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Samsung SVR-3200 User Manual

Digital video recorders.
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User Manual


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    User Manual...

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    Introduction Thank you for choosing Samsung DVR products. This is the user manual for SVR-3200, SVR-1680, SVR-1660, SVR-1645, SVR-960, SVR-945. Before installing or operating this product, please familiarize yourself with this user manual and other manuals referenced by this manual.

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    All installation operations should be performed by the agency you purchased this product from. This manual is authored SVR-3200, SVR-1680, SVR-1660, SVR-1645, SVR-960, SVR-945 according to firmware version 1.2.0 Content of this manual can differ by Firmware or Software upgrade, and standard and...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    User Manual Contents Chapter 1. Safety Cautions ............7 Explaining the Symbols....................7 Chapter 2. Summary..............10 Features........................10 Chapter 3. Product Description........... 14 Front part........................14 Rear Part........................16 OSD MENU structure....................17 Function Menu ......................17 Factory setting......................18 Chapter 4.

  • Page 5

    User Manual 5.1.1 Playback on Default Display (16/ 9 channel split-screen) ........32 5.1.2 Playback ........................ 32 Search Mode......................... 33 5.2.1 Time Search......................33 5.2.2 Calendar Search....................34 5.2.3 Event Search ......................34 5.2.4 Thumbnail Search....................35 Copy..........................36 5.3.1 CD/DVD ........................36 5.3.2 RE4 ..........................

  • Page 6

    User Manual 6.8.3 NTP ..........................71 6.8.4 Remote ........................72 6.9 System Setup ........................74 6.9.1 System Setup......................74 6.9.2 Disk ........................77 6.9.3 Security ........................79 6.10 Exit ..........................81 Chapter 7. Web Viewer ..............82 7.1 System Requirements ....................... 82 7.2 LOGIN..........................

  • Page 7

    User Manual Compatible HDD List ..............96 Compatible Media List..............96 Specification ................. 96 Dimensions ................. 100...

  • Page 8: Chapter 1. Safety Cautions

    User Manual Chapter 1. Safety Cautions 1.1 Explaining the Symbols Warning Refers to information users need to know in order to prevent serious injury or death. Before installation Verify the supplied voltage (AC100V~AC240V) before connecting to the power supply. Make sure the power supply is off before installation. Do not install in a very humid environment.

  • Page 9

    The Eco mark represents Samsung Techwin s will to create environment-friendly products, and indicates that the product satisfies the EU RoHS Directive.

  • Page 10

    User Manual FCC Compliance Statement NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.

  • Page 11: Chapter 2. Summary

    32/16/9 channels to its built-in hard disk. The buttons on the front of the unit as well as the mouse and GUI allow easy setup and operation. The Samsung SVR series of digital video recorders (DVRs) provide additional safety and security to banks, apartment buildings and complexes, government offices as well as other public, private and commercial facilities.

  • Page 12: Audio Recording

    This feature supports real-time audio input and recording. Simultaneous recording of 16/9 channels audio input in real time SVR-3200/1680/1660/1645 : Input - 16 channels (4 RCA in rear, 12 D-SUB) Output - 1 in rear SVR-960/945 : 9 channels (4 RCA in rear, 5 D-SUB), Output - 1 in rear...

  • Page 13: Data Storage

    Remote controller and Jog/Shuttle function further improve searching (The SVR-960/945 models do not support Jog/Shuttle.). Full-frame playback (available in SVR-3200/1680/1660 only) Data Storage A hard disk is included in the product for the purpose of data storage. If the user desires, the recorded data can be stored to DVD-R, CD-R or USB.

  • Page 14

    User Manual E-mails can be sent via TCP/IP or DHCP upon an event trigger Remote live visual feed (Single or 4 Partition) PC playback, storage, search and DVR control functions via Network Viewer Remote recording, search and playback scheduling functions Support 10/100Mbps Ethernet/xDSL Multiple DVR connection Others...

