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Samsung 6400 User Manual Page 58

Led tv series 6400.
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User manual - 345 pages
E-manual - 303 pages
Quick manual - 38 pages


EU Eco-Label (EU Eco-Label applied model only)
Products which have model codes that end in XU are intended for the UK market. Samsung has not applied for Ecolabels for products with this
specific model code.
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Better for the environment. ..
• High Energy Efficiency
• Reduced C0
• Designed to facilitate repair and recycling
... better for you.
[...__E_u_E_c_o_la_b_e_l: _H_u_Jo_2_2J_02 __ ]
SAMSUNG Electronics makes an effort to develop environment-friendly product that minimizing an impact to environment through whole
process from getting raw materials, production, transportation, usage and end-of-life disposal by adding 'environment' on function, price,
quality, design that were the essence for product development.
These environmental characteristics are endorsed by the award of the European Eco-label (also known as the Euro Flower) issued by
the European Commission as approval of the product environmental status for energy saving, facilities for recycling and a host of other
features. The full list of criteria and more information on the ecolabel canbe found at the web-site address:
Recycling Information (Take-back offer)
For recycling information for our products, please contact the company corresponding to your region of residence.
For those who reside in other countries, please contact a nearest local Samsung dealer for recycling information for the products to be treated
in environmentally acceptable way.
The information of Regional Takeback Schemes can be found at Samsung's web-site.
CIS Only
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11 yKa3biBaer Ha ro, 4TO ynaKOBKa gaHHoro
npogyKra He npegHa3Ha4eHa gnl'l nosropHoro Hcnonb30BaHI15l H nogne)KI1T yrl1nl138l.ll111. YnaKOBKY
gaHHOro npogyKra 3anpelllaercl'l 11cnonb30BaTb gnl'l xpaHeHI15l n11Lllesol1 npOAYKLIHI1.
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6b1Tb ,QOnOilH8H 0603Ha48HI1eM M8T8pl1afla ynaKOBKI1 B B11A8 1..111cf:>pOBOIO 11/11Jlvt 6yKB8HHOIO
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eHiMHif-1 1\amaMaCbiH eKiHwi per nai1AanaHyra apHanMaraHbiH )KaHe )KOtOra )KaTaTbiHbiH KepcereAi.
0Cbl SHiMHif-( 1\anTaMaCbiH a3bii\-TYiliK SHiMgepiH Cai\Tay ywiH nali!AanaHyra TbiHbiM canbiH8Abl.
CvtMBOil 1\anTaMaHbl )1(010 MYMKiHAiriH Kepcere,Qi. C11Mson caHAbll\ KOA )K9He/HeMece apin
6enrinepi rypiHAeri 1\anTaMa MarepvtaflbiHblf-\ 6enriciMeH TOilbii\TblpbiilYbl MYMKiH.


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