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Siemens Gigaset S790 Manual

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Gigaset Communications GmbH
Frankenstr. 2a, D-46395 Bocholt
Manufactured by Gigaset Communications GmbH
under trademark license of Siemens AG.
As of 1 Oct. 2011 Gigaset products bearing the
trademark 'Siemens' will exclusively use the trademark 'Gigaset' .
© Gigaset Communications GmbH 2010
All rights reserved. Subject to availability.
S790 - S795
S 7 9 0 - S 7 9 5



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  Summary of Contents for Siemens Gigaset S790

  • Page 1 Manufactured by Gigaset Communications GmbH under trademark license of Siemens AG. As of 1 Oct. 2011 Gigaset products bearing the trademark 'Siemens' will exclusively use the trademark 'Gigaset' . © Gigaset Communications GmbH 2010 All rights reserved. Subject to availability.
  • Page 2: Gigaset S790/S795 - More Than Just A Telephone

    Gigaset S790/S795 – more than just a telephone Gigaset S790/S795 – more than just a telephone Your telephone sets new standards for the way you communicate at home. The configuration and user interface of the cordless phone are excellent, providing you with first-class voice quality in speaker mode, while the USB port offers you enor- mous flexibility.
  • Page 3: The Handset At A Glance

    The handset at a glance The handset at a glance ¢ 1 Display in idle status 2 Battery charge status ( page 16) ¢ 3 Side keys ¢ Set call ( page 54) or ringtone volume ¢ page 55) 4 Display keys ( ¢...
  • Page 4: Display Symbols

    The handset at a glance Display symbols The following symbols may display, depending on the settings and the operating status of your telephone: ¢ Signal strength i ( page 44) ¢ Answering machine switched on (S795 only)( page 4) ¢ Ringtone switched off ( page 55) ¢...
  • Page 5: The Base At A Glance

    If the answering machine is being operated from a handset or if it is recording a message (00 flashes), it cannot be operated from the base at the same time. Gigaset S790 base 1 Registration/Paging button ¢ Press briefly: search for handsets (paging) page 48).
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Contents Gigaset S790/S795 – more than just a telephone ....1 The handset at a glance ..........2 Display symbols .
  • Page 7 Contents Using the directory and lists ........32 Directory .
  • Page 8 Accessories ............71 Mounting the base on the wall (Gigaset S790 only) ....72 Mounting the charger on the wall .
  • Page 9: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions Safety precautions Warning Be sure to read this user guide and the safety precautions before using your telephone. Explain their content and the potential hazards associated with using the telephone to your children. Use only the power adapter supplied, as indicated on the underside of the base. Use only rechargeable batteries that correspond to the specification provided on page 62, as this could otherwise result in significant health risks and personal injury.
  • Page 10: First Steps

    First steps First steps Checking the package contents One Gigaset S790 or S795 base One power adapter One Gigaset S79H handset One phone cord Two batteries One battery cover One belt clip One plastic headset connection cover One user guide...
  • Page 11: Setting Up The Base And Charger (If Included)

    ¤ Set up the base at a central point in the building on a level, non-slip surface or ¢ mount the base (Gigaset S790 only) or charger on the wall ( page 72). Please note Pay attention to the range of the base.
  • Page 12: Connecting The Charger (If Included)

    First steps Connecting the charger (if included) ¤ Connect the flat plug from the power adapter 1. ¤ Plug the power adapter into the plug socket 2. To disconnect the plug from the charger, press the release button and disconnect the plug 2.
  • Page 13: Setting Up The Handset

    First steps Setting up the handset The display and keypad are protected by plastic films. Remove the protective films! Inserting the batteries and closing the battery cover Warning Use only rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) UL-approved AAA batteries. Never use conventional (non-rechargeable) batteries, as this could result in sig- nificant health risks and personal injury.
  • Page 14 First steps ¤ Insert the plastic cover provided for the headset socket to ensure optimum sound in speaker mode. Attaching the belt clip The handset has notches on each side to attach the belt clip. ¤ To attach — press the belt clip onto the back of the handset so that the protrusions on the belt clip engage with the notches.
  • Page 15 First steps First battery charge and discharge The correct charge level can only display if the batteries are first fully charged and discharged. ¤ Charge the handset for 8.5 hours in the base/ charger. ¤ Then remove the handset from the base/charger and do not replace it until the 8.5 hrs batteries are fully dis-...
  • Page 16: Setting The Date And Time