  • Page 15: Chapter 3. Product Description

    User Manual Chapter 3. Product Description Front part Classification Function For copying recorded video and images to DVD/CD DVD-Multi for copying optical media. (Exception: The SVR-945 uses an external copy device.) Channel LED Shows the data input and event operation status Jog can adjust setting values, control the STEP function, navigate through the menu, and adjust the JOG/SHUTTLE...

  • Page 16

    Changes split-screen sections for live video feeds or playback. AUTO Starts or stops user defined sequences. Starts or ends PTZ function. MONITOR SVR-3200/1680 : Cycles through from Monitor 1 to 4. SVR-1660/1645/960/945 : Switches from main and sub monitor MENU Navigates into the Menu. SEARCH Starts Search mode.

  • Page 17: Rear Part

    POWER IN Socket for AC 100V ~ AC 240V power cord. CH1 ~ 32 (16/9) Connection terminal for camera BNC input. SVR-3200: 32 ea., SVR-960/945: 9 ea. LOOP OUT Connection terminal for camera BNC output (loop). MONITOR 1 ~ 4 Connection terminal for monitor BNC output.

  • Page 18: Osd Menu Structure

    User Manual Input/Output terminal Function name Serial Port (Terminal Block) RS-232C D-SUB connector. RELAY OUT Connection terminal for relay output. SENSOR IN Connection terminal for sensor input. AUDIO IN(D-SUB) Connection terminal for audio output D-SUB. D-I/O Connection terminal for DIGITAL IN/OUT. Refer to detailed description for installation &...

  • Page 19: Factory Setting

    User Manual Factory setting To restore the unit back to its factory settings, go to System > System > Restore Factory Setting. A pop-up window saying, "Warning : The system will be reset. Continue with restoring factory default?" will appear. Select "Yes" and press Enter to restore the factory default settings. Factory Default Quick Setup Record Mode...

  • Page 20

    User Manual Channel Number Channel Display Title Cam 1 Status Enable Color Color Enable Brightness Contrast Monitor Monitor Number Main Monitor (Monitor 1) Covert Channel Deselect All Sequencing Number 1 is set to Channel 1 and Number 2 is set to Channel 2 in order. Dwell Time 5 sec.

  • Page 21

    User Manual Event Setup Event Event Check Always Event Screen /Dwell Monitor 1 time Event Action Relay 1 Action 10 sec. Duration Normal Event Deselect All Source System Event Deselect All Source Normal Event Sensitivity Area Set All Sensor Text >>...

  • Page 22

    User Manual DNS1 Additional DNS Port 4000 BandWidth Limit(Mbps) xDSL User ID ¡¡ guest Password ***** Status xDSL not connected. Port 4000 Bandwidth Limit (Mbps) DDNS Interval Server None Password None Status Not Registered Sync With NTP NTP Mode Client NTP Server Loc.

  • Page 23

    User Manual >> PTZ Return Idle Time PTZ Port Camera ID System Setup System Language English Key Buzzer Default >> Load/Save Load, >> Configuration Firmware Update >> DVR Alias DVR0 System Log >> Time >> Disk Disk Manager >> Disk Status >>...

  • Page 24

    Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Program Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Model SVR-1680 SVR-3200 Mode Normal Event Normal Event Program...

  • Page 25

    User Manual Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half Half...

  • Page 26: Chapter 4. Monitoring

    User Manual Chapter 4. Monitoring When power is supplied to the DVR, images from all channels connected via analog are displayed on the screen in monitor mode. This chapter describes all DVR features in monitor mode. Default Display The DVR automatically powers on when the power cord is plugged in.

  • Page 27: Default System Mode

    User Manual menu. 4.4.1 Default System Mode Use the button to automatically convert the set channels. Press the [MENU] button to set the dwell time. Alternately, click the button on the Function menu. Go to "Display Setup" on the OSD menu. Go to the "Monitor"...

