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Belkin F6H350ukUNV User Manual

Belkin ups user manual f6h350ukunv, f6h500ukunv, f6h650ukunv superior series
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Thank you for purchasing a SurgeMaster Battery Backup
by Belkin. Each year, several natural and man-made
occurrences put the power supplied to your electronics in
your home or office in jeopardy. At risk are your hardware,
software, and data because of these power problems.
This product is designed to provide clean power to all
computer systems and peripherals with maximum protection.
It integrates quality surge protection and battery backup
capabilities to provide complete power protection for your
computer, modem, hard drive, and other related equipment.
This product will safeguard against power disturbances of all
kinds; blackouts, surges, spikes and line noise contamination.
Please save this manual!
It contains important operating instructions and
warranty information pertaining to your UPS.
During the installation of this equipment, it should be
assured that the sum of the leakage currents of the UPS
and the connected loads does not exceed 3.5mA.
Please save or recycle the packaging materials!
The UPS packaging was designed with great care
to provide protection during shipment and delivery.
These materials are invaluable if you ever have
to return the UPS for service. Damage sustained
during transit is not covered under the warranty.
You should have received the following:
1 – Battery Backup Product
1 – Shutdown Software CD w/Software Manual
1 – Users Manual (Multilanguage) CD
1 – USB Cable
1 – Serial Cable
1 – Phone Line Cable
Before installation, please inspect the UPS upon
receipt. Make sure that nothing is damaged.
Your UPS features 4 LED indicators that specify certain
functions on your UPS. Please review this chart and
it will assist you in the use of your battery backup.
Solid Green
Flashing Green
(Green LED)
every 10 seconds
Indicator will test itself
when unti turns on.
1. In a low-battery scenario,
Solid Yellow LED
with Audible
(Yellow LED)
Alarm (Beeping)
2. If while under battery
Illuminates when the
AC load exceeds the
Solid Red LED
normal range. During this
with Audible
condition, the LED will be lit
Alarm (Beeping)
continuously, and the unit
(Red LED)
will sound an audible alarm
intermittently until condition
is restored to normal.
Indicates that surge
protection is working
properly. If this indicator is
not lit, you have lost your
Solid Green
(Green LED)
surge protection. Please
consult your warranty
information and contact
Belkin Corporation.
Battery BACKUP (Slow Alarm)
When in the UPS is in battery backup mode, the On
Battery (Yellow LED) illuminates and the UPS sounds
an audible alarm every 10 seconds. The alarm stops
when the UPS returns to normal ONLINE operation.
Low Battery (Rapid Alarm)
When the UPS is in battery backup mode and the
battery energy begins to run low, the UPS will beep
every 1 second until it shuts down from a depleted
battery or returns to ONLINE normal operation.
P74778uk_F6H350_500_650.indd 1
OVERLOAD (Continuous Alarm)
When the UPS is overloaded (the connected loads exceed the
maximum rated capacity), the UPS emits a continuous alarm
to warn of an overload condition. Disconnect nonessential
equipment from the UPS to eliminate the overload.
The Internet/phone/fax/DSL/network lines are surge-
protected and provide complete safety for line connection.
ON/OFF Master Switch
("I" means ON; "O" means OFF)
AC Power is on
The UPS provides both a USB and RS232
port for you use with your computer.
Battery Backup is on
NOTE: Choose one port only.
Only data-sensitive equipment such as a computer, monitor,
and external drive should be plugged into these outlets.
Battery power is automatically provided in case of a power
the check battery LED
outage. Power (AC or battery) is not supplied to these
will stay lighted until
outlets when the UPS is switched off. (Do not plug surge
the battery is charged
protectors or power strips into the battery backup outlets).
to acceptable level.
backup mode the battery
Equipment such as a printer, fax machine, scanner, or
becomes too low, the
a desk lamp can be plugged into these outlets. These
Power On LED will start
outlets do not provide power during a power outage.
flashing every 1 second,
These outlets are always on (when AC power is available)
and the audible alarm will
and are not controlled by the front panel switch.
sound every 1 second.
The 10-amp resettable circuit breaker button will be triggered
if an overload condition forces the UPS to disconnect
itself from utility power. If the black button sticks out,
disconnect nonessential equipment and depress breaker.
