Hitachi C 6DD Handling Instructions Manual

Hitachi C 6DD Handling Instructions Manual

Cordless circular saw



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  • Page 4 3 mm 11.5 mm...
  • Page 13: General Operational Precautions

    16. To avoid danger, always use only the specified charger. 17. Use only original HITACHI replacement parts. 18. Do not use power tools for applications other than those specified in the Handling Instructions. 19. To avoid personal injury, use only the accessories or attachment recommended in these handling instructions or in the HITACHI catalog.
  • Page 14: Specifications

    (Fig. 7) 33. When the brake becomes ineffective, replace the carbon brushes with new ones. 90° 45° UC24YFA 7.2 – 24V 0.6 kg C6DD –1 2600 min 55 mm 40 mm Ni-Cd battery, 18V 12V, 5W 4.4 kg...
  • Page 15: Standard Accessories

    STANDARD ACCESSORIES C6DD 1 Saw Blade (mounted on tool) ... 1 2 Box Wrench ... 1 3 Guide ... 1 4 Wing-bolt ... 1 5 Charger (UC24YFA) ... 1 6 Plastic case ... 1 Standard accessories are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 16 Table 1 Before Blinks charging (RED) While Lights (RED) charging Blinks Charging (RED) complete Charging Flickers impossible (RED) Lights Charging impossible (GREEN) (2) Regarding the temperatures of the rechargeable battery. The temperatures for rechargeable batteries are as shown in the table below, and batteries that have become hot should be cooled for a while before being recharged.
  • Page 17: Prior To Operation

    If the battery is reinserted within 3 seconds, the battery may not be properly charged. PRIOR TO OPERATION 1. Setting up and checking the work environment Check if the work environment is suitable by following the precautions. 2. Prepare a wooden workbench (Fig. 11) Since the saw blade will extend beyond the lower surface of the lumber, place the lumber on a workbench when cutting.
  • Page 18: Mounting And Dismounting The Saw Blade

    CAUTIONS Before starting to saw, ensure that the saw blade has reached full speed revolution. Should the saw blade be stopped or made an abnormal noise during operation, turn off the switch immediately. When finished with a job, pull out the battery from the main body.
  • Page 19 NOTE: When replacing the carbon brush with a new one, be sure to use the Hitachi Carbon Brush Code No. 999058. 5. Replacing carbon brushes Take out the carbon brush by first removing the brush cap and then hooking the protrusion of the carbon brush with a flat head screw driver, etc., as...
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