Mixing 2-Channel 2D Images Into One 3D Image - JVC IF-2D3D1 Instructions Manual

3d image processor
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What is LR mixing?
3D m i x i n g i s g e n e r at i n g 3D v i d e o s i g n a l s f o r a
3D-compatible monitor by combining two 2D video
signals from two cameras, which are prepared for
shooting images for the left and right eyes.

Mixing 2-channel 2D images into one 3D image

See the following pages and page ii for details of the setting procedure.
See Technical information (page 14 -) for details of the setting items and setting values.
Connect the input and output devices to the unit.
Press INPUT SELECT repeatedly to select input terminals which input devices are connected to.
-1 Press OUTPUT PRESET and select an output terminal which an output device is connected to
-2 Use
to select MIX or INDIVIDUAL.
Select a 3D image format.
Real time 3D image mixing
2-channel 2D video signals in HD SDI, the standard format
for the video industry, are mixed to produce a 3D image
which is output to a 3D-compatible monitor in HD SDI or
HDMI format.
Rich functions for 3D image adjustment
Fine adjustment of cameras and other shooting devices is
indispensable for composing quality 3D video signals.
This unit is equipped with rich functions for monitoring
3D images and adjusting cameras and other devices,
such as waveform monitors, vectorscopes for comparing
and checking characteristics of input signals, and various
monitoring methods: Split for comparing the left and
right images, Anaglyph and LR sequential for checking the
stereoscopic effect.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents