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Cosco Apt 40RF Instructions Manual

Convertible car seat rear-facing: 5-40 pounds (19-40) forward-facing: 22-40 pounds (34-43)
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  Summary of Contents for Cosco Apt 40RF

  • Page 1
  • Page 2 A. Before You Begin .........Pages 3-8 E. Installing Rear-Facing ....... Pages 31-39 A-1 Thank You... E-1 Preparing to Install Rear-Facing A-2 Registration and Safety Notices A-3 Understanding Your Child Restraint E-2 Preparing to Install LATCH Rear-Facing E-3 Install Rear-Facing with LATCH E-4 Install Rear-Facing with Vehicle Belts B.
  • Page 3 A-2 Registration and Safety Notices A-1 Thank You... Thank you for choosing this car seat, referred to throughout Please complete the postage-paid registration card that this manual as a child restraint. The DJG family is committed came with your child restraint, and send it to us. Child to creating a child restraint with the most comfort and restraints could be recalled for safety reasons.
  • Page 4: Understanding Your Child Restraint A-3 Understanding Your Child Restraint Front View Harness System Detail Chest Clip Harness Straps Upper Harness Slots Buckle Tongue Harness System Buckle Body Pillows (on select models) Lower Harness Slots Cup Holder Buckle Strap Harness Release Buckle Strap Slots Instruction Manual Lever (under flap) Storage (under pad)
  • Page 5: Back And Side View Back View Side View LATCH Forward-Facing (in plastic bag) Belt Path Top Anchorage Rear-Facing Belt Strap (Tether) Path Locking Clip Level to Ground Lines (behind harness) (on side of plastic shell) LATCH Storage Splitter Plate (under pad on side of Top Anchorage shell) Hook (Tether) Storage...
  • Page 6 B-3 Child Restraint Use Failure to follow these warnings can result in Never take your child out of the child restraint the serious injury or death of your child. To help while the vehicle is moving. Never leave child you recognize instructions which are most unattended.
  • Page 7: Choose Position And Preparing Child Restraint C-1 Choose Position for Your Child C-2 Preparing Child Restraint to Fit Your Child Your child’s height, weight and age determine how your child restraint should be placed in the vehicle. Make these adjustments with your child in the child restraint before you install in the vehicle.
  • Page 8 Check Buckle Reposition buckle location. Position Insert the buckle’s metal retainer through the Determine which of the desired slot. Make sure available buckle positions buckle is facing forward. will be comfortable and provide a snug fit for your child. Reach under seat between To Change Buckle base and shell.
  • Page 9 From the front of child Check Harness restraint, pull harness With child in the child straps out. restraint, check the location of the harness slot. Follow the guidelines below to determine the correct harness height. Rethread harness into new harness slot location. Rear-Facing Position Make sure harness straps do not twist.
  • Page 10: Securing Child In Child Restraint Use a flathead screwdriver C-3 Securing Child in Child Restraint and lift metal retainer off plastic tab. Position Harness Straps Over the Child’s Shoulders. Pull harness and metal retainer out of the outside harness storage location. Insert the metal retainer into the closest slot as shown.
  • Page 11: Removing Child From Child Restraint Tighten Harness C-4 Removing Child From Child Restraint Pull on harness tightening strap to tighten Loosen Harness harness snugly. Press on harness release NOTE: A snug strap should lever while pulling on not allow any slack. It lies harness straps above the the in a relatively straight line buckle to loosen.
  • Page 12: Removing Pad For Cleaning Insert Metal Retainer C-5 Removing Pad for Cleaning Through Shell and Pad Rotate metal retainer, then Remove Harness Straps insert retainer up through from Splitter Plate the shell and pad. Fully loosen harness straps. Locate splitter plate on the back of the child restraint and unfasten the harness Lift Harness System Out...
  • Page 13: Rethreading Harness System C-6 Rethreading Harness System Do not use child restraint without the pad. Install Buckle Fit the buckle’s metal Replace child restraint pad by reversing order; Starting from retainer through the slot bottom of child restraint, slip pad on plastic shell; pull harness in the child restraint.
  • Page 14 Check Buckle D-1 Understanding Your Vehicle Push harness ends through Your vehicle’s features may be considerably different than slots in the seat back at those pictured here. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual to the same height so they help identify your vehicle’s specific features and locations. are even.
  • Page 15 D-3 Choosing LATCH or Vehicle Belts D-2 Vehicle Seating Position Some seating positions in your vehicle may not be safe for LATCH Anchor Bars The LATCH System this child restraint. Some vehicles do not have a seating position that can be used safely with this child restraint. If LATCH (Lower Anchors and you are not sure where to place the child restraint in your Tethers for CHildren) is a...
