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Unpacking; Description - Craftsman 172.10723 Owner's Manual

10-in. buffer / polisher
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Your tool should NEVER be connected to the power
source when you are assembling parts, making adjustments, installing or
removing bonnets, cleaning or when it is not in use. Disconnecting the tool
will prevent accidental starting, which could cause serious personal injury.
1. Remove the buffer / polisher from the bucket and inspect it carefully to make sure
that no breakage or damage has occurred during shipping.
2. Do not discard any of the packing materials until all parts are accounted for.
3. Seven bonnets are included: three wax applicator bonnets for applying waxes,
three reusable terry cloth bonnets for removing waxes and polishing, one reusable
bonnet for polishing, and one hand applicator pad.
4. If any of the parts are damaged or missing (refer to PARTS LIST below), return the
buffer / polisher to your nearest Sears store or Craftsman outlet to have the tool
If any parts are missing, DO NOT operate this
buffer / polisher until the missing parts are replaced. Failure to do so could
result in possible serious personal injury.
5-gallon Bucket for storage or use
Three Wax
Three Reusable
Terry Cloth
Operator's Manual
Buffer / Polisher
One Reusable
One Hand


NOTE: Before attempting to use your buffer / polisher, familiarize yourself
with all of the operating features and safety requirements.
Your Craftsman buffer / polisher has a precision-built electric motor and it should be
connected to a 120-volt, 60-Hz AC ONLY power supply (normal household current).
DO NOT operate on direct current (DC). The large voltage drop will cause a loss of
power and the motor will overheat. If the tool does not operate when plugged into
correct 120-volt, 60-Hz AC ONLY outlet, check the power supply. This buffer / polisher
has a stub length, 2-wire power cord (no adapter needed).
This Craftsman Buffer / Polisher has the following features:
1. Powerful 1.1 Amp permanent magnet Motor with 2800 Orbits per Minute
provides the power needed for quality waxing, buffing and polishing.
2. Precision tuned Counterweight system reduces vibration for smooth,
comfortable operation with less operator fatigue
3. Precision tuned Counterweight System matched with Orbital Motion provides
a "swirl-free" shine.
4. Ergonomically designed Perimeter Handle System provides maximum balance,
control and gripping comfort on any horizontal or vertical surface.
5. Hook and Loop Strip helps keep extension cord securely plugged into
buffer / polisher.
6. On / Off Slide Switch conveniently located for ease in control.
7. 10-in. diameter Foam Pad follows surface contours for efficient buffing / polishing.
Chemical resistant for long life.
8. Three Wax Applicator Bonnets for applying waxes.
9. One Hand Applicator Pad for applying waxes to hard to get at places.
10. Three Reusable Terry Cloth Bonnets for removing wax and polishing.
11. One Reusable Polishing Bonnet for final polishing to a "show room shine".
12. Non-marring Flat Top of buffer / polisher provides a stable base when applying
wax to bonnets and changing bonnets.
13. Permanently lubricated Ball Bearings for smooth, efficient operation.
14. Lightweight, High-impact Resistant Housing reduces weight, helps protect
tool from damage.



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