  • Page 28: Event Screen

    User Manual 1. Up to 16 user modes can be defined. 2. In the image above, 6 sequences are defined with single screen (1) full screen (16DIV) 4 channel split-screen (4A) single screen (5) single screen 9 channel split-screen (9A) all being displayed in sequence. The SVR-960/945 support 9 channel split-screen.

  • Page 29: Zoom In

    User Manual 1. If Event Screen is set to Off, event popups will not work. 2. If Event Screen is set to On, the popup image remains displayed until a button is pressed. To return to the previous screen, press any button. Zoom In To zoom in on an image, press the [FUNC] button in single display full screen mode, select the...

  • Page 30: Ptz Control

    [Func] button to execute PTZ. Available PTZ and keyboard models are as shown below. Model Maker SDZ160/330, Samsung SPD SAMSUNG TECHWIN Keyboard SCC3000, Samsung SRX-100B BOSCH AutoDome, TC8560X-4 BOSCH PELCO (P), PELCO (D) PELCO Honeywell 755/655, HRX-2000, ScanDome2 HONEYWELL...

  • Page 31: Pan/tilt

    User Manual Kodicom KRE KODICOM Nuvico NUVICO Press a channel button. Press the [PTZ] button on the front or click the button on the Function menu. The PTZ menu (Pan/Tilt, Zoom/Focus, Load Preset, Save Preset) will appear. Select the desired menu item and then press the [Enter] button or click. 4.8.1 Pan/Tilt This menu item is used for real-time Pan and Tilt monitoring.

  • Page 32: Auxiliary Off

    This is used to enter the console menu of the connected PTZ device. The console menu can be set with the navigation keys and the [Enter] button on the front. After settings are done, press the [ESC] button or the [PTZ] button on the front to exit the console menu (available only with the Samsung SPD protocol).

  • Page 33: Playback Mode

    User Manual Chapter 5. Playback Playback Mode 5.1.1 Playback on Default Display (16/ 9 channel split-screen) Press the [PLAY] button or click the button on the Function menu in monitoring mode. Press the [PLAY] button or the [FWD] button to play a video at the default 1x speed. Press the [REW] button to play a video in reverse at the default 1x speed.

  • Page 34: Search Mode

    User Manual Function menu also changes the playback speed. : Pressing the [FWD] button while paused plays the video frame by STEP FORWARD frame. Press the [PLAY] button to return to normal playback. : Pressing the [REW] button while paused plays the video frame by STEP REWIND frame in reverse.

  • Page 35: Calendar Search

    You can search videos more easily with the calendar. <SVR-1680/1660/1645> <SVR-960/945> For the SVR-3200, Monitor 1 displays the recording status from channel 1 to 16 while Monitor 2 displays from channel 17 to 32. : Select a year. You can use the mouse wheel to change the year.

  • Page 36: Thumbnail Search

    : Select a channel. Event Channel For the SVR-3200, Ch1 ~ Ch32 are available. For the SVR-1680/1660/1645, Ch1 ~ Ch16 are available. For the SVR-960/945, Ch1 ~ Ch9 are available.

  • Page 37: Copy

    User Manual : Select a channel. Use the up or down arrow key on the front or the Channel mouse wheel to change the value. : Enter a start date and time to start the search from. Use the left or Start Time right arrow key to go to an item, press the [Enter] button and use the up or down arrow key or the mouse wheel to change the value.

  • Page 38

    User Manual The SVR-945 is not equipped with a DVD device so you must connect the unit with an external backup device. Connect an external backup device to the USB or eSATA port, execute copy and select CD/DVD. On the media list, a CD/DVD device whose type is [Ext] is displayed.

  • Page 39: Re4

    You can back up videos using HDD or USB storage. You can play them using the mini player or network manager. Select the channel field and use the [Enter] button or the mouse wheel to open the channel list as shown below. [SVR-3200] [SVR-1680/1660/1645] [SVR-960/945] : Select RE4.