    First steps Setting the date and time Set the date and time so that the correct date and time can be assigned to incoming calls, and so that the alarm can be used. ¤ §Time§ Press the key below on the dis- play to open the input field.
  • Page 17 First steps ¤ Back Save §Save§ Press the key below on the dis- play to confirm your entry. Date/Time ‰ The display shows Saved. You will hear a Saved confirmation tone and the handset automatically returns to idle status. Display in idle status After registering the phone and setting the time, the idle display shows as in this Ã...
  • Page 18: Setting Up Area Codes

    First steps Setting up area codes ¢ Before you can return a call from the Calls list ( page 36), you must store the local area code of the area in which your phone is being used. If your phone is in a mul- tiple area code area, you must also store the extra codes for that area.
  • Page 19: Connecting The Headset

    First steps Connecting the headset After removing the plastic cover, you can connect a head- set to the left-hand side of your telephone with the 2.5 mm jack connector. See the relevant product page at for information on recommended headsets. The headset volume corresponds to the settings for the ¢...
  • Page 20: What Would You Like To Do Next

    First steps What would you like to do next? Now that you have successfully set up your phone, you will certainly want to adapt it to your personal requirements. Use the following guide to quickly locate the most important topics. If you are unfamiliar with menu-driven devices such as other Gigaset telephones, ¢...
  • Page 21: Using The Phone

    Using the phone Using the phone Control key Below, the side of the control key that you must press in the respective operating situation is marked in black (top, bottom, right, left, center), e.g., v for "press right on the control key" or w for "press the center of the control key".
  • Page 22: Display Keys

    Using the phone Display keys The functions of the display keys change depending on the particular operating sit- uation. Example: Current display key functions. Back Save Display keys Some important display keys: Options Open a menu for further functions. Confirm selection. Û...
  • Page 23: Using The Menus

    Using the phone Using the menus You can access your telephone's functions using a menu that has a number of lev- els. • The menu display can be extended (expert mode ) or restricted (standard mode). Expert mode is the default setting. •...
  • Page 24: Activating/Deactivating The Handset

    Using the phone Reverting to idle status You can revert to idle status from anywhere in the menu as follows: ¤ Press and hold the end call key a. ¤ Do not press any key: after 2 minutes the display will automatically revert to idle status.
  • Page 25: Using This Guide

    Using the phone Using this guide The operating steps are shown in abbreviated form. Example: The illustration: ¢ ¢ ¢ Ï Display Large Font (³ = on) means: ¤ Press right on the control key v to open the main menu. ¤...
  • Page 26 Using the phone Display ¤ Press down on the control key s Screensaver ´ until the Large Font menu option Large Font appears on the display. Color Schemes Backlight Back Change ¤ §Change§ Press the display key activate/deactivate the function. Display Screensaver The change is effective immediately...
  • Page 27: Menu Overview

    Menu overview Menu overview Setting standard mode or expert mode • • The menu display can be extended (expert mode ) or restricted (standard mode). Menu options that are only available in expert mode are marked with the icon. To change these settings: Ï...
  • Page 28 Menu overview Ì Voice Mail ¢ Play Messages Network Mailbox page 43 ¢ Answering Machine * page 38 ¢ Activation * page 38 ¢ Announcements * Rec. Announcement * page 38 ¢ Play Announcement * page 38 ¢ Del. Announcement * page 38 •...
  • Page 29 Menu overview Ï Settings ¢ Date/Time page 15 ¢ Display + Keypad Screensaver page 53 ¢ Large Font page 53 ¢ Color Schemes • page 53 ¢ Display Backlight page 53 ¢ Keypad Illumination page 53 ¢ Language page 53 ¢...
  • Page 30: Making Calls

    ¤ Pressing the talk key c. Making an external call ¤ Pressing the speaker key d. ¤ Gigaset S790: press the display key External calls are calls using the public tele- §Accept§ phone network. ¤ Ô Gigaset S795: press the display key...
  • Page 31: Using Caller Id

    (CID picture) 9725551234 to that caller, this will also be displayed. Anna Lechner Ø«Ú Gigaset S790 Accept Silence 1 Caller's number 2 Name 9725551234 The display shows: External, if no number is transmitted.
  • Page 32: Using The Speaker Mode