The UPS can be used without the software and can be
used with any computer using a monitor or a flat-panel
screen. Also, you do not have to have the software
installed to utilize the battery backup outlets.
To fully utilize the UPS and its software, your computer
must be able to operate the following operating systems:
95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT
and higher and have a serial or USB port.
Before installation, please inspect the UPS upon
receipt. Make sure that the UPS is not damaged.
Connect to AC Utility Power
Connect the AC inlet to utility power via the power cord.
Charging the Battery
For best results, charge the battery for 6 hours prior to initial
use. The UPS charges its battery whenever it is connected
to the utility power. Should you see the yellow check battery
light come on, the battery may need immediate replacement.
ALARMS (cont.)
4, 2000, XP, or
Plug-In Power Devices
Plug your devices into the AC outlets on the top of
the UPS. To use the UPS as a master on/off switch,
make sure all of the loads are switched on.
Caution: Never connect a laser printer or scanner
to the backup outlets of the UPS with other
computer equipment. A laser printer or scanner
draws significantly more power when in use
than when idle. This may overload the UPS.
Turning on the UPS
The UPS will perform a self-test each time the
UPS is switched on that determines whether the
battery can support the connected loads.
Note! The UPS maintains the battery charge when
in the off position and will respond to commands
received through the computer interface port.
To Conduct a Self-Test
Use the self-test to verify both the operation of the
UPS and the condition of the battery. In normal utility
power, recycle the power switch On/Off. During the
self-test, the UPS operates in backup mode.
Note! During the self-test, the UPS briefly operates
on-battery backup power (the green Power LED
comes on and the unit emits a beep every 10 seconds).
If the UPS passes the self-test, it returns to online
operation. If the UPS fails the self-test, it immediately
returns to online operation. See details regarding the
Check Battery Indicator below in the next section.
Check Battery Indicator
This indicator is lighted when the unit has detected
a weak or worn-out battery during the self-
test. Please follow the procedure below to bring
the battery up to normal operating levels:
1. Allow unit to charge for at least 12 hours
2. Re-test the battery by recycling the power switch
off/on. The unit will run a 2-second self-test again
to determine the strength of the battery.
3. If the Check Battery Indicated is lighted again,
contact Belkin to replace the battery.
To Silence Audible Alarm
While in battery backup mode, push On/Off/Test
button less than 2 seconds to silence the audible
alarm. (This does not work if the UPS is under
All equipment must be turned off prior
to hardware installation.
Connect a single Internet, phone or fax line into the surge-
protected ports on the back of the UPS. This comes with a
built-in line splitter to provide you with 2 output lines. The
RJ11 modular sockets accept standard, single-line telephone
connections. The connection will require another length of
telephone cable, which is included FREE with your purchase.
Phone-Line Connection with Built-In Splitter:
Note! This connection is optional but highly suggested
as Internet, phone, fax lines often carry dangerous surges
and spikes and need to be protected. The UPS will still
work properly without a phone/fax/modem connection.
Caution! The phone/fax/modem protection feature could
be rendered inoperable if improperly installed. Make
sure that the telephone line from the wall is plugged
into the connector marked "IN", and the device to be
protected is plugged into the connector marked "OUT".
Serial or USB Communication Port (Installation Optional)
To fully utilize the Shutdown Software; you will
need to connect the UPS to your computer so
they can communicate to each other.
The communication port will provide the following features:
1. Monitoring charger status
2. Monitoring UPS status
3. Monitoring battery status and condition
4. Monitoring the utility status
5. Use the ON/OFF/TEST UPS power switch
function to schedule UPS for power saving
You may connect the UPS to your computer by choosing
either the serial or USB ports with the selector.
Note: Choose one port only. Do not connect
your computer through both ports.
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  • Page 1 INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing a SurgeMaster Battery Backup by Belkin. Each year, several natural and man-made occurrences put the power supplied to your electronics in your home or office in jeopardy. At risk are your hardware, software, and data because of these power problems.
  • Page 2 Belkin or its associates, dealers or agents, assume the entire liability, cost of repair, correction or any payment or other remedy whatsoever.

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