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The Control Panel; How To Set The Delayed Start - Electrolux ESF 2420 Insturction Book

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The control panel

Programme selector
Turn the programme selector clockwise or anticlockwise
to select the programme and temperature according to
the programme chart.
Start/Cancel button
In addition to start a programme, you can by pressing this
button adjust the setting of the water softener and cancel
a programme in progress.
= reset position

How to set the delayed start

The programme start can be delayed by 3 hours.
1. Select the desired dishwashing programme. The
programme indicator lamps starts to flash.
2. Press the delay start button. The lamp for the
delayed start lights up.
3. Press the start button. The programme indicator
lamps goes out. The programme will start when
3 hours have elapsed.
Reset position
On/Off Indicator
Indicator lamps:
Shows current phase of the selected programme.
• Wash cycle in progress
• Drying in progress
• Programme cycle ended
Control lamp:
Shows that refilling of salt container is necessary
Cancelling the delayed start:
Press the delay start button, the lamp for the
delayed start goes out. The required programme
starts immediately.
- 6 -
Indicator and
control lamps
Delay start
top lamp
middle lamp
lowest lamp


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