    Making calls Using the speaker mode Switching to mute In speaker mode, instead of holding the You can deactivate the microphone in your handset to your ear you can put it down, for handset during an external call. example on the table in front of you. This Press key to mute the handset.
  • Page 33: Using The Directory And Lists

    Using the directory and lists Using the directory and Saving a number in the directory ¢ <New Entry> lists ¤ You can enter data in the following fields: First Name:/Last Name: The options are: Enter first names and/or surnames. Directory If both name fields are left blank, the tel- Redial list ephone number displays as the surname.
  • Page 34 Using the directory and lists Order of directory entries The following functions can be selected with Directory entries are generally sorted alpha- Display Number betically by surname. Spaces and digits take To edit or add to a saved number, or to Ó...
  • Page 35: The Directory

    Using the directory and lists ¤ ¢ Using quick dial keys Complete the entry ( page 32). ¤ Gigaset S795: Message playback is inter- Press and hold the required quick dial key ¢ rupted during the number transfer from the page 52).
  • Page 36: Redial List

    Using the directory and lists Deactivating anniversaries Redial list ¢ s (Select entry) The redial list contains the twenty numbers §View§ §Edit§ Press display keys one after the last dialed with the handset (max. 32 digits). other. If one of the numbers is in the directory, the Scroll to the Anniversary line.
  • Page 37: Answering Machine List (Gigaset S795 Only)

    Using the directory and lists Answering machine list Type of entry: › – Accepted calls ( ™ (Gigaset S795 only) – Missed calls ( š – Outgoing calls ( You can use the answering machine list to listen to the messages that are on the –...
  • Page 38: Opening Lists With The Message Key

    Using the directory and lists Opening lists with the Lists containing new messages are at the top of the list and are marked in a bold font. message key Messages & Calls Use the message key f to open the follow- Calls: ing list selection: Answering machine list (Gigaset S795...
  • Page 39: Operating The Gigaset S795 Base Answering Machine

    Operating the Gigaset S795 base answering machine • Operating the Mode: Select Answer & Record, Answer only or Gigaset S795 base Alternating. If Alternating mode is selected: answering machine Record from: Enter hours/minutes for the start of the period in 4-digit format. You can access the answering machine via (The time must be set on the phone the handset, the buttons on the base...
  • Page 40 Operating the Gigaset S795 base answering machine Cancel recording with a or §Back§ §Yes§ . Restart Press the display key to confirm §OK§ the recording with the prompt. After recording, the announcement is Once you have deleted your announcement, played back for you to check. You can re- the relevant pre-recorded announcement is §New§...
  • Page 41: Deleting Messages

    Operating the Gigaset S795 base answering machine After the entry time and date have been Copying a phone number from a played back (after approx. 3 seconds) a new message to the directory message assumes the status "old". During playback or pause: ¢...
  • Page 42: Activating/Deactivating Call Screening

    Operating the Gigaset S795 base answering machine Diverting an external call to the Permanently activating/deactivating answering machine call screening ¢ ¢ Ì Call Screening ¢ You can divert an incoming external call to Handset / Base (³= on) the answering machine, even if it is deacti- §Change§...
  • Page 43: Resetting Fast Access For The Answering Machine Using Key 1

    Operating the Gigaset S795 base answering machine ¢ When operating remotely ( page 42), you Prerequisites: can tell after approx. 15 seconds that there You have set a system PIN other than ¢ are no new messages (otherwise the 0000 ( page 58).
  • Page 44: Using The Network Mailbox

    If you do not accept the call, the net- Gigaset S790: Fast access is preset for the work mailbox number is saved in the missed network mailbox. You only need to enter the call list and the message key flashes ¢...
  • Page 45: Eco Dect

    ECO DECT ECO DECT Status displays Display icon You are helping to protect the environment Signal strength: with your Gigaset S790/S795. Ð i Ñ Ò – good to poor Reducing energy consumption (flashes) – no signal Ð white Eco Mode deactivated By using a power-saving adapter plug, your Ð...
  • Page 46 Setting an appointment (calendar) The selected day is highlighted in white. The The name displays for anniversaries, while current day is no longer highlighted. the entered text displays for appointments along with the date and time. Press the center of the control key.
  • Page 47: Displaying Missed Appointments, Anniversaries

