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Programming The Converter Box Remote Control; Lock Menu - Insignia NS-DXA1-APT User Manual

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LOCK menu

Menu option
Lock System
Turns the lock system on or off. For more
information, see "Turning the lock system on or
off" on page 11.
Set Password
Sets or changes the password. For more
information, see "Changing the password" on
page 11.
The default password is 7777.
Block Channel
Blocks or unblocks any channel you do not want
to view. If you tune to a blocked channel, a blank
screen appears with a blinking CH BLOCKED
banner. For more information, see "Blocking
channels" on page 12.
Blocks or unblocks children's TV programs based
on ratings. This option only applies to children's
TV programs. To block TV programs intended for
mature audiences, you must set the TV
Rating-General option. For more information,
see "Blocking children's TV programs" on
page 12.
Blocks or unblocks TV programs based on
ratings. For more information, see "Blocking
general TV programs" on page 13.
Movie Rating
Blocks movies based on their ratings. For more
information, see "Blocking movies" on page 13.
Canadian Rating Blocks or unblocks TV programs based on
Canadian ratings.
Automatically downloads rating information from
DTV stations. For more information, see
"Downloading rating information" on page 14.
Programming the converter box remote
You can control the power button on the TV with
the supplied remote control. To do this, you need
to program the remote control.
To program the remote control:
1 Determine if the TV is a model that can be
controlled by the remote control. See
"Controllable TV brands" on page 17.
2 Turn on the TV.
3 While you press and hold TV POWER on the
remote control, press CH
more times until the TV turns off. Each time
you press one of these buttons, the remote
control sends a manufacturer code (between
1 and 45) to the TV.
Programming a universal remote control
If you have a universal remote control, you can
use it to control your converter box.
To program a universal remote control:
1 Turn on your converter box.
2 Find the program code for LG or Zenith
set-top boxes in the documentation that
came with the universal remote control.
3 Follow the instructions that came with the
universal remote control to enter the
manufacturer code for an LG or Zenith
set-top box.
Converter Box with Analog Pass Through
or CH
one or

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