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If You Have A Problem; Service - Hoover FloorMATE Floor Mate with Spin Scrub Brushes The Hard Floor Cleaner Owner's Manual

With spinscrub brushes the hard floor cleaner.
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5. If you have a
If a minor problem occurs, it usually
can be solved quite easily when the
cause is found by using the check list
Problem: Machine won't run
Possible cause
Possible solution
• Not firmly plugged in
• Plug unit in firmly.
• No voltage in wall plug
• Check fuse or breaker.
• Blown fuse/tripped breaker
• Replace fuse/reset breaker.
Problem: Low or no suction
Possible cause
Possible solution
• Automatic shut-off activated
• Turn cleaner OFF and then ON
again or
• Empty recovery tank (see "Auto-
matic shut-off" section)
• Filter or filter lid missing or not
positioned correctly
• Ensure that filter and filter lid are
properly positioned in the recovery
tank lid (Fig. 2-22)
• Recovery tank and/or solution
tank not positioned properly
• Ensure that both tanks are locked in
• Filter is dirty
• Clean filter
• Nozzle not properly positioned
• Ensure nozzle is replaced properly
and locked (Figs. 4-8 & 4-9).
Problem: Water puddling behind
Possible cause
Possible solution
• Excess cleaning concentrate
foaming in tanks
• Use Machine Formula LYSOL®
Floor Cleaning Concentrate or
Machine Formula OLD ENGLISH®
Wood Floor Cleaning Concentrate, it
is a low-foam formulation. If using
cleaning concentrate other than
brand, remix cleaning solution using
less concentrate.
• Solution tank not properly
• Ensure that tank is installed properly
(Fig. 2-15).
• Recovery tank is full
• Empty tank
Problem: Cleaner does
Problem: Cleaner does not pick up
dirty solution
Possible cause
Possible solution
• Cleaner not set for wet operation
• Press wet/dry pedal to "WET" posi-
• Recovery tank not properly
• Ensure that recovery tank is
installed properly (Fig. 2-20).
• Recovery tank full/automatic shut-
off engaged.
• Remove and empty recovery tank.
• Filter or filter lid missing or not
properly positioned.
• Ensure recovery tank filter and filter
lid are properly installed (Fig. 2-22).
Problem: Cleaner pushes a line of
dry debris in front of it
Possible cause
Possible solution
• Cleaner not set for dry operation
• Press wet/dry pedal to "DRY PICK-
UP" position.
• Debris is too large to clear
• Tip nozzle off floor by pushing down
on handle.
Problem: Clean solution won't dis-
Possible cause
Possible solution
• Solution tank not firmly in place
• Make sure tank is securely locked in
• Solution tank empty
• Refill solution tank.
Problem: Brushes won't rotate
Possible cause
Possible solution
• Cleaner set for "WET/DRY PICK-
• Move wet control switch down to
"WET SCRUB" position (Fig. 2-7).
• Circuit breaker inside cleaner is
• To reset the breaker:
(1) Push the ON/OFF switch com-
pletely down. You will feel some
resistance when the switch moves
downward. The switch will also move
slightly upward on its own.
(2) Wait one minute.
(3) Repeat step 1.
(4) Turn the cleaner ON and continue
If the brushes continue to stall and
the breaker trips again, clean the
brushes to remove debris. (Figs. 4-1
through 4-4)


o obtain approved HOOVER service and
genuine HOOVER parts, locate the near-
est Hoover Factory Service Center or
Authorized Hoover Warranty Service
Dealer (Depot) by:
checking the Yellow Pages
under "Vacuum Cleaners -
Household" OR -
• checking the list of Factory
Service Centers provided
with this cleaner OR -
• checking the Service section of The
Hoover Company on-line at OR -
• calling 1-800-944-9200 for an auto
mated referral of authorized service
outlet locations (U.S. only).
Do not send your cleaner to The Hoover
Company in North Canton for service, this
will only result in delay.
If further assistance is needed, contact
The Hoover Company Consumer
Response Center, North Canton, Ohio
44720 Phone: 1-330-499-9499.
In Canada, contact Hoover Canada,
Burlington, Ontario L7R 4A8,
Phone: 1-800-263-6376.
Always identify your cleaner by the com-
plete model number when requesting
information or ordering parts. (The model
number appears at the bottom of the back
of the cleaner body.)
For questions or comments concerning
Machine Formula LYSOL® or OLD
ENGLISH® Floor Cleaning Concentrate,
call 1-800-228-4722.
LYSOL® and OLD ENGLISH® are regis-
tered trademarks of Reckitt Benckiser Inc.


Table of Contents

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