    Setting the alarm clock Displaying missed Setting the alarm clock appointments, anniversaries Prerequisite: The date and time have ¢ already been set ( page 15). Missed appointments/anniversaries ¢ page 34) are displayed in the Missed Alarms list if: Activating/deactivating and setting the alarm clock You do not accept an appointment/anni- á...
  • Page 48: Using Multiple Handsets

    You can register other Gigaset handsets and handsets for other devices with GAP func- Manually registering a tionality as follows. . Gigaset S79H to a Gigaset S790/ S795 1) On the handset ¤ You must activate manual registration of the...
  • Page 49: De-Registering Handsets

    Using multiple handsets De-registering handsets Making internal calls You can de-register any other registered Internal calls to other handsets registered on handset from any registered Gigaset S79H the same base are free. handset. Ï ¢ ¢ Calling a specific handset Registration ¢...
  • Page 50: Listening In To An External Call

    Using multiple handsets If the internal participant does not answer or Accepting/rejecting call waiting §End§ the line is busy, press the display key If you receive an external call during an return to the external call. internal call, you will hear the call waiting When transferring a call, you can also press the end call key a before the internal par- tone (short tone).
  • Page 51: Changing The Name Of A Handset

    Using a handset as a room monitor Ending listening in Using a handset as a Press the end call key. room monitor All participants hear a signal tone. If the first internal participant presses the end call key a, the handset that has "lis- If the room monitor is activated, a previously saved destination number is called as soon tened in"...
  • Page 52 Using a handset as a room monitor When the room monitor function is acti- Warning! vated, the idle display appears as shown Always check the operation of the below: room monitor before use. For exam- ple, test its sensitivity. Check the Ã...
  • Page 53: Handset Settings

    Handset settings Handset settings Selecting numbers/changing an assignment Your handset is preconfigured, but you can Prerequisite: The digit key already has a change the settings to suit your individual number assigned to it. requirements. When the handset is in idle status ¤...
  • Page 54: Changing The Display Language

    Handset settings Changing the display Select screensaver and press §OK§ language §Save§ Press the display key. Briefly press the end call key a to return to You can view the display texts in different the idle display. languages. Ï ¢ ¢...
  • Page 55: Setting Keypad Illumination

    Handset settings Select On or Off. Press the control key to call up the Handset Volume menu. Set Please note the earpiece or speaker volume by pressing r. With the On setting, the standby time of the handset can be significantly The setting will automatically be saved after reduced.
  • Page 56: Changing Ringtones

    Handset settings Changing ringtones If the time control is activated: Suspend ring from: Volume: Enter the start of the period in 4-digit for- You can choose between five volumes (1– mat. 5; e.g., volume 3 = Š) and the "cre- Suspend ring until: scendo"...
  • Page 57: Resource Directory

    Handset settings Deactivating the ringtone for the Playing back sounds/viewing caller current call pictures · ¢ ¢ §Silence§ Press the display key. Screensavers / Caller Pictures / Sounds (select entry) Activating/deactivating the alert Pictures: tone §View§ Press the display key. The In place of the ringtone, you can activate an selected picture displays.
  • Page 58: Activating/Deactivating Advisory Tones

    Handset settings • Activating/deactivating Navigate to the input field. Ñ If necessary, delete number: advisory tones press the display key. Enter number. Your handset uses advisory tones to tell you about different activities and statuses. The §Save§ Press the display key. following advisory tones can be activated/ Example: deactivated independently of each other:...
  • Page 59: Setting The Base

    Setting the base Setting the base Changing the system PIN You can change the 4-digit system PIN set on The base settings are changed using a regis- the base (default setting: 0000) to a 4-digit tered Gigaset S79H handset. PIN known only by you. Gigaset S795: Setting a system PIN facilitates Changing the Gigaset S795 remote operation of the answering machine...
  • Page 60: Connecting The Base To The Pabx

    Connecting the base to the PABX Connecting the base to Setting pauses the PABX Changing the pause after line seizure The following settings are only necessary if your PABX requires them; see the PABX user You can change the length of the pause that is inserted between pressing the talk key c guide.
  • Page 61: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Error tone sounds after system PIN prompt. ¥ ¢ You have entered the wrong system PIN. Reset the system PIN to 0000 ( page 58). If you have any questions about the use of Forgotten the system PIN. your telephone, you can contact us at any ¥...
  • Page 62: Appendix

