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Samsung 6400 User Manual

Led tv series 6400.
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User manual - 345 pages
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Quick manual - 38 pages


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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 SERIES LED TV user manual...
  • Page 4 Internet Security Samsung takes a number of steps to protect its Internet-compatible Smart TVs against unauthorized incursions and hacking. For example, certain sensitive communications between the TV and the Internet servers are encrypted In addition, the TV's operating system has adopted controls to prevent the installation of unauthorized applications.
  • Page 6 21 Troubleshooting Holder 23 Network Troubleshooting 26 Eco Sensor and Screen Brightness 27 Getting Remote Support 02. Using the Samsung Smart 27 Caring for the TV Control Buttons and Functions 06. Specifications, wall 13 Using the Remote Control to Control...
  • Page 8 - - - Adjusts the volume. ,___ _ _ Touch pad Place a finger on the touch pad and move the Samsung Smart Control The pointer on the screen moves in the direction you moved the Samsung Smart Control.
  • Page 12 Use the On-Screen Remote to enter numbers, control content playback, and use the features and functions of the TV, just like a real remote. Use the directional buttons on the Samsung Smart Control to move the cursor on the On-Screen Remote. Press the touch pad on the Samsung Smart Control to select.
  • Page 16 You can select which apps to update. The SAMSUNG APPS Panel functions are context-sensitive. The functions that appear may differ depending on the app you select. Downloading and Installing an App 1 . On the SAMSUNG APPS panel, select Most...
  • Page 17 USB Drive displays USB devices connected to the TV. Network Device displays devices connected to your TV through your home network (a computer, a smart phone, etc.) Cloud Service displays services such as Dropbox and SkyDrive linked via your Samsung account to the TV.
  • Page 22 The cable/set top box remote Program the Cable/Set remote control to operate the TV. Refer to the control doesn't turn the Cable/Set-Top-Box user manual for the SAMSUNG TV code. TV on or off or adjust the volume. - This TFT LED Panel uses a panel consisting of sub pixels which require sophisticated technology to produce.
  • Page 24 Adding a wireless repeater A wireless repeater is a device which extends you wireless network's range without requiring you to add any wiring. All you need to do is place the repeater halfway between you wireless router and your TV, and you will get an instant boost in your wireless signal strength Single Story Multi Story...
  • Page 30 15.7 15.7 20.9 12.6 All drawings are not necessarily to scale. Some dimensions are subject to change without prior notice. Refer to the dimensions before installing your Not responsible for typographical or printed errors. © 2014 Samsung Electronics America, Inc...
  • Page 33 Samsung is not liable for these kinds of accidents. - Samsung is not liable for product damage or personal injury when a non-VESA or non-specified wall mount is used or the consumer fails to follow the product installation instructions.
  • Page 37 USE, MISUSE OR INABILITY TO USE THIS PRODUCT, remove, repair and return the product. If in-home REGARDLESS OF THE LEGAL THEORY ON WHICH service is unavailable, SAMSUNG may elect, at our THE CLAIM IS BASED, AND EVEN IF SAMSUNG option, to provide for transportation of our choice HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH to and from a SAMSUNG authorized service center.
  • Page 39 I llllllllllllllllllllll BN68-05869A-OO...
  • Page 40 TV panel to crack. screen. edges. Do not touch the screen. Included in the Box Stand Parts and Cables Remote Control Base Stand Mount Samsung Smart Batteries Control (2M) Also included Screws (x8) Cable Holder • User manual •...
  • Page 41 Instructions: --------/ 'j _____ ----- . >- Locate the TV on a soft surface, Locate the Stand, Base and Screws in the box and set aside. screen side down. Use the packing material to protect the screen. Fit the stand and mount together, Insert 4 screws and secure the making sure the notch on the stand to the mount.
  • Page 42 Holding the stand parallel to the screen, slide the stand into the notches on the back of the TV. [ ............-.1 Insert 4 screws and secure the stand to the TV. 40 - inches models: x4 (M4 X L 12) 60 inches and above models: ~ x4 (M4 X L10) Attach the cable holder to the back of the stand.
  • Page 44 Blu-ray/DVD/Home Theater Connect your video player using an HDMI cable. Game console Connect your game console or DVR using an HDMI cable. COMPONENT /AVIN tit;~4 c:::mLJ <t • • • OIJT AUDiO • Audio Connect a receiver/home theater using an optical audio cable.
  • Page 45 You can control your set-top-box or satellite box with the Samsung Smart Control. To establish control, you must first set up theIR extender cable. If you don't have an STB, skip this section. Connect theIR extender cable to the lV's IR output connector.
  • Page 46 Using the Samsung Smart Control When you start the 1V for the first time by pressing the 1V button on the Samsung Smart Control, the 1V and the Smart Control pair, using the 1V's Bluetooth function.
  • Page 47 If you need to re-establish the connection between the lV and the Samsung Smart Control, point the Samsung Smart Control at the remote control sensor of the lV, and then press the RETURN button and GUIDE button simultaneously for 3 seconds.
  • Page 51 In this case, move the metal objects or the Ensure your Samsung TV and 30 glasses are no farther than 19.5 in (50 em) apart from electromagnetic device away from the 3D glasses. each other while pairing is in progress.
  • Page 53 IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS • Placing the television on a platform, stand, cabinet, table or other surface which is: recommended by Samsung or sold with the product; secure and stable; sufficiently wider in the base than base measurement of the television;...
  • Page 54 U.S. Government Printing Office. Washington, 20402, Stock Number 004-000-00345-4. The party responsible for product compliance: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. America of Samsung 3351 Michelson Drive Suite #290, Irvine, CA92612 Warning User must shielded signal interface cables maintain FCC compliance product.
  • Page 56 Mercury Statement (LCD Monitor, LCD TV, DLP Projection TV, Projector for USA only) Contains Mercury, Dispose According to Local, State or Federal Laws Wiring the Mains Power Supply Plug(UK Only) IMPORTANT NOTICE The mains lead on this equipment is supplied with a moulded plug incorporating a fuse. The value of the fuse is indicated on the pin face of the plug and, if it requires replacing, a fuse approved to BSI1362 of the same rating must be used.
  • Page 57 Para evitar riscos saude humana e ao meio ambiente, realize o descarte ambientalmente adequado, em um Servic;o Autorizado Samsung. Important Safety Instructions (UL Only) Read these instructions. Keep these instructions. 3. Heed all warnings. Follow instructions.
  • Page 58 EU Eco-Label (EU Eco-Label applied model only) Products which have model codes that end in XU are intended for the UK market. Samsung has not applied for Ecolabels for products with this specific model code. * c- * Better for the environment. ..

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