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Auto Pan; Triggered Pan - YAMAHA SPX90 Operating Manual

Digital multi-effect processor.
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This program automatically pans the sound image bet-
ween left and right in the stereo sound field. Pan direc-
tion, speed, and phase can be programmed.
1. PAN SPEED. Range: 0.1 ~ 20.0 Hz
Sets the speed of pan.
2. DIRECTION. Range: L
Determines the direction of pan.
3. DEPTH. Range: 0 ~ 100%
Sets the degree of level variation. The higher the
value, the stronger the pan effect.
R, L
R, L


In this program the pan effect is triggered by the input
signal or footswitch.
1. TRIGGER LEVEL. Range: 1 ~ 100%
Determines the strength of the attack signal required
to trigger the pan effect. The higher the value, the
higher the input signal level required to trigger the
2. TRIGGER DELAY. Range: – 100 ~ 100 msec
Produces a delay between the time at which the ef-
fect is triggered and that at which the pan effect ac-
tually begins. If a negative value is programmed, the
input signal is delayed so that effectively, the pan
effect begins before the signal appears.
3. TRIGGER MASK. Range: 5 ~ 32,000 msec
This parameter makes it impossible to re-trigger the
pan function until the programmed time has elapsed.
4. ATTACK TIME. Range: 5 mec ~ 32 sec
Determines how quickly or slowly the pan effect
reaches maximum depth after it is triggered.
5. PANNING TIME. Range: 5 msec ~ 32 sec
Determines how long the maximum-depth pan ef-
fect remains active.
6. RELEASE TIME. Range: 5 msec ~ 32 sec
Determines how long it takes for the pan effect to
fade out after the PANNING TIME has elapsed.
7. DIRECTION. Range: L
Sets the direction of pan.
8. L/R BALANCE. Range: 0 ~ 100%
Determines the volume balance between the left and
right channels.
When ON, a KEY ON signal from an external MIDI
keyboard can be used to trigger the pan effect.
NOTE: To use footswitch FC-5, connect the FC-5 to
the MEMORY/TRIGGER FOOT Switch Jack and
press the Foot Trigger key.
R, L


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