    Appendix Gigaset S795 only: Appendix No time is specified for a message in the call list. ¥ ¢ Date and time have not been set. Caring for your telephone Set the date and time ( page 15). ¤ The answering machine announces "PIN is Wipe the device with a damp cloth or an incorrect"...
  • Page 63: Specifications

    Appendix Specifications Base power consumption In standby mode: Gigaset S790: approx. 1.1 watt Batteries Gigaset S795: approx. 1.2 watt Technology: During the conversation: Nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) Gigaset S790: approx. 1.0 watt Size: AAA (Micro, HR03) Gigaset S795: approx. 1.1 watt Voltage: 1.2 V...
  • Page 64: Writing And Editing Text

    Additional functions via the PC interface ¤ Writing and editing text Briefly press the key several times in suc- cession to select the required letter/char- acter. The following rules apply when writing text: Each key between Q and O is Standard characters assigned several letters and characters.
  • Page 65 Additional functions via the PC interface ¤ Download pictures (.bmp, .jpg, .gif ) as a Replace the battery. ¤ screensaver from the computer to the Complete the firmware update as handset. described. Download sounds (ringtones) from the If the update procedure fails several times or computer to the handset.
  • Page 66: Industry Canada Certification

    FCC / ACTA Information Industry Canada Certification FCC / ACTA Information Operation is subject to the following two condi- Warning: Changes or modifications to this unit tions (1) this device may not cause interference, not expressly approved by Gigaset Communica- and (2) this device must accept any interference, tions USA LLC could void the FCC authority to including interference that may cause undesired...
  • Page 67: Safety Precautions

    FCC / ACTA Information Notice for Direct Inward Dialing until the problem has been corrected or until you are sure that the equipment is not malfunction- ("DID") ing. ALLOWING THIS EQUIPMENT TO BE OPERATED IN If trouble is experienced with this equipment, for SUCH A MANNER AS TO NOT PROVIDE FOR repair or warranty information, please contact PROPER ANSWER SUPERVISION IS A VIOLATION...
  • Page 68: Battery Safety Precautions

    FCC / ACTA Information 5. Place this product securely on a stable surface. 15. Emergency/911 numbers may not be dialed if Serious damage and/or injury may result if the the keypad is locked. unit falls. 16. Minimum No. 26 AWG telecommunication line 6.
  • Page 69: Service (Customer Care)

    FCC / ACTA Information Service (Customer Care) Customer Care Warranty for Cordless Products To obtain Customer Care Warranty service, product operation information, or for problem resolution, call: 1-866 247-8758 Toll Free: End-user limited warranty – Products which have been repaired, main- tained or modified (including the antenna) by This product is covered by a one year limited war- anyone other than Gigaset NAM or a Gigaset...
  • Page 70 FCC / ACTA Information – Payments for labor or service to representa- ENTITLED TO ANY DAMAGES, INCLUDING BUT tives or service centers not authorized to per- NOT LIMITED TO CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, form product maintenance by Gigaset NAM. if the Product does not meet the limited warranty , and, to the maximum extent allowed by applica- –...
  • Page 71: Governing Law

  • Page 72: Accessories

    Accessories Gigaset handsets ADD MORE GIGASET HANDSETS TO YOUR CORDLESS TELEPHONE SYSTEM. Gigaset S79H handset Illuminated graphic colour display (65k colours) Illuminated keypad Speaker mode Polyphonic ringtones Directory for approx. 500 entries Caller picture PC interface, e.g., for managing directory entries, ringtones and screensavers Headset socket Room monitor...
  • Page 73: Mounting The Base On The Wall (Gigaset S790 Only)

    Mounting the base on the wall (Gigaset S790 only) Mounting the base on the wall (Gigaset S790 only) 41 mm Approx. 5.5 Mounting the charger on the wall 21 mm Approx. 4...
  • Page 74: Index

    Index Index local area code ........setting own area code .
  • Page 75 Index Changing copying number from text ......destination number (room monitor) managing entries .
  • Page 76 Index for new messages ......... . . keypad lock .
  • Page 77 Index network mailbox ........Listening in to a call Name .
  • Page 78 Index ............Quick dial Talk key .