacuum
cleaner unless the cloth fi lter is in good condition
and properly asembled to the vacuum head.
Remove paper bag and cloth fi lter from tank. Make
sure foam fi lter sleeve is installed on fl oat assembly.
Make sure fl oat moves freely. When the liquid level in
the tank rises to a point just below the inlet, the fl oat
assembly shuts off air fl ow, thus preventing overfl ow
and possible damage to the vacuum motor.
CAUTION: A disposable paper bag cannot be
used during liquid pick up.
Do not use this vacuum to pick up hazardous
materials without HEPA fi lter being installed.



  Summary of Contents for Pullman Holt 45

  • Page 1 fl oat parts. If repair is needed, please take the vacuum assembly shuts off air fl ow, thus preventing overfl ow cleaner to an authorized Pullman-Holt factory service and possible damage to the vacuum motor. center.
  • Page 2: Important Safety

    IMPORTANT SAFETY IMPORTANTES MESURES INSTRUCTIONS DE SÉCURITÉ When using an electrical appliance, basic precaution should always be L’utilisation d’un appareil électrique demande certaines précautions: followed, including the following: LIRE TOUTES LES INSTRUCTIONS AVANT READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS DE FAIRE FONCTIONNER CET APPAREIL BEFORE USING THIS VACUUM CLEANER AVERTISSEMENT: WARNING...
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  • Page 4: Limited Warranty

    fi lters, motor brushes and squeegee blades. The warranty contact the Customer Service. covers only failure due to defective parts or workmanship and will be invalidated by improper application and abuse. 10702 N 46th Street • Tampa, FL 33617 B160661 (813)971-2223 • fax (813)971-6090 06/11