Mounting And Dismounting The Saw Blade; Replacing Light Bulb; Maintenance And Inspection - Hitachi C 6DD Handling Instructions Manual

Cordless circular saw
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Before starting to saw, ensure that the saw blade
has reached full speed revolution.
Should the saw blade be stopped or made an
abnormal noise during operation, turn off the switch
When finished with a job, pull out the battery from
the main body.
Twisting and forcibly pressing the saw during cutting
can result in unreasonable pressure on the motor,
so try to go straight quietly.
In the situation where the circular saw is continuously
operated while replacing the battery with stocked
spare batteries one after another, the motor tends
to overheat. Therefore, whenever the housing
becomes hot, give the saw a break for a while.
Avoid cutting operation in a state where the base
bottom is afloat from the material being cut.
Otherwise, the motor can get locked.
To avoid serious accident, ensure the switch is in
the OFF position, and pull out the battery.
1. Dismounting the saw blade
(1) Set the cutting volume at maximum, and place the
Circular Saw as shown in Fig. 19.
(2) Depress the lock lever, lock the spindle, and remove
the hexagonal-head bolt and washer (B) with the
box wrench.
(3) While holding the safety cover lever to keep the
safety cover fully retracted into the saw cover,
remove the saw blade. (Fig. 20)
2. Mounting the Saw Blade:
If the bolt is worked using other tools than the
provided box wrench, excessive tightening and
insufficient tightening may take place resulting in
(1) Thoroughly remove any sawdust which has
accumulated on the spindle, bolt and washers.
(2) As shown in Fig. 21, the side of Washer (A) with
a projected center the same diameter as the inner
diameter of the saw blade and the concave side
of Washer (B) must be fitted to the saw blade sides.
Washer (A) is supplied for 2 types of saw blades
with the hole diameters of 16 mm and 30 mm.
(When buying the Circular Saw, one type of
washer (A) is spplied.)
In case the hole diameter of your saw blade
does not correspond to that of washer (A), please
contact the shop where you purchased the
Circular Saw.
(3) To assure proper rotation direction of the saw blade,
the arrow direction on the saw blade must coincide
with the arrow direction on the saw cover.
(4) Using the fingers, tighten the hexagonal-head bolt
retaining the saw blade as much as possible. Then
depress the lock lever, lock the spindle, and
thoroughly tighten the hexagonal-head bolt.
After having attached the saw blade, reconfirm that
the lock lever is firmly secured in the prescribed


Make absolutely sure that the battery is removed
from the main body before replacing the light bulb.
Immediately after the light is turned OFF, the bulb
retains high temperature. Make sure to cool down
the light bulb thoroughly before replacing it so as
to prevent burns.
When replacing the light bulb, check the shape of
base as well as the rating (12 V, 5 W), and then
carry out perfect mounting. Otherwise, the light
bulb can come off and/or cause overheat.
1. Detaching light bulb
(1) Remove the convex part of the light cover from the
concave part of the handle cover, and then pull out
the light cover in the arrow-marked direction as
shown in Fig. 22.
(2) Push the back of the socket, and remove the socket
and the light bulb together from the handle cover
(Fig. 23).
(3) Remove the light bulb from the socket. (Fig. 24).
2. Attaching light bulb
Take procedures here that are contrary to the
detaching procedures.
When attaching the light bulb to the socket, insert
the light bulb until it lightly bumps against the
When attaching the socket to the handle cover,
align the socket with the hole of housing while
watching the back of the socket shown in Fig. 24,
and insert the socket until it lightly bumps against
the handle cover.


Pull out battery before doing any inspection or
1. Inspecting the saw blade:
Since use of a dull saw blade will degrade efficiency
and cause possible motor malfunction, sharpen or
replace the saw blade as soon as abrasion is noted.
If a dull saw blade is used, reactive force is increased
during cutting operation. Avoid the use of the dull
saw blade without repair.
2. Inspecting the mounting screws:
Regularly inspect all mounting screws and ensure
that they are properly tightened. Should any of the
screws be loose, retighten them immediately. Failure
to do so could result in serious hazard.
3. Maintenance of the motor
The motor unit winding is the very "heart" of the
power tool.
Exercise due care to ensure the winding does not
become damaged and/or wet with oil or water.
4. Inspecting the carbon brushes (Fig. 25)
The motor employs carbon brushes which are
consumable parts. Since and excessively worn
carbon brush can result in motor trouble, replace
the carbon brush with new ones when it becomes
worn to or near the "wear limit". In addition, always
keep carbon brushes clean and ensure that they
slide freely whthin the brush holders.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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