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Coupon eligible converter box with analog pass through


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Coupon Eligible Converter Box with Analog Pass through


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  • Page 1 User Guide Coupon Eligible Converter Box with Analog Pass through NS-DXA1-APT...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Insignia Welcome Congratulations on your purchase of a NS-DXA1-APT high-quality Insignia product. Your NS-DXA1-APT represents the state of the art in coupon eligible converter box design and is Coupon Eligible designed for reliable and trouble-free performance. Converter Box with TV Converter Box Coupon Program...
  • Page 4: Introduction To Digital Tv

    To receive digital signals on an analog TV, you 1 Read these instructions. need a converter box like the NS-DXA1-APT. Your converter box receives the digital signal 2 Keep these instructions. from the antenna, then converts the digital signal 3 Heed all warnings.
  • Page 5: Features

    Lights when your converter box is turned on. Red—Standby mode Blue—On mode Blinking—Receiving remote control signal Remote control Receives signals from the remote sensor control. Do not block. Press to scan through memorized channels. Power Press to turn your converter box on or off.
  • Page 6: Remote Control

    “Creating a Favorites list” on page 8. VOL+/VOL– Press to increase or decrease the volume. MUTE Press to turn off the sound. Press again to restore the sound. Numbers Press to enter a channel number or parental control password.
  • Page 7: Setting Up Your Converter Box

    When you turn on your converter box for the first time, the Install Guide opens where you can: • Select the menu language • Select the TV aspect ratio • Search for and memorize channels • Select the time zone
  • Page 8: Using Your Converter Box

    TV signal. The TV must be tuned to the same channel as output channel. 5 Press to start the channel search. Your converter box searches for available channels in your area and stores them in memory.
  • Page 9: Changing Channels

    • Press RECALL to return to the last channel you were watching. To add channels to the memorized channel Press FAV to select a channel from the • list: Favorites list. 1 Press MENU. The SETUP menu opens.
  • Page 10: Editing The Memorized Channel List

    3 Select the channel you want to add, then press 3 Select the channel you want to add or delete, then press 4 Repeat Step 3 to add more channels. 4 Repeat Step 3 to add or delete more channels.
  • Page 11: Selecting The Tv Type

    To select the TV type: 1 Press MENU. The SETUP menu opens. 3 Press to select Aspect Ratio, then press 4 Press to select an aspect ratio, then press . The options you can choose vary, depending on the TV type you selected.
  • Page 12: Setting The Sleep Timer

    Closed caption icon ( ) if the program has closed captions. • Content advisory icon ( ) if the program contains content advisory information. The program’s rating value also appears. • Program details provided by the broadcaster. 2 Press to view information for another channel.
  • Page 13: Controlling Closed Captions

    Size—Selects the font size. • • Text Color—Selects the font color. • Text Opacity—Selects the font opacity. Bg.—Selects the background color • • Bg. Opacity—Selects the background opacity. Edge Type—Selects the edge type. • Edge Color—Selects the edge color. •
  • Page 14: Blocking Channels

    TV-Y7 (for children 7 and older). 4 Press to select Block Channel, then press 5 Select a channel, then press . A locked icon appears next to a blocked channel. 6 Repeat Step 4 to block or unblock additional channels.
  • Page 15: Blocking General Tv Programs

    1 Press MENU. The SETUP menu opens. • TV-PG—Blocks programs rated TV-PG (parental guidance suggested). TV-14—Blocks programs rated TV-14 • (parental guidance strongly suggested). TV-MA—Blocks programs rated TV-MA • (mature audiences only). 2 Press to select LOCK, then press
  • Page 16: Downloading Rating Information

    1 Press MENU. The menu system opens. To download rating information: 1 Press MENU. The SETUP menu opens. 2 Press to select a menu, then press to go to the options for the menu you selected.
  • Page 17: Setup Menu

    Selects the audio output mode for the R AUDIO page 5. and L AUDIO jacks. Select Stereo if the TV is connected with a stereo audio (left/right) cable. Select Mono if the TV is connected with a mono cable or coaxial cable.
  • Page 18: Programming The Converter Box Remote Control

    Blocks movies based on their ratings. For more information, see “Blocking movies” on page 13. Canadian Rating Blocks or unblocks TV programs based on Canadian ratings. Downloadable Automatically downloads rating information from Rating DTV stations. For more information, see “Downloading rating information” on page 14.
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  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    • Replace dead batteries with new provide. ones. ® Energy Star Specifications As an Energy Star Partner, Insignia has determined that this product or product models meet the Energy Design and specifications are subject to change Star guidelines for energy efficiency. without prior notice. General...
  • Page 21: 90-Day Limited Warranty

    This warranty does not cover refurbished FOR THE PRODUCT, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, Product. If you notify Insignia during the Warranty Period of a ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF AND CONDITIONS OF defect covered by this warranty that requires service, terms MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR of this warranty apply.
  • Page 22 Converter Box with Analog Pass Through
  • Page 23 Converter Box with Analog Pass Through
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