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Troubleshooting; Battery Power - GE 99001 User Manual

Bluetooth portable stereo transmitter
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Pairing the transmitter to a Bluetooth
device such as a pair of stereo headphones
See the owner's manual of the reception device for
instructions. Most Bluetooth
automatically pair with the GE 99001. Some devices may
require a PIN code during the pairing process; enter 0000
if needed.
Note: It may take up to 2 minutes for the GE 99001
transmitter and your Bluetooth
While the GE 99001 and your audio receiver are pairing
you will see the Blue LED on the GE 99001 fl ashing quickly.
Once your GE 99001 is paired you will see a slow and
steady blinking.
Turning the Transmitter OFF to Conserve

Battery Power

If you don't want to use the GE 99001 transmitter, turn off
power by moving the power switch to off. It can easily be
paired back with your devices the next time you choose to
use it.


1. How do I know when the battery on the transmitter is
running low?
The battery power is almost exhausted when one or more
of the following scenarios happen:
a. You can constantly hear breaks on the audio link about
every 30 seconds, or
b. You cannot pair any Bluetooth
transmitter after several tries.
enabled headphones will
audio receiver to pair.
receivers to the



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