  • Page 40: Avi

    User Manual A backup file that is not 100% complete cannot play on a PC properly. 5.3.3 AVI This type is used to copy a part of a selected channel using USB or HDD storage. : Select AVI. Use the up or down arrow key or the mouse wheel to select Type : Select a channel.

  • Page 41

    User Manual If the copied file does not play on a PC, install the unified codec pack.

  • Page 42: Chapter 6. Setup

    User Manual Chapter 6. Setup Record Setup There are 4 DVR recording modes. Their relationship is as shown in the image below, which briefly describes recording modes. For more information on recording, refer to the following sections. Time Setup You need to set the system time before setting recording. Setting the time based on your location is very important for the protection of recorded data.

  • Page 43: How To Set Time

    User Manual not recommended to change the time while recording. The factory default time zone is UTC 00:00 Dublin. 6.2.1 How to Set Time If you change the time when recording is already in progress, the time is also changed for existing recorded videos. It is recommended to back up critical video data before changing the time.

  • Page 44: Camera Setup

    User Manual Apply You must press the [Apply] button to save the Date/Time values. Then, the dialog box below appears. Setups other than "Date/Time" setup are automatically recorded if the menus are completely closed, but "Date/Time" setup is not automatically recorded because it may damage the HDD recording file system.

  • Page 45: How To Set A Camera

    User Manual 6.3.1 How to Set a Camera Press the [MENU] button and use the navigation keys or the mouse wheel to select a desired channel from the "Channel" menu under the "Display" menu of Display Setup. Title Specify the camera name. Press the [Enter] button or click to open the character input menu.

  • Page 46: Monitor Setup

    Monitor Setup This menu is used to set related items when displaying a video on the monitor. Monitor 1 & Monitor 2~4 (SVR-3200/1680/1660) Monitor 1 is available for all supported functions of the DVR while Monitor 2~4 are available for all functions other than playback and search.

  • Page 47: Record Setup

    User Manual Monitor 1 is available for all supported functions of the DVR while Monitor 2 is available for event popup, user sequencing and split screen. Covert Channel This menu is used to hide channels in live mode. The Covert Channel menu shows the unit's channel list. Press the [Enter] button or click to select a channel.

  • Page 48: Program Setup

    User Manual 6.5.1 Program Setup Using the [Program] menu, you can set up a program to use for both Manual & Event and Schedule & Event. You can adjust the frame rate, video quality and resolution of the program. Two choices are available: 1) Select a program by the frame rate, quality, and resolution, or 2) Set up a program manually.

  • Page 49

    User Manual Q (Quality) Indicates the recording quality: Q5, Q4, Q3, Q2, and Q1. For Event Recording, Q3 or higher is recommended. Max R/F Indicates the maximum frame rate available for a selected resolution. For instance, CIF 30fps means that you can select up to 30fps for the CIF resolution of a selected channel. D1 30fps means that you can select up to 30fps for the D1 resolution.

  • Page 50

    User Manual • Event Settings in and CIF 480fps Recording Performance When every channel is set up to record normally at CIF 30fps, the Event Recording settings of for 1 channel are limited to CIF 30 fps, Half 15 fps, and D1 7fps. If you want to set the Event Recording settings value to D1 30fps, the Normal Recording settings value of the other channels must be changed to total CIF 360fps or less.

  • Page 51: Manual/schedule Recording Setup

    User Manual Schedule & Event Setup Set record mode to "Schedule & Event" and set a schedule and event for each date and time. How to Check Recording If record setup is properly completed, the 'REC LED' on the front will flicker. Also, [S] is displayed to show that currently all channels are recorded as scheduled.

