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By purchasing a Gigaset, you have chosen a brand that is fully committed
to sustainability. This product's packaging is eco-friendly!
To learn more, visit


   Summary of Contents for SIEMENS Gigaset S810A

  • Page 1 Congratulations By purchasing a Gigaset, you have chosen a brand that is fully committed to sustainability. This product’s packaging is eco-friendly! To learn more, visit
  • Page 3: Accessories

    Accessories Accessories There is a range of accessories available for your Gigaset phone: Gigaset repeater The Gigaset repeater can be used to increase the reception range between your Gigaset handset and the base. Gigaset handsets - Upgrade your Gigaset to a cordless PABX Gigaset S810H handset Illuminated graphic colour display (65k colours) Polyphonic ringtones...
  • Page 4: Gigaset S810/s810a - More Than Just A Telephone

    Gigaset S810/S810A – more than just a telephone Gigaset S810/S810A – more than just a telephone Your telephone sets new standards for the way you communicate at home. The configuration and user interface of the cordless phone are excellent, providing you with first-class voice quality in handsfree mode, while the various interfaces (Bluetooth, USB) offer you enormous flexibility.
  • Page 5: The Handset At A Glance

    The handset at a glance ¢ The handset at a glance ¢ 4 Display keys ( page 23) 5 Message key ( page 42) Access to call and message lists; Flashes: new message or new call 6 End call key, On/Off key End call, cancel function, go back one menu level (press briefly), back to idle status (press and hold), activate/deactivate handset (press...
  • Page 6: Display Symbols

    Name of the handset ( page 65) ™ ¾ Ã Number of new messages: Ã on the answering machine (Gigaset S810A only)/ ¢ Calls network mailbox ( page 42) ¢ ™ in the list of missed calls ( page 42) ¢...
  • Page 7: The Base At A Glance

    (paging), page 63) and operate the inte- 5 Skip to next message (press once) or skip grated answering machine (Gigaset S810A ahead two messages (press twice). only). 6 Skip back five seconds (press briefly once), skip back to the beginning of the message...
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Accessories ............1 Gigaset S810/S810A –...
  • Page 9 Answering machine list (Gigaset S810A only) ....... . . 41...
  • Page 10 Changing the base Gigaset S810A ringtones ........
  • Page 11 Contents Appendix ............84 Caring for your telephone .
  • Page 12: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions Safety precautions Warning Be sure to read this user guide and the safety precautions before using your telephone Explain their content and the potential hazards associated with using the telephone to your children. Use only the power adapter supplied, as indicated on the underside of the base. Use only rechargeable batteries that correspond to the specification provided on page 84, as this could otherwise result in significant health risks and personal injury.
  • Page 13: First Steps

    First steps First steps Checking the package contents One Gigaset S810/S810A base One power adapter One Gigaset S810H handset One phone cord Two batteries One battery cover One belt clip One plastic headset socket cover One user guide If you have purchased a model with multiple hand- sets the package should contain two batteries, a bat-...
  • Page 14: Setting Up The Base And Charger (if Included)

    First steps Setting up the base and charger (if included) The base and charger are designed for use in dry rooms in a temperature range of +5°C to +45°C. ¤ Set up the base at a central point in the building on a level, non-slip surface or ¢...
  • Page 15: Connecting The Charger (if Included)

    First steps Connecting the charger (if included) ¤ Connect the flat plug from the power adapter 1. ¤ Plug the power adapter into the plug socket 2. To disconnect the plug from the charger, press the release button and disconnect the plug 4.
  • Page 16: Setting Up The Handset For Use

