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Cordless circular saw
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When replacing the carbon brush with a new one,
be sure to use the Hitachi Carbon Brush Code No.
5. Replacing carbon brushes
Take out the carbon brush by first removing the
brush cap and then hooking the protrusion of the
carbon brush with a flat head screw driver, etc., as
shown in Fig. 27.
When installing the carbon brush, choose the
direction so that the nail of the carbon brush agrees
with the contact portion outside the brush tube.
Then push it in with a finger as illustrated in
Fig. 28.
Lastly, install the brush cap.
Be absolutely sure to insert the nail of the carbon
brush into the contact portion outside the brush
(You can insert whichever one of the two
nails provided.)
Caution must be exercised since any error in this
operation can result in the deformed nail of the
carbon brush and may cause motor trouble at an
early stage.
6. Performance checkup and maintenance of safety
Keep the safety cover in good shape for smooth
performance at all times. Be sure to make prompt
repair in case of any malfunction.
7. Adjusting the base and saw blade to maintain
The angle between the base and the saw blade has
been adjusted to 90°, however should this
perpendicularity be lost for some reason, adjust in
the following manner:
(1) Turn the base face up (Fig. 29) and loosen the knob
and wing-nut.
(2) Apply a square to the base and the saw blade and
turning the slotted set screw with a slotted-head
screwdriver, shift the position of the base to produce
the desired right angle.
8. Check for dust
Dust may be removed with a clean rag or a cloth
dampened with soapy water.
Do not use bleach, chlorine, gasoline or thinner, for
they may damage the plastics.
9. Storage
Storing in a place below 40°C and out of the reach
of children.
10. Service and repairs
All quality power tools will eventually require
servicing or replacement of parts because of wear
from normal use. To assure that only genuine
replacement parts must be used, all service and
repairs must be performed by a HITACHI
11. Service parts list
A : Item No.
B : Code No.
C : No. Used
D : Remarks
Repair, modification and inspection of Hitachi Power
Tools must be carried out by an Hitachi Authorized
Service Center.
This Parts List will be helpful if presented with the
tool to the Hitachi Authorized Service Center when
requesting repair or other maintenance.
In the operation and maintenance of power tools,
the safety regulations and standards prescribed in
each country must be observed.
Hitachi Power Tools are constantly being improved
and modified to incorporate the latest technological
Accordingly, some parts (i.e. code numbers and/or
design) may be changed without prior notice.
Due to HITACHI's continuing program of research and
development, the specifications herein are subject to
change without prior notice.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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