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Complete The Questionnaire To Check Your Understanding - HP Vectra XW Familiarization Manual

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Complete the Questionnaire to Check Your Understanding

Draw a circle around each letter that corresponds with a correct answer.
(There may be more than one correct answer to each question).
1 The following single-processor computer, supplied with a 2 GB hard disk,
has had components added by the user, and now no longer works. Which
of the following could be the source of its failure to operate properly?
a It has been fitted with a second Pentium Pro processor that was not
ordered from HP.
b There is a pair of 16 MB non-ECC memory modules in B1 and B2.
c There is a 32 MB ECC memory module in memory socket D1, but
socket D2 is empty.
d Memory sockets C1 and C2 are empty.
e There is a pair of non-HP memory modules in bank A.
f An 850 MB IDE hard disk drive has been fitted in the lowest front-ac-
cess shelf, and has been connected to the spare grey IDE socket.
g A coax-socket network-board has been installed as a PCI accessory.
2 What does the user need to do before running an OpenGL graphics
a Nothing, the appropriate drivers are integrated in the Windows NT WS
operating system.
b The specific drivers must be installed, manually, from the HP Drivers
c Either (a) or (b), depending on which operating system is being run.
3 How do you extend the memory capacity to 512 MB of a model that is
supplied with 64 MB of main memory?
a It cannot be extended to 512 MB. Only to 256 MB (=4 banks
b It cannot be extended to 512 MB. Only to 448 MB (=3 banks
plus the original bank of 64 MB).
c The original bank of 64 MB can be removed, leaving room for 512 MB
(= 4 banks
128 MB).
Complete the Questionnaire to Check Your Understanding
64 MB).
128 MB



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