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Dvd/vcr combo (dvd player with video cassette recorder)
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¡Progressive Scan system
¡Dolby Digital sound
By hooking this DVD/VCR up to a Multi-channel Dolby
Digital decoder, you can enjoy high-quality Dolby Digital
5.1ch surround sound as heard in the movie theaters.
¡Still/fast/slow/step playback
¡Random playback for audio CD, MP3, and JPEG
¡Program playback for audio CD, MP3, and JPEG
¡DVD menus in a desired language
¡Screen saver/Auto power-off functions
The screen saver program starts when there is no input from
the DVD/VCR for five minutes in the stop mode. When the
screen saver program is activated for 30 minutes, the power is
automatically turned off.
¡Subtitles in a desired language
¡Selecting a camera angle
¡Choices for audio language and sound mode
¡Parental lock
¡Automatic detection of discs
This DVD/VCR automatically detects if the loaded disc is
DVD, audio CD, MP3, or JPEG disc.
¡Playing an MP3 disc
Displaying a JPEG picture
This DVD/VCR plays back still images stored in JPEG
format on CD-R/RW.
¡Direct Search
¡DTS (Digital Theater System)
You can enjoy 5.1 channel surround system developed by
the Digital Theater System co. which reproduces the orig-
inal sound as truthfully as possible.
External DTS decoder required.
¡On-screen display
Information about the current operation can be displayed on
the TV screen, allowing you to confirm the currently active
functions (such as program playback), on the TV screen using
the remote control.
Chapter search / Title search / Track search / Time search
Chapter / Title / Track / Group / All / A-B
Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.
"Dolby" and the double-D symbol are trademarks of
Dolby Laboratories.
Selecting Progressive Scan (525p/480p or Interlaced 525i/480i) Playback
If your TV is compatible with progressive scanning (525p/480p), connect the TV to the COMPONENT
VIDEO OUT jacks of this unit (refer to page 15), and set to the progressive scanning mode by pressing PLAY
for more than 5 seconds on the front of the unit. "P. SCAN" will appear on display of the unit.
To set to the interlace mode, press PLAY for more than 5 seconds on the front of the unit. "P.SCAN" will
disappear on display of the unit.
If your TV is not compatible with progressive scanning, keep this unit in the interlace mode (Make sure that
"P.SCAN" on display of the unit lights off).
Use a commercially available adaptor if the video input jacks of your TVs or monitors are the BNC type.
What is Progressive Scanning?
Unlike conventional interlace scanning, the progressive scan system provides less flickering and images in
higher resolution than that of traditional (525i/480i) television signals.


The part designated by user can be called back.
¡Disc Navigation
Displays the first scenes of each chapter in a title.
¡Resume Play
¡Virtual Surround
¡Component Video Out Jacks
Jacks located on the back of the DVD/VCR which are used
to send high-quality video to a TV via Component Video In
¡Bit rate indication
¡DRC (Dynamic range control)
You can control the range of sound volume.
¡Black Level Setting
Hardware specifications
¡Auto Head Cleaner
¡4 Head HiFi Stereo
¡Trilingual on-screen menu display selectable in
English, French, or Spanish
¡181 channel capability PLL frequency synthesizer
tuner with direct station call
(A cable converter box may be necessary to view scrambled
cable channels.)
Automatic functions
¡Auto power on system
Automatically turns on the DVD/VCR when you insert a
¡Digital Auto Tracking (DTR)
¡Auto Repeat
¡2 Step Picture Search Operation
¡Index Search
¡Time Search
¡1 Year, 8 events (including Daily and Weekly Timer
¡OTR (One Touch Recording)
"DTS" and "DTS Digital Out" are trademarks of Digital
Theater Systems, Inc.
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Table of Contents

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