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Changing Channels; Adjusting The Volume; Searching For Channels; Adding New Channels To The Channel List - Insignia NS-DXA1-APT User Manual

Coupon eligible converter box with analog pass through
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Converter Box with Analog Pass Through
To set the output channel:
1 Press MENU. The SETUP menu opens.
2 Press
to select Output Channel, then
3 Press
to select channel 3 or 4, then

Changing channels

You must use the remote control that came with
your converter box or program your existing
universal remote control to work with your
converter box. For instructions, see "Programming
the converter box remote control" on page 16.
To change channels:
Press CH
or CH
the memorized channel list.
Press the number buttons for the channel you
want. If you want a digital sub channel, press
the number buttons for the main channel,
press –, then press the number for the sub
channel. For more information about sub
channels, see "Digital sub channels" on
page 3.
When you use the number buttons to select a
channel, the Channel List appears. Press
to select the channel, then press
Press RECALL to return to the last channel
you were watching.
Press FAV to select a channel from the
Favorites list.
to select a channel in

Adjusting the volume

To adjust the volume:
Press VOL + or VOL – to increase or
decrease the volume.
Press MUTE to turn off the sound. Press
MUTE again to restore the sound.
If the volume is set too high when you press MUTE to
restore the sound, you may damage your hearing or the TV
For best performance, set the volume control on the TV to
mid-range, then use the converter box remote control to
adjust the volume.

Searching for channels

Your converter box searched for available
channels the first time you turned it on. If you
move your converter box to a new TV viewing
area, move your antenna, or if the available
channels change, you can search for channels
To search for channels:
1 Press MENU. The SETUP menu opens.
2 Press
, then press
Tuning, then press
Your converter box searches for available
channels and stores the channel information
in the memorized channel list.

Adding new channels to the channel list

If new channels become available after the initial
search for channels or if you move your antenna
to tune additional channels, your converter box
can search for the added channels and add the
channel information to the memorized channel
To add channels to the memorized channel
1 Press MENU. The SETUP menu opens.
to select Auto
to start the search.

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