    First steps Setting up the handset for use The display and keypad are protected by plastic films. Remove the protective films! Inserting the batteries and closing the battery cover Warning Use only rechargeable batteries recommended by Gigaset Communications ¢ GmbH ( page 84), i.e., Never use conventional (non-rechargeable) batteries, as this could result in significant health risks and personal injury.
  • Page 17 First steps ¤ Insert the plastic cover provided for the headset socket to ensure optimum sound in handsfree mode. Attaching the belt clip The handset has notches on each side to attach the belt clip. ¤ To attach – press the belt clip onto the back of the handset so that the protrusions on the belt clip engage with the notches.
  • Page 18 First steps Initial charging and discharging of the batteries The correct charge status can only be displayed if the batteries are first fully charged and discharged. ¤ Charge the handset in the base for 8.5 hours. 8.5 h Please note The handset must only be placed in the designated Gigaset S810/S810A base or charging cradle.
  • Page 19: Changing The Display Language

    First steps Changing the display language Change the display language if you do not understand the language currently set. ¤ Press right on the control key. ¤ Slowly press keys O and 5 one after the other. ± Deutsch Ø The display for setting languages appears.
  • Page 20: Setting The Date And Time

    First steps Setting the date and time Set the date and time so that the correct date and time can be assigned to incoming calls, and so that the alarm can be used. ¤ §Set Time§ Press the key below on the dis- play screen to open the input field.
  • Page 21 First steps ¤ Back Save §Save§ Press the key below on the dis- play screen to confirm your entry. Date/Time ‰ The display shows Saved. You will hear a Saved confirmation tone and the handset will automatically return to idle status. Display in idle status Once the phone is registered and the time is set, the idle display is shown as in this Ã...
  • Page 22: Connecting The Headset

    First steps INT 1 ¢ Internal name of the handset ( page 65) ¢ page 59) is activated, the ¼ icon is displayed in the top left cor- If Eco Mode+ ( ner of the display. Your answering machine is set with a pre-recorded announcement. Your phone is now ready for use! Connecting the headset After removing the plastic cover, you can connect a head-...
  • Page 23: What Would You Like To Do Next

    First steps What would you like to do next? Now you have successfully set up your Gigaset, you will certainly want to adapt it to your personal requirements. Use the following guide to quickly locate the most important topics. If you are unfamiliar with menu-driven devices such as other Gigaset telephones, ¢...
  • Page 24: Using The Phone

    Using the phone Using the phone Control key Below, the side of the control key that you must press in the respective operating situation is marked in black (top, bottom, right, left, centre), e.g., v for "press right on the control key" or w for "press the centre of the control key".
  • Page 25: Display Keys

    Using the phone Display keys The functions of the display keys change depending on the particular operating sit- uation. Example: Current display key functions. Back Save Display keys Some important display keys: Options Open a menu for further functions. Confirm selection. Û...
  • Page 26: Using The Menus

    Using the phone Using the menus Your telephone's functions are accessed using a menu that has a number of levels. • The menu display can be extended (expert mode ) or restricted (standard mode). Expert mode is the active default setting. •...
  • Page 27: Activating/deactivating The Handset

    Using the phone Activating/deactivating the handset With the phone in idle status, press and hold the end call key (confir- mation tone) to switch off the handset. Press and hold the end call key again to switch the handset on. Please note When the handset is switched on, an animation showing the Gigaset logo is dis- played for several seconds.
  • Page 28: Using This Guide

    Using the phone Using this guide The operating steps are shown in abbreviated form. Example: The illustration: Ï ¢ ¢ ¢ Eco Mode Eco Mode+ (³ = on) means: ¤ Press right on the control key v to open the main menu. ¤...
  • Page 29 Using the phone Eco Mode ³ ¤ Press down on the control key s Eco Mode ´ until the Eco Mode+ menu option Eco Mode+ appears on the display. Back Change ¤ §Change§ Press the display key activate/deactivate the function. Eco Mode ³...
  • Page 30: Menu Overview