  • Page 16 Not all vehicle belts will work with this child restraint. This • Switchable retractor child restraint must be tightly locked in place at all times, These vehicle belts switch from ELR to ALR (Automatic during travel. You must determine if your vehicles belts are Locking Retractor).
  • Page 17 E-2 Preparing to Install LATCH E-1 Preparing to Install Rear-Facing Rear-Facing 5-40 lbs (2.3-18 kg) and 19-40 in. (48-101.6 cm) Rear-Facing using 5-point harness Unhook LATCH from Side of Shell Remove the LATCH from the forward-facing belt path. Routing LATCH Belt Insert the LATCH hook LATCH Belt Lap/Shoulder Belt...
  • Page 18: Install Rear-Facing With Latch For children 22-40 lbs E-3 Install Rear-Facing with LATCH (10.1-18 kg) and can sit up unassisted, rotate the child restraint between the 2 level to ground lines. Start by making the bottom level to ground line level, then rotate Do not use the LATCH system along with the seat up.
  • Page 19 It maybe easier to tighten the E-4 Install Rear-Facing with LATCH belt through the belt path opening as shown. Vehicle Belts Do not use the LATCH system along with the vehicle lap or lap/shoulder belt. Secure LATCH belts when using the vehicle belts. Check LATCH Belt Tightness Check the vehicle belt before each use.
  • Page 20 Place Child Restraint Thread Vehicle Belt in the Back Seat Rear- Thread the vehicle lap Facing or lap/shoulder belt Move the front seats forward combination through the to give you room to install the rear-facing belt path. child restraint. With an ALR vehicle belt, pull the vehicle belt all the For children between 5-22...
  • Page 21 It maybe easier to tighten the F-1 Preparing to Install Forward-Facing vehicle belt through the belt path opening as shown. 22-40 lbs (10.1-18 kg) and 34-43 in. (85.1-110 cm) and at least 1 Year Old. Forward-Facing using 5-point harness With a switchable retractor, pull the vehicle shoulder belt all the way out to switch the...
  • Page 22 F-3 Preparing to Install F-2 Adjusting Top Anchorage Strap (Tether) LATCH Forward-Facing The top anchorage strap (tether) is used for the Note: Pull the LATCH belt out of the rear-facing belt path if you forward-facing position only. have used this child restraint rear-facing. Note: We strongly recommend that you use the top anchorage strap (tether) in the forward-facing position.
  • Page 23 Hook LATCH to F-4 Install Forward-Facing Vehicle Anchor With LATCH Fasten one LATCH belt hook to the anchor in Note: Review your vehicle’s owner manual for LATCH belt use. the vehicle seat located in the vehicle seat bight. Repeat for other side of child restraint.
  • Page 24 Check LATCH Belt F-5 Install Forward-Facing Tightness With Vehicle Belts Grasp the child restraint at the belt path with one hand. Push and pull the child restraint from side to Do not use the LATCH system along with the side, forward and back.
  • Page 25 It maybe easier to tighten Installation Tip: the vehicle belt through the belt path opening as shown. Loosely attach the top anchorage hook (tether) With a switchable retractor, before threading the pull the vehicle shoulder vehicle belt. Consult belt all the way out to vehicle’s owner manual switch the retractor into for specific location.
  • Page 26 G-1 Using the Locking Clip For children 22-40 lbs (10.1-18 kg) and can sit up unassisted, rotate the A locking clip will not fix all types of vehicle seat belt child restraint between the problems. Review section D-4 and your vehicle’s owner 2 level to ground lines.
  • Page 27 Tighten Vehicle Belt Rebuckle Vehicle Belt Push down firmly on the child restraint and while pulling on the vehicle shoulder belt to tighten. Check Vehicle Belt Locate Locking Clip Tightness Location Grasp the child restraint Grasp both vehicle belts at the vehicle belt path together just behind the with one hand.
  • Page 28 G-2 Trouble Shooting G-3 Warranty Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc. (DJG) warrants this product to the original If the child restraint buckle or harness release lever retail purchaser as follows: sticks or you cannot get the straps tight enough around This product is warranted against defective materials or child: DO NOT LUBRICATE.
  • Page 29 G-4 Replacement Parts Order Form Complete the form below. Your model number with color code and manufacturer date code MUST be included on the form to ensure proper replacement parts. Your model number with color code and the date code can be found on a sticker on the side of child restraint.
  • Page 30 Replacement Parts List NOTE: If requested color is not available, similar color will be substituted. Part Cost Quantity Total Cost Buckle Strap/Buckle ..$4.99 X _____ = $ ______________ Harness Strap ..... $2.00 X _____ = $ ______________ Seat Pad ....$19.99 X _____ = $ ______________ Chest Clip ....