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Switching The Dishwasher Off; Interrupting The Programme; Remaining Running Time Display; Intensive Drying - Siemens Dishwasher Instructions For Use Manual

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Switching the dishwasher OFF

Several minutes after the programme has
Open the door when the programme
has ended.
Set main switch
Turn the water tap off.
(Does not apply when Aqua-Stop unit
has been fitted)
Remove dishes, etc. when they have
cooled down.

Interrupting the programme

Open the door. Caution! There is a risk
of water squirting out from inside the
appliance. Do not open the door fully
until the spray arm has stopped
Set main switch
Indicator lights extinguish. The
programme is retained in the dish-
washer memory.
If the hot water was switched ON or the
appliance has already heated up and
then the appliance door opened, leave
the door ajar for several minutes and
then close.
Otherwise, the appliance door may fly
open due to expansion.
In order to continue with the stored
programme, set the main switch to ON
again and close the door.
to OFF.
to OFF.
Time delay *
on applicable models
You can delay the start of the programme
in 1-hour steps up to 19 hours.
Switch on the appliance.
Press the timer programming button
until the digital display
Keep pressing the timer programming
button until the required time is
To delete the timer programming,
keep pressing the button until
is displayed.
You can change your programme
selection at any time until the
programme starts.

Remaining running time display

When the appliance has started, the
expected programme running time is
displayed. The programmed running time
is affected by the water temperature, the
number of dishes, as well as the degree
of soiling. If these conditions are changed,
the running time (depending on the
selected programme) can vary greatly.
As the effect is not detected until a
programme is running, the time may
be longer or shorter than expected.

Intensive drying

If the "Intensive drying" function is
activated, the temperature of the final rinse
is increased in all programmes and you
will therefore receive an improved drying
result. (Note the higher temperature may
not be suitable for fragile utensils.)
Hold down the programme button A
and switch on the main switch.
Release both buttons.
The digital display
To change the setting, press the
programme button A .
Switch off the main switch
the setting is stored.

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Table of Contents