    Menu overview Menu overview Setting standard mode or expert mode • • The menu display can be extended (expert mode ) or restricted (standard mode). Menu options that are only available in expert mode are marked with the icon. To change these settings: Ï...
  • Page 31 Menu overview Ë You have activated an SMS mailbox (general or private) without a PIN ¢ New SMS page 45 ¢ Incoming page 47 ¢ Draft page 46 You have activated an SMS mailbox with a PIN or 2–3 mailboxes ¢...
  • Page 32 Menu overview  ¢ Directory page 37 Ï Settings ¢ Date/Time page 18 ¢ Audio Settings Handset Volume page 72 ¢ Handsfree Profiles • page 72 ¢ Advisory Tones page 75 ¢ Ringtones (H/Set) page 73 ¢ Ringtones (Base) • page 76 ¢...
  • Page 33: Making Calls

    Making calls Making calls One Touch Call ¢ You can set up your phone in such a way that If the backlight is deactivated ( page 71) it pressing any key dials a previously stored is switched on by pressing any key. Digit number.
  • Page 34: Accepting A Call

    Gigaset S810: press the display key §Accept§ If the caller's number is saved in your direc- ¤ tory, the number is replaced by the corre- Gigaset S810A: press the display key Ô ä/ k/ l sponding directory entry ( symbol to divert the call to the answering ¢...
  • Page 35: Notes On Calling Line Display (clip)

    Making calls The following is displayed in place of the If the caller number is still not number: displayed: ¤ External, if no number is transmitted. Check the CLIP settings of your PABX and activate this function if necessary. In the Withheld, if the caller has withheld Call- ¢...
  • Page 36: Handsfree Mode

    Switching between earpiece and handsfree mode Press the handsfree key. During a call and when listening to the answering machine (Gigaset S810A only), activate or deactivate handsfree mode. If you wish to place the handset in the base/ charger during a call: ¤...
  • Page 37: Making Calls Using Network Services

    Making calls using network services Making calls using Cancelling ringback You can cancel a ringback that has already network services been initiated. ¢ ¢ Ç Ringback off Network services are functions that your network provider makes available to you. Call waiting during an You have to request these services from your external call network provider.
  • Page 38: Call Divert (cd)

    Making calls using network services Call divert (CD) The phone number is dialled. You are con- nected to the second participant. When diverting a call, the call is forwarded to If the caller does not answer, select the dis- another connection. §End§...
  • Page 39: Using The Directory And Lists

    List of missed appointments page 86.) Answering machine list Phone (Home): / Phone (Office): / (Gigaset S810A only) Phone (Mobile): You can create a personalised directory for Enter a number in at least one of the your own handset. You can also send lists/ ¢...
  • Page 40: Managing Directory Entries

    Using the directory and lists Order of directory entries Managing directory entries Directory entries are generally sorted alpha- Viewing entries ¢ s (Select entry) betically by surname. Spaces and digits take first priority. If only the first name was §View§ entered in the directory, this is incorporated Press the display key.
  • Page 41: Another Handset

    Using the directory and lists Copy Entry Please note: to Internal: Send a single entry to a hand- ¢ Entries with identical numbers are not set ( page 39). overwritten on the receiving handset. vCard via SMS: Send a single entry in The transfer is cancelled if the phone vCard format via SMS.
  • Page 42: The Directory

    ¤ ¢ Complete the entry ( page 37). §View§ §Edit§ Press display keys one after the Gigaset S810A: Message playback is inter- other. rupted during the number transfer from the Scroll to the Anniversary line. answering machine list. Select Off.
  • Page 43: Redial List

    46). If one of the numbers is in the directory, the corresponding name is displayed. Answering machine list (Gigaset S810A only) Manual redial Press the key briefly. You can use the answering machine list to listen to the messages that are on the Select entry.
  • Page 44: Message Key Function

    – Accepted calls ( ™ Ã ... in the answering machine list – Missed calls ( š (Gigaset S810A only) or on the net- – Outgoing calls ( work mailbox ™ – Calls recorded by the answering ... in the missed calls list machine (Ã, Gigaset S810A only)
  • Page 45: List Of Missed Alarms

