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IStorage diskAshur User Manual: Istorage Diskashur Brute Force Protection; What Is Brute Force Attack; How Does The Diskashur Protect Against Brute Force Attack

Secure hard drive.
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iStorage diskAshur Brute Force Protection

What is Brute Force Attack?

A brute force attack is a method of defeating a cryptographic scheme by
systematically trying a large number of possibilities; for example, a large number
of the possible keys in a key space in order to decrypt a message. In most
schemes, the theoretical possibility of a brute force attack is recognized, but it
is set up in such a way that it would be computationally infeasible to carry out.
Accordingly, one definition of "breaking" a cryptographic scheme is to find a
method faster than a brute force attack.
How does the diskAshur protect against brute
force attack?
With the drive locked and in the standby state the indicator light is solid RED.
After six tries to enter the correct user or admin password the keypad will not
respond and indicator light will turn off. The drive will need to be unplugged
from the USB port and replugged. This will be repeated for each six
unsuccessful attempts.
If the user, unsuccessfully tries to unlock the drive on his 25th try the
keypad will lock and the indicator light will begin blinking quickly. Even after
unplugging and replugging in the unit, the drive will remain locked and the
indicator light will continue to blink rapidly.
Here are the steps to allow the user to unlock the keypad for 50 more
attempts to unlock his drive.
a. Unplug the device from the computer
b. Push and hold the number five key and plug-in the drive
c. The indicator light will be blinking alternating RED and GREEN rapidly
d. Enter the code 5278879
e. The keypad will unlock and will be in the standby state with the
indicator light solid RED, this will allow only 50 more attempts
g. After a total of 75 Attempts the drive will remain locked with the indicator
light flashing RED quickly. You must now go through the reset process and
reformat the drive to be able to use the drive again. (see page 15)


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