  • Page 52: Manual Recording

    User Manual Manual Recording Manual Recording is activated only when the recording mode is set to Manual & Event. After selecting a program, press the [REC] button on the front of the DVR unit to begin recording. If you want to schedule a recording, switch the recording mode to Schedule & Event. Schedule Recording Settings Schedule Recording records video automatically at a scheduled time according to the chosen program settings.

  • Page 53

    User Manual • Index: 1~50 different programs can be set • Day: designate recording date • Program: select a recording program (A~T) • Time: designate recording time • Delete: delete the desired INDEX Setting Method As you set INDEX, DAY, PROGRAM and HOUR, then the content will be immediately displayed in the table.

  • Page 54: Event Record Setup

    User Manual When you set the region of time, you may not include the existing time that is set previously. Record Setting Repeat Record Mode When there is no more space for recording to hard disk, recorded data is removed from the foremost portion automatically.

  • Page 55

    User Manual Event Recording is used mostly in conjunction with other recording options: Manual & Event and Schedule & Event. Go to [Record Setup] > [Record]. In "Record Mode," select Manual & Event or Schedule & Event. To use Event Recording only, please refer to the following instructions. 1.

  • Page 56

    User Manual • INDEX : 1~50 different programs can be set • Day: designate recording date • Time: designate recording time • Delete: delete the desired INDEX Setting Method As you set INDEX, DAY, and HOUR, then the content will be immediately displayed in the table. If you select the start time and the stop time for recording in the table and click on them in order, the content will be displayed in INDEX, DAY, and HOUR.

  • Page 57: Audio Setup

    User Manual Audio Setup This menu is used to set audio recording, sync or mixing. 6.6.1 Audio This menu is used to set the audio channel, audio recording, audio gain and sync. Audio Channel Select a channel for audio. Audio Recording Decide whether to record audio.

  • Page 58: Audio Mixing

    User Manual 6.6.2 Audio Mixing This menu is used to select audio for live video feeds. If All is set, all inputted audio is mixed for output regardless of channel selection. If specific audio is selected, only the specified channel is outputted regardless of the channel selection.

  • Page 59

    User Manual This enables each channel or all channels to detect motion and notify users. - Channel Channel can be set to All or as follows. SVR-3200: 1~32CH SVR-1680/1660/1645: 1~16CH SVR-960/945: 1~9CH - Sensitivity Sensitivity can be set to Lowest, 1~10, or Highest for each channel.

  • Page 60: Text Setup

    User Manual the previous menu. 6.7.2 Sensor A total of 16 sensors (9 sensors for the SVR-960/945) can be set. If All is selected, all channels are set to N.O or N.C. You can select channels and set them individually to N.O., N.C. or Off. 6.7.3 Text Setup Recording You can turn recording for text input on or off.

  • Page 61: Preset

    User Manual Lines This defines the maximum number of lines for one piece of data. An external device may not be recognized depending upon its characteristics, so it is recommended to contact the manufacturer before installation. 6.7.4 Preset This menu is used to activate the presets specified in the PTZ based on sensor input. Specify a preset with PTZ attached to each channel.

  • Page 62: Event Action

    User Manual Digital I/O are digital ports available for input and output at the same time., There are 12 digital inputs and outputs. Digital I/O Channel & Input/Output All 12 channels can be set to input/output. When channels are set to input, if an input signal is received by even one channel, emergency recording will operate.

  • Page 63

    User Manual System Event Source This sets some or all of disk error, disk full, fan error, authentication failure and DDNS registration failure. E-Mail Setup E-Mail address is set when e-mail is used for output. For e-mail address, enter an e-mail address for a message recipient. The address format is

  • Page 64: Network

    User Manual Sender Address is set when e-mail is used for output. The address format is You do not have to enter an e-mail address. In general, use an address that identifies the e-mail as being sent from a specific DVR. - Attaching Image Files For a Normal event log, the system sends an e-mail attached with an image of the event channel along with the event information including the sensor, movement detection, and...