    42). for new SMS or M Each entry is displayed with: for messages on the answer- ing machine (Gigaset S810A Number or name only)/network mailbox Date and time Your selection is displayed (e.g. 5 for The most recent entry is at the head of the missed calls);...
  • Page 46: Making Cost-effective Calls

    Making cost-effective calls • Making cost-effective Saving preselection numbers Ï ¢ ¢ ¢ Telephony Preselection ¢ calls Preselection No. Enter or change the preselec- Make phone calls through a network pro- tion number (call-by-call vider who offers particularly low-cost call number).
  • Page 47: Sms (text Messages)

    SMS (text messages) SMS (text messages) Please note For instructions on entering text and special characters, please see Your phone is delivered ready to send SMS page 86. messages immediately. An SMS may contain up to Prerequisites: 612 characters. If there are more than 160 characters, the SMS is sent as a Calling Line Identification is enabled for linked SMS (up to 4 SMS messages...
  • Page 48: Receiving An Sms

    SMS (text messages) Draft SMS list Deleting draft SMS list ¤ Open the draft message list and then: You can save an SMS in the draft SMS list, and §Options§ Open menu. edit and send it later. §OK§ Delete All Select, press and confirm Saving an SMS in the draft SMS list ¤...
  • Page 49: Incoming

    SMS (text messages) Opening the incoming message list Changing the character set ¤ with the Read the SMS Press. §Options§ Press the display key. The incoming message list is indicated by Character Set the mailbox name and the number of entries Text is shown in the selected character (example): set.
  • Page 50: Sms With Vcard

    You new answering machine messages can tell whether this is the case by the (Gigaset S810A only) via SMS. addition of a star (*) to the number of a Prerequisite: For missed calls, the caller's (preset) SMS centre.
  • Page 51: Setting Sms Centres

    SMS (text messages) • Setting up and editing a Enter mailbox PIN if necessary §OK§ and press personal mailbox ¤ Set Box-ID, Protection and SMS PIN ¢ Setting up a personal mailbox page 49). Ë ¢ ¢ ¢ Settings SMS Mailboxes Sending an SMS to a personal Select mailbox, e.g., Mailbox 2 mailbox...
  • Page 52: Sms On A Pabx

    SMS (text messages) ¤ You can enter data in the following fields: SMS on a PABX Active Send: You can only receive an SMS when the §Yes§ Select if SMS messages are to be sent Calling Line Identification is forwarded via the SMS centre.
  • Page 53: Sms Troubleshooting

    SMS (text messages) SMS troubleshooting The SMS is played back. 1. The "display call number" feature is not acti- Error codes when sending vated. ¥ Ask your service provider to activate this function (chargeable). E0 Calling Line Identification permanently with- held (CLIR) or Calling Line Identification not 2.
  • Page 54: Operating The Gigaset S810a Base Answering Machine

    Operating the Gigaset S810A base answering machine • Operating the Mode: Select Answer & Record, Answer only or Gigaset S810A base Alternating. If Alternating mode is selected: answering machine Record from: Enter hours/minutes for the start of the period in 4-digit format.
  • Page 55: Play Announcement

    Operating the Gigaset S810A base answering machine ¤ • Now speak your announcement (at least Deleting personal 3 secs.). announcements/ advisory Just as if making a call via the receiver, messages ¢ ¢ Ì place the telephone against your ear and Announcements ¢...
  • Page 56: Deleting Messages

    Operating the Gigaset S810A base answering machine Playing back old messages Playback of the current message is can- celled. Playback of next message starts, if You can listen to old messages if there are no applicable. more new messages. Begin playback as The f key on the handset flashes.
  • Page 57: Activating/deactivating Call Screening

    Operating the Gigaset S810A base answering machine • Diverting an external call to the Activating/deactivating answering machine call screening You can divert an incoming external call to While a message is recording, you can screen the answering machine, even if it is deacti- calls via the base loudspeaker and registered vated.
  • Page 58: Resetting Fast Access For The Answering Machine Using Key 1

