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Applications; Prior To Operation; Transport; Operation - Hitachi EC 79 Safety And Instruction Manual

Hitachi air compressor instruction manual ec 79
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Air source of the pneumatic nailer and stapler.
WARNING: Never use compressor for applications other
than compressor for pneumatic nailer and


Power source
Ensure that the power source to be utilized conforms
to the power source requirements specified on the
product nameplate.
Power switch
Ensure that the knob of the pressure switch is in the
"OFF" position (Fig. 2). If the plug is connected to a
receptacle while the knob is in the "ON" position, the
compressor will start operating immediately and can
cause serious injury.
Knob of the pressure switch
Extension cord
When the work area is far away from the power source,
use an extension cord of sufficient thickness and rated
capacity (refer page 6). The extension cord should be kept
as short as practicable.
WARNING: Damaged cord must be replaced or
Confirm the power receptacle
If the power receptacle only loosely accepts the plug, the
receptacle must be repaired. Contact the nearest electric
store for repair service.
If such a faulty receptacle is used, may cause overheating,
resulting in a serious hazard.
Right running position
Position the compressor on a flat surface or one with
an inclination of 10° at the most, in a well ventilated
area away from atmospheric agents and not in
explosive areas.
CAUTION : In order to avoid damaging the compres-
sor, do not allow the unit to be tilted more
than 10° when operating.
NOTE: When operating or storing the copmressor, set 4
rubber bumpers downward on the floor (Refer to
Operating temperatures are between 32°F and 104°F
(0°C and 40°C).
CAUTION: Never operate in temperatures below 32°F
(0°C) or above 104°F (40°C).


Push the knob of the pressure switch to "OFF" and disconnect
it from the power source before move the compressor. Transport
the compressor in the correct manner.


Insert the plug into the receptacle and start the compressor
by pulling the knob of the pressure switch to "ON" (Refer
to Fig. 2).
Do not stop or start the compressor by
use of the plug. Always use "ON/OFF"
knob located on the pressure switch.
The operation of the compressor is automatic and is
controlled by the pressure switch which stops it when the
pressure in the air-tank reaches the maximum level and
restart it when the air pressure drops during use to the
restart level.
The motor of the compressor is fitted with a thermal
protection inside the wrap, which stops the compressor
when the temperature is too high. Should this be tripped,
the compressor will restart automatically after 15-20
CAUTION: Wear appropriate personal hearing
protection during use. Under some
conditions and duration of use, noise from
this product may contribute to hearing loss.
Adjustment of working pressure
Unlock the knob of the pressure reducer pulling it up, adjust
the pressure to the required level by turning the knob
clockwise to increase and counterclockwise to decrease.
A pressure gauge (B) is provided to know when the
required pressure is reached, lock the knob by pushing it
down firmly (Refer to Fig. 3).
When adjusting the pressure, check and make sure that a
pressure gauge for the tank has the pressure level that is
higher than that of the pressure to be adjusted.
It is also imperative that you make adjustment by slowly
starting up the pressure from the level that is lower than the
pressure to be adjusted.
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