  • Page 65

    User Manual Type This is used to select the network type (Ethernet/xDSL) connected to the DVR. Select Ethernet when the DVR is connected to dedicated line, cable modem or LAN. Select xDSL when the DVR is connected to a PPPoE-type xDSL line. However, if the xDSL line is not of the PPPoE type, you must select Ethernet.

  • Page 66: Xdsl

    User Manual Net Mask specifies a range of IP addresses and enables IP addresses in the range to communicate. Net Mask should be allocated by a network administrator. Gateway Gateway must be specified to enable IP addresses to communicate and should be allocated by a network administrator.

  • Page 67: Ddns

    User Manual User ID/Password If the DVR is connected to xDSL, you must specify a user ID and password. Status This shows the connection status of the DVR. 6.8.2 DDNS If the DVR is connected to a cable modem or an xDSL modem, a new IP address will be assigned each time the device connects to the ISP.

  • Page 68

    User Manual - Accept the terms and conditions - SIGN UP page: check ID availability...

  • Page 69

    User Manual 2) Register the product after sign up. - Log on to iPOLiS website - Product List (If you didn’t register products, there are no list) - Product Registration (Check ID availability) - Information regarding the registered products may be reviewed from the list...

  • Page 70

    User Manual 3) Configure the product for DDNS From the DVR's Network Setup menu, configure the settings as shown below. Select Menu and Network to prompt a screen similar to the illustration shown below. Set DDNS to "On" and input the DDNS address in 'DDNS SERVER DOMAIN NAME'.

  • Page 71

    User Manual [VIEW]: See the log-in page of selected product [Edit]/ [Delete]: Edit/Delete the selected product—will prompt password confirmation dialogue Once the product has been registered, its ID (domain) may not be changed. When the product’s ID needs to be changed, the product’s registration must be reset. Register the product again with the new ID.

  • Page 72: Ntp

    User Manual This menu is used to configure the server address to be registered. The address of the SWR is Use the ID for the DDNS login. Password Use the password for the DDNS login. Status The DVR's registration status is indicated. "Not Registered" means that the DVR is not registered to the DDNS.

  • Page 73: Remote

    User Manual NTP Server Location This is enabled when NTP Mode is set to Client. This determines whether the NTP server is on a local network or on the Internet. NTP Local Server IP This is enabled when the NTP Server Location is set to Local and is used to set the IP of the NTP server.

  • Page 74

    User Manual How to register the remote controller is as shown below. Direct the remote controller to the DVR. Press the [ID] button based on the specified remote controller ID. If the remote controller ID and the DVR ID are the same, the DVR buzzer beeps. The remote controller is now configured and available for use.

  • Page 75: System Setup

    User Manual is not controlled for a long time. When this is set to On, PTZ returns to Home if PTZ is not controlled for a specified period of time. PTZ Idle Time This is used to set when PTZ returns to Home if PTZ is not controlled. If this is set to 5 seconds, PTZ returns to Home when PTZ is not controlled for more than 5 seconds.

  • Page 76

    User Manual Language The OSD menu supports multiple languages. Select a language. Key Buzzer This determines whether to use the buzzer for the buttons on the front. Default This restores the factory default settings. Press the [Default] button to restore the factory default. Load Configuration This sends the DVR setting stored in a USB storage device to the DVR.

  • Page 77

    User Manual You can check log details with the >> icon by pressing the Enter button or scrolling the mouse wheel. Copying System Log System logs are saved as txt-formatted files, and can be saved to a USB flash drive. To save system logs to a USB drive, insert the drive into a USB port, open the System Log list.

  • Page 78: Disk

    User Manual The data will be saved as "Model Name_System Log_Date&Time.txt." Time This is used to set the time zone, date format, and time for the DVR. Daylight Saving needs to be set depending upon the region. 6.9.2 Disk This section describes how to add, remove, or format internal and external hard disks. Disk Manager...