    Operating the Gigaset S810A base answering machine Information about ring delay Operating when on the move In Automatic mode, the following applies (remote operation) for ring delay: If there are no new messages, the answer- You can check and activate your answering...
  • Page 59 Operating the Gigaset S810A base answering machine Activating the answering machine Initiating ringback from the ¤ answering machine with SMS and Phone home and let the phone ring until listening to messages you hear: "Please enter PIN". Prerequisite: You must have stored an SMS Enter system PIN.
  • Page 60: Using The Network Mailbox

    Calling Line Identification, the mailbox or the integrated answering network mailbox number is displayed. If you machine (Gigaset S810A only) directly. accept the call, the new messages are played back. If you do not accept the call, the net-...
  • Page 61: Eco Dect

    ECO DECT ECO DECT Activate/deactivate Eco Mode /Eco Mode+: Ï ¢ ¢ Eco Mode ¢ You are helping to protect the environment Eco Mode / Eco Mode+ with your Gigaset S810/S810A. §Change§ Press the display key (³ = on). Reducing energy consumption Status displays By using a power-saving adapter plug, your Display icon...
  • Page 62: Setting An Appointment (calendar)

    Setting an appointment (calendar) ¤ Setting an appointment You can enter data in the following fields: Activation: (calendar) Select On or Off. Date: You can use your handset to remind yourself Enter day/month/year in 8-digit format. of up to 30 appointments. Anniversaries ¢...
  • Page 63: Displaying Missed Appointments, Anniversaries

    Setting an appointment (calendar) You can either deactivate or answer an Displaying missed appointment reminder: appointments, anniversaries §§Off§§ Press the display key to deacti- vate the appointment reminder. Missed appointments/anniversaries ¢ page 40) are displayed in the Missed §SMS Press the display key to respond Alarms list if: to the appointment reminder You do not accept an appointment/anni-...
  • Page 64: Setting The Alarm Clock

    Setting the alarm clock Setting the alarm clock §Snooze§ Press the display key or any key. The wake-up call is deactivated Prerequisite: The date and time have ¢ and then repeated after 5 min- already been set ( page 18). utes.
  • Page 65: De-registering Handsets

    Using multiple handsets Ending paging ¤ 2) On the base Briefly press the registration/paging key on the base or press the talk key c on Within 60 seconds press and hold the reg- istration/paging key on the base ¢ the handset. page 5) (approx.
  • Page 66 Using multiple handsets Transferring a call to another handset §Conference§ Press the display key. All 3 participants are connected You can transfer an external call to another with each other. handset (connect). Open the list of handsets. Please note The external participant hears If only two handsets are registered, music on hold, if activated ¢...
  • Page 67: Listening In To An External Call

    Using multiple handsets Listening in to an external call Changing the name of a handset Prerequisite: The Listening In function must be activated. The names "INT 1", "INT 2" etc. are assigned You are conducting an external call. An inter- automatically on registration.
  • Page 68: Using A Handset As A Room Monitor (babyphone)

    Using a handset as a room monitor (Babyphone) Using a handset as a Warning! Always check the operation of the room monitor room monitor before use. For exam- ple, test its sensitivity. Check the (Babyphone) connection if you are diverting the room monitor to an external number.
  • Page 69: Using Bluetooth Devices

    Using Bluetooth devices When the room monitor function is acti- Using Bluetooth devices vated, the idle display appears as shown below: Your Gigaset handset can communicate à wirelessly via Bluetooth™ with other devices using this technology. 07:15 Á Before you can use your Bluetooth devices, INT 1 22 Oct you must first activate Bluetooth and then...
  • Page 70 Using Bluetooth devices Registering Bluetooth devices Editing the list of known (trusted) devices The distance between the handset in Blue- tooth mode and the activated Bluetooth Open list ò ¢ ¢ device (headset or data device) should be no Known Devices more than 10 m.
  • Page 71: Handset Settings

