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Setting The Sleep Timer; Displaying The Channel Banner; Using The Simple Guide; Viewing Tv Program Information - Insignia NS-DXA1-APT User Manual

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Setting the Sleep timer

To set the Sleep timer:
Press SLEEP one or more times to select the
amount of time you want your converter box
to wait before it turns off the TV. You can
select 1 to 4 hours.
To turn off the Sleep timer, press SLEEP one
or more times until Off appears.

Displaying the channel banner

The channel banner appears briefly when you
change channels. The channel banner shows
the channel number, station name, current time,
and blocked channel information. You can view
the channel banner while you are watching a
To display the channel banner:
1 Press
. The channel banner opens.
2 Press
again to close the banner.
The station name and time are displayed only if the station
provides the information.
Block information includes information such as No Signal,
Rating Blocked, or Channel Blocked.

Using the Simple Guide

You can use the Simple Guide to view
information for the current or next program.
To use the Simple Guide:
1 Press GUIDE. The Simple Guide opens.
2 Press
to view information for another
3 If you want to change to another channel,
The channel information displayed depends on the
information provided by the broadcaster.
Channel information can only be received from the
broadcaster if your TV converter box is tuned to the channel.
For example:
If you are watching a channel and open the Simple Guide,
information for that channel appears.
If you surf through several channels then open the Simple
Guide, information for all the channels you surfed appears.
If you surf through channels then watch a specific channel
for an extended amount of time, no information may appear
because the information in the Simple Guide has expired. To
see channel information in the Simple Guide, retune to the

Viewing TV program information

To display program information:
Press DISPLAY. Information for the program
you are watching appears.
The display contains:
Converter Box with Analog Pass Through
to select the channel, then
Program title
Current date
Program starting and ending time
Current time
Channel number.
Station name
Multilingual icon ( ) if the program has
multiple languages. Press SAP to select a
different language.
Aspect ratio icon (
the program's aspect ratio. Press ZOOM
to change the aspect ratio.
Closed caption icon ( ) if the program
has closed captions.
Content advisory icon ( ) if the program
contains content advisory information.
The program's rating value also appears.
Program details provided by the
) that indicates

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