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Accessory; Applications; Prior To Operation - Hitachi EC 2510 E Instruction Manual And Safety Instructions

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WARNING: Accessory other than these shown below can
lead to malfunction and resulting injuries.
Breather pipe plug .......................... 1


Air source of the pneumatic nailer and stapler.
WARNING: Never use compressor for applications other
than compressor for pneumatic nailer and


Initial set-up
A) Read safety warnings before setting-up this compressor.
B) Use a screwdriver or similar tool to remove the cap on the
lower part of the cylinder. Insert the accessory Breather pipe
plug all the way to the bottom.
WARNING: Drain tank to release air pressure before
removing the breather pipe plug.
WARNING: Make sure air vent in breather pipe plug is free
from debris. If air vent is blocked pressure can
build in crankcase causing damage to
compressor and possible personal injury.
Ensure the oil level in this compressor pump is adequate. If
the oil level is low, replenish oil through the filling hole so that
the amount of oil will come to the middle of the oil sight glass
according to the following OIL TYPE CHART.
graded oil
for warm winter
use only
WARNING: In order to avoid damaging this compressor,
do not incline this compressor transversally
or longitudinally more than 10°.
Place this compressor at least 4 inches away from obstacles
that may prevent proper ventilation. Do not place this
air vent
pipe plug
synthetic oil
for both summer
and winter use
compressor in an area:
- where there is evidence of oil or gas leaks.
- where flammable gas vapors or materials may be present.
- where air temperatures fall below 32°F or exceed 95°F.
- where extremely dirty air or water could be drawn into this
NOTE: When operating or storing the compressor, set 4 rubber
bumpers downward on the floor (Refer to fig. 1).
Gasoline engine
A) Review page 5.27 before fueling.
WARNING: Do not allow the engine or muffler to come in
contact with flammable vapors, combustible
dust, gases or other combustible materials. A
spark may cause a fire. Do not place this
compressor in an area where flammable gas
vapors may be present.
B) Read the engine manual accompanying this compressor for
correct engine start-up maintenance procedures.
C) Read and understand the safety labels located on this
D) A minimum of 85 octane fuel is recommended for use with
this compressor. Do not mix oil with gasoline.
E) Use of clean, fresh, lead free gasoline should be used. Do
not use gasoline containing methanol or alcohol.
F) Check the engine oil level before starting (See engine
G) Fill the fuel tank according to the engine manual instructions.
WARNING: Follow all fueling instructions in operator's
manual. Gasoline is extremely flammable, and
gasoline vapor can explode. Do not refuel fuel
tank while this compressor is running or hot.
Never smoke near gasoline, and keep other
flames and sparks away. Allow
compressor and engine to cool down before
refueling. Do not refuel indoors or in a poorly
ventilated area. Do not fill fuel tank to point of
overflowing. Always refuel slowly to avoid the
possibility of spilled fuel which may cause a
fire. Do not operate this compressor if gasoline
is spilled. Wipe this compressor clean and
move it away from the spill. Avoid creating any
ignition until the gasoline has evaporated.
Allow approximately 1/4" of tank space for fuel
expansion. Always store fuel away from this
compressor while it is running or hot. Always
store gasoline in an approved container.
H) Refer to the engine manual for all necessary maintenance
and adjustments.
WARNING: Do not operate this compressor in an enclosed
area. Use this compressor only in well
ventilated areas. The exhaust from the engine
contains carbon monoxide, a poisonous,
odorless and invisible gas. Breathing the gas
can cause serious injury, illness and possible
death. Avoid inhalation of exhaust gas. Never
run the engine in a closed garage or confined
Air coupler installation
Screw in the air coupler to the joint (Refer to fig.1 and fig.5). The
screw size of the joint is 3/8". Use an air coupler which has the
same screw size.
Pre-start checklist
A) Oil level should be checked on a daily basis to ensure it does
not exceed the maximum notch or does not fall below
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