  • Page 79

    User Manual Disk Manager is used to manage internal and external HDDs. It manages HDD status, bad blocks, size, enabled, disabled, etc. : Displays disk locations and types. Type Int A (Internal A HDD), Int B (Internal B HDD), Ext (External HDD) : Displays HDD models.

  • Page 80: Security

    User Manual - The HDD is now unused. - Select No to keep the HDD as it is. Disk Status This displays the temperature and status for each HDD. 6.9.3 Security DVR users are divided into administrators and general users. Administrators can use all DVR features without any limitations.

  • Page 81

    User Manual In the image above, User 1 & 2 can use only “O” function. You can set User 1 to User 10 in the same way. Admin Password The default Admin Password is "11111111" and can be changed. The Admin Password should be an 8-digit number.

  • Page 82: Exit

    User Manual The password has been changed. Permissions Using permission restricted features requires a password check. Execute a command to open the password input window. Select a user and enter his/her password. Now the function is available. [Permission check] 6.10 Exit This exits with or without saving menu settings.

  • Page 83: Chapter 7. Web Viewer

    User Manual This is used to exit without saving any settings. Chapter 7. Web Viewer Web Viewer is a web application provided as a complement for the DVR, capable of receiving visual live feeds and playing recorded data from a distance over the Internet. Web Viewer's structure consists of the log-in page, monitoring monitor and playback monitor.

  • Page 84: Login

    User Manual 7.2 LOGIN Use the IP address and port assigned to the product to access the Web Viewer Log-in page. The URL to access the page will be similar to If the port value has been changed from the default value of 4000, use the changed value instead after the colons. Use the ID and password from SNM-128S and click "Login".

  • Page 85: Supported Browser

    User Manual unused user accounts as well. The illustration above displays Network Manager Configuration Tool after user IDs and passwords have been changed. After the accounts have been configured, assign authority levels for each account. To allow playback access, check "Hard" under the user's account in Configuration Tool. Also, to allow accesses to "Microphone", "PTZ", "Relay", etc., check the relevant boxes and apply the changes.

  • Page 86: Monitor

    User Manual Viewer. Failure to do so may result in malfunction. 7.5 Monitor Once provided with the correct ID and password combination, Web Viewer will automatically move to the monitoring page. The monitoring page is used to watch live visual feed or to perform other functions allowed with the account's authority level.

  • Page 87: Moving Playback

    User Manual The screen will expand into Single partition. To return to the partition screen, double-click the monitoring area once again. In a partition mode, the placement of screens may be moved around. To move Ch.3 to where Ch.6 currently is, drag and drop the partition corresponding to Ch.3 over Ch.6 to switch their places.

  • Page 88: Relay Operation

    User Manual Deactivated sensor icons are sensors not supported by the DVR model. 7.5.5 Relay operation The product's Relay can be set to On or Off. Clicking a relay button will set the corresponding relay to On and change the button's color from blue to orange. Deactivated relay buttons are relays not supported by the DVR model.

  • Page 89: Video Recording & Video Storage

    User Manual Relay On V-loss Text Input User Login 7.5.8 Video Recording & Video Storage Video Recording To record the visual data from the monitoring mode, select the channel, right-click and select "Rec Start". Up to 10 minutes of video may be recorded in this manner. If a Quick Recording operation is executed, the duration of the recording will be displayed on the visual.

  • Page 90

    User Manual Pan, Tilt Control To control PTZ, right-click the channel to manipulate and select "PTZ". A white cross will appear at the center of the screen. Click on the screen to manipulate camera position. Clicking left or right of the cross will pan the camera and above or below will tilt it. Clicking further from the camera will cause the camera to change its position faster.

  • Page 91: Audio Use

    User Manual 7.5.10 Audio Use If a channel is paired with an audio channel, right-clicking the visual and selecting "Listen" from the pop-up menu will activate audio input. Also, to listen to the audio signal, Mute also needs to be unchecked. 7.5.11 Image Channel Close Clicking the channel buttons to the left of the screen will disconnect the visual connection and fade to black.