    Handset settings Rejecting/accepting an Handset settings unregistered Bluetooth device Your handset is preconfigured, but you can If a Bluetooth device that is not registered in change the settings to suit your individual the list of known devices tries to connect requirements.
  • Page 72: Changing The Display Language

    Handset settings Selecting numbers/changing an Withhold Number Withhold Calling Line Identification assignment ¢ for the next call ( page 35). ¤ Prerequisite: The digit key already has a §OK§ Select an entry and press number assigned to it. When the handset is in idle status ¤...
  • Page 73: Setting Keypad Illumination

    Handset settings Ï ¢ ¢ Selection: Display + Keypad ¢ Select screensaver or Display Backlight §View§ Press the display key. The active The current setting is displayed. ¤ screensaver is displayed. You can enter data in the following fields: Select screensaver and press In Charger §OK§...
  • Page 74: Changing The Speaker/earpiece Volume

    Handset settings Changing the speaker/ Setting a handsfree profile earpiece volume You can set different handsfree profiles to optimally adapt your phone to your environ- You can set the loudspeaker volume for ment. handsfree mode and the earpiece volume to Profile 1 five different levels.
  • Page 75: Changing Ringtones

    Handset settings Changing ringtones If the time control is activated: Suspend ring. from: Volume: Enter the start of the period in 4-digit for- You can choose between 6 volumes (1–5; mat. e.g., volume 3 = Š) and the "cre- Suspend ring. until: scendo"...
  • Page 76: Resource Directory

    Handset settings Deactivating the ringtone for the Playing back sounds/viewing caller current call pictures É ¢ ¢ §Silence§ Press the display key. Resource Directory ¢ Screensavers / Caller Pictures / Activating/deactivating the alert Sounds (select entry) tone Pictures: In place of the ringtone, you can activate an §View§...
  • Page 77: Activating/deactivating Advisory Tones

    Handset settings • ¤ Activating/deactivating You can enter data in the following fields: Select/change input field. advisory tones Navigate in the input field. Ñ Your handset uses advisory tones to tell you If necessary, delete number: about different activities and statuses. The press the display key.
  • Page 78: Setting The Base

    Setting the base • Setting the base Repeater support With a repeater, you can increase the range The base settings are carried out using a reg- and signal strength of your base. You will istered Gigaset S810H handset. need to activate repeater mode. This will ter- minate any calls that are in progress at the Changing the base Gigaset time.
  • Page 79: Protecting Against Unauthorised Access

    (default setting: 0000) to a 4-digit §OK§ press PIN known only by you. §Yes§ Press the display key. Gigaset S810A: Setting a system PIN facili- tates remote operation of the answering ¢ machine ( page 56). Ï ¢...
  • Page 80: Connecting The Base To The Pabx

    Connecting the base to the PABX • Connecting the base to Saving an access code (outside line code) the PABX Prerequisite: You may have to enter an The following settings are only necessary if access code in front of the number for exter- your PABX requires them;...
  • Page 81: Setting Pauses

    Connecting the base to the PABX Setting pauses Switching temporarily to tone dialling (DTMF) Changing the pause after line If your PABX still operates with pulse dialling seizure (PD), but you need tone dialling for a con- You can change the length of the pause that nection (e.g., to listen to the network mail- is inserted between pressing the talk key c box), you must switch to tone dialling for the...
  • Page 82: Customer Service & Assistance

    Customer Service & Assistance You have questions? As a Gigaset customer, you can take advantage of our comprehensive serv- ice offerings. You can find help quickly in this User Manual and in the service pages of our Gigaset online portal. Please register your phone right after purchase on thus enabling us to provide you even with better service in case of questions or in case of a war- ranty claim.
  • Page 83: Questions And Answers

