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Cycle Options - Kenmore 970-C8808 Series Use & Care Manual

Front load dryer
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Table of Contents
Operating Instructions

Cycle Options

To add options, press the corresponding options buttons to
illuminate the selections desired. To delete options, press
the options buttons again and the indicator lights will turn
off . Some Options require a "Press & Hold" eff ort to acti-
vate or deactivate the secondary function.
Not all options are available on every model. To protect
your fabrics, not all options are available with every cycle.
If an option is not appropriate for the cycle, the indica-
tor will not light. Occasionally, a setting and option in the
same cycle will confl ict with each other, like Add Steam
and Line Dry. When this happens, the option selected fi rst
will cause the confl icting option to not be selectable.
To change the Options after the cycle starts, press
PAUSE, adjust the setting and press START to resume the
Energy Saver
The Energy Saver option reduces the drying temperature
a few degrees to save energy. In conjunction with auto-
matic moisture sensors, cycle times will increase slightly,
but overall energy usage will decrease.
Wrinkle Guard
Select Wrinkle Guard if the dried load might not be
removed promptly at the end of the cycle. The dry
load will continue tumbling without heat to help reduce
wrinkling. When Chime is selected, a beep will be heard
periodically. The load may be removed any time during
Wrinkle Guard.
Line Dry
Select this option to simulate hanging your laundry in a
summer breeze combined with the wrinkle-releasing ben-
efi ts of tumble action. Since drying times are calculated
with the dryer's automatic moisture sensors and heat
is radically reduced or eliminated, cycle time will be
lengthened. As a result, depending on moisture content
of load, overall energy consumption decreases.
Delay Start
Press Delay Start to select a drying time convenient to
your schedule or during off peak energy hours. The delay
time selected will be displayed and begin counting down
when you select START.
Add Steam
The Add Steam option injects steam into the clothing
prior to cool down to reduce wrinkling.
Steam may not necessarily be visible inside drum
during the Add Steam option.
It is not recommended to use fabric softener sheets
with Steam Cycles or Options as it may cause staining
on clothes.
Soft Heat
Select the Soft Heat option to protect a load from exces-
sive heat which can lead to shrinking and over-drying.
The drying temperature will be gradually reduced as the
load dries.
Control Lock (Press & Hold)
To lock the controls between cycles, press and hold the
Control Lock button for 5 seconds. Repeat to unlock the
controls when you are ready to operate the dryer. Use
this feature to reduce the likelihood of accidental opera-
tion by children.
Chime (Press and Hold)
Press and hold Wrinkle Guard for Chime activation. A
signal will sound at the end of the cycle (and periodi-
cally during Wrinkle Guard) if this option is selected.

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Table of Contents

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