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Kenmore 970-C8808 Series Use & Care Manual page 8

Front load dryer
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Operating Instructions
Cycle Selection, continued
Select this Auto Dry cycle to dry durable fabrics such as
work wear and overalls.
Select this cycle to dry heavy loads such as towels and
non-rubber-backed bath mats.
Select this Auto Dry cycle where you wish to reduce
allergens as you dry your load. Items prone to heat dam-
age are not recommended for this cycle.
Select this Auto Dry cycle for cotton items and cotton
blends with a no-iron fi nish.
Select this Auto Dry cycle for knits and delicate items.
Select this Auto Dry cycle for drying an entire load of
lightly to normally soiled denim jeans or similarly-col-
ored cotton khakis.
Timed Dry Cycles
To avoid fi re hazard, do not use heat to dry items
containing feathers or down, foam rubber, plastics
similarly textured, rubber-like materials. Use the Timed
Dry cycle and the Air Dry setting.
Express Dry
Select this timed cycle to quickly dry small loads in 18
Steam Refresh
Select this cycle to refresh fabrics, release wrinkles, remove
odors, and reduce static by injecting the perfect amount of
steam into clothing that has been left in the dryer, stored in
crowded closets, drawers, or unpacked luggage.
Steam may not necessarily be visible inside drum
during the Steam Refresh cycle.
Steam may not be present during entire cycle.
It is not recommended to use fabric softener sheets
with Steam Cycles or Options as it may cause staining
on clothes.
Time Dry
To manually select the drying time for any load, continue
to turn the cycle selector knob (while on the Time Dry
cycle) to increase or decrease drying time displayed
on the LCD screen. Drying times are available from 15
(Touch Up) to 120 minutes.
Continue turning to select
manual drying time
Because this is not an Auto Dry cycle, you will not be
able to select a dryness level.

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Table of Contents

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