  • Page 92: Screen Division & Channel Change

    User Manual 7.6.1 Screen Division & Channel Change Playback supports 1, 4, 9 and 16 Partition modes. Use the menu (shown above) at the top of the page to choose a partition mode. When the monitoring screen is displaying Channel 1 through 4 in 4 Partition mode, clicking ">>"...

  • Page 93: Channel On/off

    User Manual 7.6.5 Channel On/Off This function is identical to the Web Monitor counterpart. The Channel On/Off buttons are at the right side of the page and clicking them will turn the channels on and off. The default value is On. Deactivated channel buttons are not supported by the DVR model. 7.6.6 Recording Duration &...

  • Page 94

    User Manual ⑥ Toggles DirectX usage. If enabled, the video will be drawn with DirectDraw and improve the quality depending on the PC's specification. ⑦ Controls the volume...

  • Page 95: Trouble Shooting

    User Manual Trouble Shooting 1. DVR is not booting up Check the power supply Check the power cord 2. Monitor won’t display anything Check the monitor’s power supply Check the connection between the DVR and the monitor Check the monitor’s cable port Check whether DVR is turned on If the images are in black and white, check the camera type (NTSC/PAL) and reboot...

  • Page 96

    User Manual Check the remote’s ID Check the remote’s specification 8. The buttons aren’t working Check the DVR’s power supply Check the Screen Lock setting 9. The DVR won’t connect to the network Check whether the network cable is connected properly Check the DVR’s IP Check the PC’s IP Ping Test...

  • Page 97: Compatible Hdd List

    Sony(Exhortation 16X) Sony(Exhortation 16X) Specification Item Description Display SVR-3200 : 32 composite video 0.5–2 Vpp, 75 ohm automatic termination SVR-1680/1660/1645 : 16 composite video 0.5–2 Inputs Video Vpp, 75 ohm automatic termination SVR-960/945 : 9 composite video 0.5–2 Vpp, 75...

  • Page 98

    User Manual SVR-3200 : 480fps@704x480, 960fps@704x240, Record Rate/NTSC 960fps@352x240 SVR-1680 : 480fps@704x480, 480fps@704x240, 480fps@352 x 240 SVR-1660/1645 : 120fps@704x480, 240fps@704x240, 480fps@352x240 SVR-960/945 : 120fps@704x480, 240fps@704x240, 270fps@352x240 SVR-3200 : 400fps@704x576, 960fps@704x288, 960fps@352x288 SVR-1680 : 400fps@704x576, 400fps@704x288, 400fps@352x288 Record Rate/PAL SVR-1660/1645 : 100fps@704x576,...

  • Page 99

    User Manual SVR-1645/960/945 : 8 TB SVR-3200/1680/1660 : 4 HDD Internal HDD SVR-1645/960/945 : 2 HDD SVR-3200/1680/1660 : External eSATA 2 port External HDD SVR-1645/960/945 : External eSATA 1 port DVD Writer (Back-up) DVD-R / CD-R USB (Back-up) 2 External USB Ports(USB 2.0)

  • Page 100

    User Manual 2 USB 2.0 ports SVR-3200/1680/1660 : External eSATA 2 port eSATA SVR-1645/960/945 : External eSATA 1 port Application Support ATM/POS, Mouse, Remote Controller Samsung Techwin, Pelco D, Pelco P, Panasonic, Dome Supported PTZ cameras Bosch, SEC Protocols General Input Voltage 100 to 240 VAC ±10%;...

  • Page 101: Dimensions

    User Manual Dimensions SVR-3200, SVR-1680, SVR-1660, SVR-1645...

  • Page 102

    User Manual SVR-960...

  • Page 103

    User Manual SVR-945...

  • Page 104

    User Manual...

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Svr 1680, Svr-945, Svr-1660, Svr-1645, Svr-960

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