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Zanussi ZCG563 User Manual

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  • Page 1 Cooker ZCG563...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety instructions _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2 Cooking tables _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 14 Description of the appliance _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 6 Care and cleaning _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 16 Before first use _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7...
  • Page 3: Cleaning The Appliance

    WARNING: If the surface is scratch the surface, which may • cracked, switch off the appliance result in shattering of the glass to avoid the possibility of electric or damage to the surface. Do not use steam cleaners for shock. •...
  • Page 4 • If after 15 s the burner has not lit, stop operating During usage the device and open the compartment door and/or wait at least 1 min before attempting a further • When you first run your oven a certain smell will emanate from the insulation materials and the ignition of the burner.
  • Page 5 • While using the grill burner, keep the oven door open and always use the grill deflector shield supplied with the product. Never use the grill burner with the oven door closed. • CAUTION: Glass lids may shatter when heated. Turn off all the burners before shutting the lid.
  • Page 6: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the appliance Product description Glass Hob Lid Pan Supports Control Panel Grill Door Main Oven Door Grill Pan Grid Grill Pan Shelf Levelling Feet Controls and their functions Top Oven/Grill Knob Small Burner Knob Main Oven Knob Right Medium Burner Knob Left Medium Burner Knob Ignition Button Large Burner Knob...
  • Page 7: Before First Use

    Before first use may become hotter than in normal use. Children Rating plate should be kept away. During this period an odour • This is usually situated on the front frame of the may be emitted, it is therefore advisable to open a appliance and can be seen upon opening the door.
  • Page 8: The Hob

    The hob The gas hob has different burner sizes to suit WARNING! different types of cooking. After the ignition, check the flames visually. If you see To ensure maximum burner efficiency only use pots yellow tip, lifted or unstable flames; turn the gas flow and pans with flat bases appropriate to the burner off, and check the assembly of burner caps and size used.
  • Page 9: Hints And Tips

    Turn the control knob to the off position. This is all controls. Place a damp cloth or a fitting lid over the shown by a dot. Turn knob clockwise until dot pan to smother the flames. Never put water on the fire. position is reached.
  • Page 10: The Grill

    The grill To turn off the grill CAUTION! Accessible parts may be hot when the grill is in use. Young children should be kept away. IMPORTANT! When you first operate the grill you may hear some sounds as the burner heats up, this is quite normal and is not a fault on the appliance.
  • Page 11: The Top Oven

    Grilling chart FOOD GRILL TIME (mins in total) Bacon Rashers 0:10 - 0:15 0:15 - 0:20 Beef Burgers 0:40 - 0:50 Chicken Joints Lamb Chops 0:20 - 0:30 0:20 - 0:30 Pork Chops 0:20 - 0:30 Whole Trout/Mackerel Plaice/Cod Fillets 0:15 - 0:25 Kebabs 0:20 - 0:30...
  • Page 12: The Main Oven

    preheated first. For best results when cooking frozen Hints and tips or cooked chilled ready meals always preheat the • Arrange the shelves in the required positions oven first. before switching the oven on. Shelf positions are counted from the bottom upwards. WARNING! •...
  • Page 13 counted from the bottom upwards. • Ensure that food is placed centrally on the shelf and there is sufficient room around the baking tray/dish to allow for maximum circulation. • Do not push dishes too far back as food will burn if it overhangs the burner flame.
  • Page 14: Cooking Tables

    Cooking tables Oven cooking chart individual preference and requirements. For best results, moist recipes (for example pizza, fruit flans The temperature and baking times are for guidance etc) should be baked on one level. To ensure optimal only, as these will depend on the consistency of the performance when cooking convenience foods, pizza various ingredients and the number, type and size of or frozen and chilled ready meal, always preheat the...
  • Page 15: Roasting Chart

    Main oven Top oven Approximate cook time(h) Pos. Pos. Gas Mark Gas Mark Food 2:30 - 3:15 Beef Casserole 2:30 - 3:15 Lamb Casserole Follow manufacturer’s instruction Lamb Casserole 140 - 160 140 - 160 2:30 - 3:15 Convenience Foods 1:30 - 2:15 Baked Potatoes 1:00 - 1:45...
  • Page 16: Care And Cleaning

    Care and cleaning When replacing hob burner parts WARNING! Before cleaning always allow the appliance to cool 1. Crown to body. (Do not try to force the crown on to down. the body). Make sure that the hole in the crown is over the electrode.
  • Page 17: Cleaning The Grill

    Cleaning the grill Do not clean the grill burner itself. Cleaning the grill may cause the holes in the burner to become blocked preventing it from operating correctly. Due to the nature of stainless steel the grill burner may tarnish through use over a period of time.
  • Page 18: What To Do If

    scratches the glass will be weakened and must be To clean the glass door panels replaced to prevent the possibility of the panel Clean the glass door panels using hot soapy water, shattering. Please contact your local service force hob cleaner may also be used. Do not use hob centre who will be pleased to advise further.
  • Page 19: Technical Data

    Problem Possible solution The burner is not igniting or only partially lighting. • Check that the burner is dry and that food spillage or cleaning fluids are not present on the burner. This can be dried with a cloth and stubborn marks cleaned away with a dry nylon brush (old toothbrush etc.) •...
  • Page 20: Installation

  • Page 21: Safety Requirements

    Safety requirements • Prolonged intensive use of the appliance may call for additional ventilation, for example opening a • Natural Gas / LPG versions of this appliance are window, or more effective ventilation, for example available. increasing the level of mechanical ventilation where •...
  • Page 22: Levelling The Appliance

    Gas Inlet min 150 min 7 min 1 • For appliances installed in the Republic of Ireland IMPORTANT! please refer to NSAI-Domestic Gas Installation Only liquid sealants to be used when inlet gas pipe is IS813 Current Edition Section7 Permitted Locations fitted i.e.: do not use P.T.F.E.
  • Page 23: Checking The Grill

    – For LP. Gas. The pressure must be set to 29 mbar for use on butane or 37 mbar for use on propane. 4. Turn off the taps, disconnect the pressure gauge. 5. Check operation of each hob burner. Checking the grill •...
  • Page 24: Environmental Information

    and check that after about 10 minutes the flame The flame should remain alight. If after 10 size has reduced. seconds the burner has not lit, stop operating the 4. Turn off the control and check that the oven appliance and wait at least 1 minute before flames go out.
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