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YAMAHA SPX90 Operating Manual Page 15

Digital multi-effect processor.
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tion of the PITCH CHANGE program. For example,
if BASE KEY = C4, then pressing the C3 key on the
synthesizer keyboard will set the pitch change value
to – 12 (one octave down). Pressing D4 on the
keyboard would produce a pitch increase of one tone
(+ 2). If a key more than one octave higher or lower
than the BASE KEY is pressed, the resultant pitch
change setting will still be within the + 12 to – 12
range, as shown in the following illustration.
If the BASE KEY setting is OFF, pitch can not be con-
trolled via the MIDI IN terminal.
The FREEZE programs permit "recording" up to a
500-millisecond signal in the SPX90 memory; and play-
ing it back as required. The FREEZE programs have two
basic steps: RECORD and PLAY.
With the FREEZE A program it is possible to program
a specific segment of the recorded 500-millisecond
signal to be replayed by programming the START and
END points.
The FREEZE B program does not permit programming
START and END points, but the pitch of the recorded
signal can be changed for playback.
1. REC. MODE Selection. Range: Manual, Auto
Press the Parameter key and select the Manual mode
with the Parameter Increment key or AUTO Mode
by pressing the Parameter Decrement key.
In the MANUAL mode a Parameter Increment panel
key is pressed to begin recording, while in the AUTO
mode recording begins automatically when the
SPX90 detects an input signal.
2. TRIGGER DELAY Parameter. Range: – 500 ~ 500
This parameter determines the actual point at which
recording begins in relation to the trigger signal. If
TRG DLY is set at 0, recording begins immediately
when the FREEZE function is triggered. If a negative
TRG DLY value is set the input signal is delayed so
that in effect recording begins before the function
is triggered.
After the desired MODE has been set, press the
PARAMETER key and the LCD will display the
"RECORD" message. Then, enter the standby mode
by pressing the PARAMETER DECREMENT key. The
LCD will display the "REC READY" message.


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