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Nokia 9216562 User Manual

Internet modem.
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Nokia Internet Modem
User Guide
Issue 1 EN


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    Nokia Internet Modem User Guide 9216562 Issue 1 EN...

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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. Introduction ... 4 2. Get started... 5 Main view ... 5 3. Shortcuts ... 6 Predefined shortcuts... 6 Create a new shortcut ... 6 Import or export a shortcut... 7 Edit or delete a shortcut... 7 4. Messages and contacts... 8 Messages...

  • Page 4: Introduction

    I n t r o d u c t i o n 1. Introduction With the Nokia Internet Modem application, you can access different internet services and define settings for your internet connection when the Nokia Internet Stick CS-15 is connected to your PC.

  • Page 5: Get Started

    USB port on your PC, or start the application in the normal way in your operating system (for example, in Microsoft Windows XP, select Start > Programs > Nokia Internet Modem > Nokia Internet Modem). The main view of the application is displayed.

  • Page 6: Shortcuts

    S h o r t c u t s 3. Shortcuts The main view may contain predefined shortcuts to websites, applications, or files. You can also create new shortcuts. ■ Predefined shortcuts To send and receive text messages or manage contacts, select details, see “Messages and contacts”, p.

  • Page 7: Import Or Export A Shortcut

    • Default Internet messaging system want that selecting the shortcut opens your default messaging application. 4. In Enter the name of an application, file or Internet application or file name or the address of a web page, or select Browse..., the file name, and Open. This field is active only if you selected run.

  • Page 8: Messages And Contacts

    M e s s a g e s a n d c o n t a c t s 4. Messages and contacts ■ Messages To send and receive text messages, in the main view, select to open Messages/Contacts, and select Messages. Before you can send or receive text messages (network service), you must define the correct settings if they are not predefined.

  • Page 9: Write And Send A Message

    Write and send a message Your device supports the sending of text messages beyond the character limit for a single message. Longer messages are sent as a series of two or more messages. Your service provider may charge accordingly. Characters that use accents or other marks, and characters from some language options, take up more space, limiting the number of characters that can be sent in a single message.

  • Page 10: Contacts

    The contacts saved on the SIM card are shown in the SIM card folder, and the contacts saved in the CS-15 device are shown in the USB modem memory folder. The contacts saved in the external phonebook are shown in the respective folder.

  • Page 11: Import Or Export Contacts

    M e s s a g e s a n d c o n t a c t s PC keyboard while you select the contacts. Proceed as described in “Write and send a message”, p. 9. To send the phone number of a contact in a text message, select the contact and Actions >...

  • Page 12: Message Settings

    M e s s a g e s a n d c o n t a c t s Message settings To define the message settings, select Messages. To request the network to send you a delivery report of the text messages you have sent (network service) by default, in Short messages (SMS), select the...

  • Page 13: Tools And Settings

    5. Tools and settings ■ Tools To use different tools, in the main view, select Options. To connect to the internet, select connection profile you want to use. To change the service provider for the connection, select selection... > Manual selection provider whose status is Enabled.

  • Page 14: Connection Settings

    If the checkbox is not selected, to use the application, you must open it manually in the operating system. To change the language for the Nokia Internet Modem application, select Language and the language.

  • Page 15: Create A New Connection Profile

    • To add a predefined profile to the profile list, select predefined connection. and the operator (service provider). In select the predefined profile of the service provider. To save the settings, select Finish. • To copy and edit a predefined profile, select a predefined connection.

  • Page 16: Pin Code Settings

    > Settings... > Messages/Contacts. For details, see “Settings for messages and contacts”, p. 11. To edit the name of the CS-15 device shown in the Nokia Internet Modem application, in the main view, select device name, and Device displayed for the device.

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