Troubleshooting Guide - Hitachi DV PF74U Instruction Manual

Dvd/vcr combo (dvd player with video cassette recorder)
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If the DVD/VCR does not perform properly when operated as instructed in this Owner's Manual, check the
DVD/VCR consulting the following checklist.
No power.
The DVD/VCR does not respond
to the remote control.
Timer recording is impossible.
Cannot go into Record mode.
Playback picture is partially noisy
Cannot view a tape but the
audio is OK .
No, or poor, playback picture.
TV programs cannot be seen
Video or color fades in and out
when making a copy of a video tape.
Cannot remove the tape.
No picture.
Disc cannot be played .
No sound .
No DTS audio is output .
Distorted picture .
Audio or subtitle language
does not match the set up.
The camera angle cannot be
Audio or subtitle language
cannot be changed.
"Prohibited icon" appears on the
screen, prohibiting an operation.
¡Some functions are not available in specific modes, but this is not a malfunction. Read the description in this Instruction
Manual for details on correct operations.
¡Playback from a desired track and random playback are not available during program playback.
¡Some functions are prohibited on some discs.


• Make sure the power plug is connected to an AC outlet.
• Make sure the power is turned on.
• Check if the power plug is connected to an AC outlet.
• Check the batteries in the remote control.
• Aim the remote control directly at the remote sensor. If necessary, remove all the obstacles
between the sensor and the remote.
• You have to be within 23 feet of the DVD/VCR.
• Check if the correct mode is selected. If not switch the mode by pressing DVD or VCR,
whichever you need, on the remote control.
• Check if a cassette tape is in the DVD/VCR.
• Make sure the timer recording is set correctly by pressing TIMER.
• Make sure the TIMER light is on on the front panel, and "REC" and "
panel display. If not, press TIMER.
• Make sure the DVD/VCR clock is set correctly.
• Make sure the tape has a safety tab. If needed, cover the hole with cellophane tape.
• Put the DVD/VCR in VCR mode. Press VCR on the remote control so that the green VCR OUT-
PUT light is lit.
• Adjust tracking control for a better picture by pressing CH (o /p).
• Head cleaning may be necessary. Refer to "AUTO HEAD CLEANING" .
• Make sure the DVD/VCR is not in the Menu mode.
• Change the RF output channel to CH4. Then select the same channel on the TV.
• Fine tune your TV.
• Re-check the ANT. IN and ANT. OUT connections. See page 13.
• Press VCR/TV.
• Press VCR on the remote control to put it in the VCR mode. Check if the green VCR OUTPUT
light is lit. Then, set it to the TV position by pressing VCR/TV.
• You cannot copy a copyrighted video tape. You are experiencing copy guard protection.
• Check if the DVD/VCR is in the VCR mode. If not, press VCR on the remote control to switch
the mode.
• Connect the video cables firmly.
• Insert a correct video disc that plays on this DVD/VCR.
• Press DVD on the remote control. Check if the DVD OUTPUT Light is lit. Then try other DVD
• Check if the progressive/interlace mode is set correctly according to your TV.
• Insert the disc.
• Clean the disc.
• Place the disc correctly, with the label side up.
• Cancel the parental lock or change the control level.
• Connect the audio cables firmly.
• Turn the power of the audio component on.
• Correct the audio output settings.
• Correct the input settings on the audio component.
• Use a DIGITAL AUDIO OUT jack when outputting the DTS audio.
• Connect the DVD/VCR directly to the TV.
• There are some cases where pictures may be slightly distorted, which are not a sign of a malfunction.
• Although pictures may stop for a moment, this is not a malfunction.
• The selected language is not available for audio or subtitles on the DVD disc.
This is not a malfunction
• The DVD disc does not contain sequences recorded from different camera angles.
This is not a malfunction
• The DVD disc does not contain audio source or subtitles in the selected language.
This is not a malfunction.
• That operation is prohibited by the DVD/VCR or the disc.
This is not a malfunction.
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Table of Contents

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