    Questions and answers Handset does not ring. ¥ ¢ 1. The ringtone is deactivated. If you have any questions about the use of Activate the ringtone ( page 73). your phone, you can contact us 24/7 at 2. Call divert set for "All Calls". ¥...
  • Page 84: Authorisation

    Gigaset S810A only: Guarantee Certificate United Kingdom No time is specified for a message in the call list. ¥ ¢ Date and time have not been set. Without prejudice to any claim the user (cus- Set the date and time ( page 18).
  • Page 85: Protecting Our Environment

    Protecting our environment This Guarantee shall apply to new devices Protecting our purchased in the European Union. For environment Products sold in the United Kingdom the Guarantee is issued by: Gigaset Commu- nications UK Limited, Faraday House, Quatro House, Lyon Way, Camberley, Sur- Our environmental mission rey, GU16 7ER.
  • Page 86: Appendix

    Appendix Disposal Contact with liquid Batteries should not be disposed of in gen- If the device comes into contact with liquid: eral household waste. Observe the local 1. Unplug the power supply and/or re- waste disposal regulations, details of which move the battery from the handset im- can be obtained from your local authority.
  • Page 87 Dialling mode DTMF (tone dialling)/ PD (pulse dialling) In standby mode: Gigaset S810: approx. 1.1 watt Bluetooth Gigaset S810A: approx. 1.2 watt Radio frequency range 2402–2480 MHz During the conversation: Transmission power 4 mW pulse power Gigaset S810: approx. 1.0 watt Gigaset S810A: approx.
  • Page 88: Writing And Editing Text

    Additional functions via the PC interface Writing and editing text Standard characters 9x 10x The following rules apply when writing text: Each key between Q and O is a b c ä á à â ã ç assigned several letters and characters. Control the cursor with u v t s.
  • Page 89 Additional functions via the PC interface Transferring data update, repeat the update procedure as fol- lows: ¤ Start the "Gigaset QuickSync" program. You Close the "Gigaset QuickSync" program can now: on the PC. ¤ Synchronise your handset directory with Remove the USB data cable from the tel- Outlook ephone.
  • Page 90: Accessories

    Accessories Accessories Gigaset handsets Upgrade your Gigaset to a cordless PABX: Gigaset S810H handset Brilliant sound quality in handsfree mode High-quality genuine metal keypad with illumination Plus/minus key for simple volume control 1.8´´ TFT colour display Bluetooth® and mini USB Directory for up to 500 vCards Talk/standby time of up to 13h/180h, standard batteries Large font for call lists and directory...
  • Page 91 Accessories Gigaset SL400 handset Genuine metal frame and keypad High-quality keypad illumination 1.8´´ TFT colour display Bluetooth® and mini USB Directory for up to 500 vCards Talk/standby time of up to 14h/230h Large font for call lists and directory Brilliant sound quality in handsfree mode: 4 handsfree settings Caller pictures, slide show and screensaver (analogue and digital clock)
  • Page 92 Accessories Gigaset E49H handset Resistant to shocks, dust and water splashes Hardy illuminated keypad Colour display Directory for up to 150 entries Talk/standby time of up to 12h/250h Standard batteries Brilliant sound quality in handsfree mode Screensaver ECO DECT Alarm clock Room monitor (Babyphone) SMS with up to 640 characters
  • Page 93: Mounting The Base On The Wall (gigaset S810 Only)

    Mounting the base on the wall (Gigaset S810 only) Mounting the base on the wall (Gigaset S810 only) 41 mm Approx. 5.5 mm Mounting the charger on the wall 21 mm Approx. 4 mm...
  • Page 94: Index

    Index Index Appointment ......Appointment/anniversary ..... . display missed Appointments .
  • Page 95 Index pauses ........... . . ringtone .
  • Page 96 Index Dialling mode ......External call ......
  • Page 97 Index Handset mode ......hash key ......
  • Page 98 Index Message key saving access code ..........disable/enable flashing setting dialling mode .
  • Page 99 Index Resource directory ....SMS centre ......

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