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Belkin 1000VA Quick Install Manual

Line interactive ups 1000va/1400va
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Line Interactive UPS 1000VA/1400VA
Quick Install Guide



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  Summary of Contents for Belkin 1000VA

  • Page 1 Line Interactive UPS 1000VA/1400VA Quick Install Guide F6U1000au/F6U1400au...
  • Page 2 Introduction Each year, several natural and man-made occurrences put the power supplied to your electronics in your home or office in jeopardy. At risk are your hardware, software, and data because of these power problems. This product is designed to provide clean power to all computer systems and peripherals with maximum protection.
  • Page 3: Computer Connection

    3 - Charging This unit is shipped from the factory with its internal battery fully charged, however some charge may be lost during shipping and the battery should be recharged prior to use. Plug the unit into an appropriate power outlet and allow the UPS to charge fully by leaving it plugged in for at least 10 hours with no load (no electrical devices such as computers, monitors, etc) connected.
  • Page 4: Modem/Phone Line Connection

    5 - Peripheral Equipment Connection Plug your peripheral equipment (printer, scanner or speakers) into the full-time surge protection outlet. This receptacle does not provide any power during a power failure. Printer Speakers Note: DO NOT plug a laser printer, copier, space heater, vacuum or other large electrical device into the UPS.
  • Page 5: Dc Start Function

    7 - Turn On/Off Press power switch to turn on the UPS. Press power switch again to turn off the UPS. 8 - DC Start Function DC Start Function enables UPS to be started up when AC utility power is not available and battery is fully charged.
  • Page 6 PC Installation Mac Installation - Insert CD - Insert CD - After a short moment - Open “Belkin APMS” CD icon the CD will automatically - Open Mac OSX folder - Open Disk 1 folder - Open INSTDATA folder - Select setup icon...
  • Page 7 Installing Belkin Automatic Power Management Software Step 2: To launch the software, PC - double click agent icon in your system tray to start the monitor Mac - click the agent icon in your dock and select “Start Monitor” Step 3: Select System Menu then “Auto Search UPS”, the software should now detect your...
  • Page 8: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Caution Please read the following information carefully and save this manual for future reference. Disregard of these safety notes may endanger life or health, as well as the function of the equipment and the safety of your data. • Do not connect this product to another battery backup, power board, surge protector, extension cord or double adapter.
  • Page 9: Specification

    Specification Model F6U1000au F6U1400au Capacity VA/W 1000VA/600W 1400VA/840W Voltage 220/230/240VAC Input Frequency 50/60Hz Phase Single Voltage Range 220/230/240VAC+10% Output Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz+1Hz (inverter Mode) Waveform Modified Sinwave Transfer Time Typical 4-6MS 4-8MS Battery Type 12V/7AHX2 12V/9AHX2 Backup Time at a PC...
  • Page 10: System Description

    System Description Front 1 LCD Back-Light 2 Power On/Off Switch Back 1 USB Communications Port 2 Cooling Fan 3 Battery Backup Outlet 4 Surge Protected Outlet 5 Modem/Phone Line Surge Protection 6 Circuit Breaker 7 AC Input F6U1000au F6U1400au...
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting

    USB port of the computer and confirm the setting. © 2011 Belkin International, Inc. All rights reserved. All Belkin Ltd. trade names are registered trademarks of respective 4 Pioneer Avenue manufacturers listed. Tuggerah NSW 2259...

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