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Yamaha DVD-S1800 Owner's Manual

Dvd audionideo sa-cd player
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  • Page 2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 12 Grounding or Polarization - This product may be equipped with a polarized alternating current line plug (a plug having one blade wider than the other). This plug will fit into the power outlet only one way. This is a safety feature. If you are unable to insert the RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK 00 NOT OPEN plug fully into the outlet, try reversing the plug.
  • Page 3 We Want You Listening For A Lifetime Yamaha and the Electronic Industries Association's Consumer Electronics Group want you to get the most out of your equipment by playing it at a safe level. One that lets the sound come through loud and clear without annoying blaring or distortion - and, most importantly, without affecting your sensitive hearing.
  • Page 4 1.45 mW (DVD) Output Power cause fire, damage to this unit, and/or personal injury. 1.13 mW (VCD/CD) Yamaha will not be held responsible for any damage Beam divergence 60 degrees resulting from use of this unit with a voltage other than as specified.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS INTRODUCTION DISC OPERATION Playable disc formats Basic operation DVD region codes Pausing playback Patent information Selecting a track/chapter Cleaning discs Searching backward/forward Supplied accessories Repeat playback Repeating playback FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW Repeating a section (except DVD-Audio/MP3/WMA/JPEG) ..19 Front panel Random playback Front panel display (except DVD/SA-CD)
  • Page 6 CONTENTS , SETUP MENU LANGUAGE CODE LIST Menu overview..........27 TROUBLESHOOTING Setup menu operation General setup menu Selecting DVD-Audio mode GLOSSARY Selecting SA-CD mode Setting the OSD language SPECIFICATIONS Restricting playback with parental control Changing the parental password Setting the screen saver Setting the auto power function Setting the sleep timer Resetting the system...
  • Page 7: Introduction

    INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing this unit. This Owner's Manual Not~ explains the basic operation of this unit. • Illustrations in this manual are based on the U.K., • CD-R(W), DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W) cannot played unless finalized. Europe, and Russia models unless otherwise specified. •...
  • Page 8: Patent Information

    INTRODUCTION • When a disc becomes dirty, clean it with a cleaning [](lIDOLBVI cloth. Wipe the disc from the center out. Do not wipe in DIGITAL a circular motion. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. • Do not use solvents such as benzine, thinner, "Dolby"...
  • Page 9: Functional Overview

    FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW @L::J.. Disc tray Load a disc in the disc tray. Opens or closes the disc tray. ® 1<J<]/<K1 STANDBY/ON Turns on this unit or sets it to the standby mode. Searches backward. Moves to the previous chapter or track. ®...
  • Page 10: Front Panel Display

    FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW ® P.SCAN indicator D.MIX indicator (DVD-Audio only) Lights up when playing the disc that allows down Lights up when the progressive scan function is mixing of the multi-channel audio source. activated. ® ® Playback mode indicators Disc indicators Display the icon for the selected playback mode.
  • Page 11: Rear Panel

    FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW (U.K., Europe, and Russia models) MAINS AUDIO OUT (6ch discrete) jacks Connect to the 6ch input jacks of your AV receiver. Connect the supplied power cable. ® ® DIGITAL (COAXIAL) jack AUDIO OUT (MIXED 2CH) jacks Connect to the coaxial input jack of your AV receiver. Connect to the audio input jacks of your AV receiver or stereo system.
  • Page 12 FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW DIMMER Selects from three different levels of brightness for the front panel display: bright, dim and auto. For auto setting, brightness is automatically set to low only during playback. ® HDMI Switches between the HOMI resolution settings or turns off the HOMI mode (see page 36).
  • Page 13 FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW @ Cursors(~/~/~/") Selects an item in the currently displayed menu. Repeats a specific segment (see page 19). ENTER ENTER Confirms the menu selection. Confirms the menu selection. MENU (~~ /~~) @) SLOW/SEARCH Accesses the menu of a disc (see page 20). Searches backward or forward (see page 19).
  • Page 14: Connections

    CONNECTIONS Connecting an AV receiver with 6chl multi-channel input Be sure to tum off this unit and unplug the power supply cable, before you make or change connections. • Analog connections • Depending on the component you want to connect, there If you want to reproduce multi-channel Super Audio CD are various ways to make connections.
  • Page 15: Video Connections

    CONNECTIONS • Digital connections If you want to use the Dolby Digital, DTS, or MPEG function on your AV receiver, connect DIGITAL This unit has SCART, composite video, S-video, and (OPTICAL) <A> or DIGITAL (COAXIAL) <B> jack of component video output jacks. If your AV receiver has this unit to the corresponding input jacks of your AV video output jacks, connect your receiver and then your receiver using a commercially available digital optical or...
  • Page 16: Hdmi Connection

    CONNECTIONS • Composite video jack <A> Connect VIDEO OUT (VIDEO) jack of this unit to the video input jack of your AV receiver, and then to that of HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) provides your TV using the supplied video pin cable. high quality digital audio and video on a single connection.
  • Page 17 CONNECTIONS • HOMI video output This unit is compatible with the following video fonnats: 480p/60 Hz, S76p/SO Hz, nOp/50 Hz, 60 Hz, 1080i/SO Hz, 60 Hz, and 1080p/SO Hz, 60 Hz. NO,t,!$l • You need to select one of the HDMI resolution settings by pressing HDMI on the remote control repeatedly or by using the HDMI Video setup menu (see page 36).
  • Page 18: Connecting The Power Cable

    CONNECTIONS After all other connections are complete, plug the supplied power cable into MAINS of this unit and then plug the power cable to an AC outlet.
  • Page 19: Getting Started

    GETTING STARTED ~\M-:. If the settings you have made are inappropriate, you can always reset all options and your personal settings to the initial factory settings. For details, see "Resetting the system" on page 30. Using the remote control Use the remote control within 6 m ft approx.) of this unit and point it toward the remote control sensor.
  • Page 20: Step 3: Setting A Tv Type

    GETTING STARTED ..Ao...1 ..Press repeatedly to highlight [TV Type]. This unit is compatible with both NTSC and video formats. Select the color system that matches your TV. ~<il:' • Press RETURN to display the previous menu. Press SETUP to exit from the setup menu. SETUP.
  • Page 21: Step 4: Setting A Language Preference

    GETTING STARTED Setting the audio, subtitle and disc menu languages Press SETUP. You can select your own preferred language settings. This The setup menu appears. unit will automatical1y switch to your preferred language for you whenever you load a disc. If the language selected 1..
  • Page 22: Disc Operation

    DISC OPERATION Press again to close the disc tray. .. After recognizing the disc, this unit starts to play • Unless otherwise specified, all operations described here are back automatically. carried out using the supplied remote control. If you press PLAY ( ) when the disc tray is •...
  • Page 23: Searching Backward/Forward

    DISC OPERA TION MP3, WMA, JPEG, DivX@ Searching backward/forward Folder ~ Track /~~). SLOW/SEARCH (..Press -----J For slow search, press PAUSE (II ) to • OFF. pause playback before pressing /~~). SLOW/SEARCH (..Chapter: repeats the current chapter Title: repeats the current title While searching, press Track: repeats the current track /~~)
  • Page 24: Program Playback (Cd)

    DISC OPERA TlON Note! ' , ' Once you take out the disc from the disc tray or turn off this unit, You can customize the playback order for tracks stored in the stored program play content is cleared. the disc. This unit supports a maximum of20 programmed tracks.
  • Page 25: Using The Video Cd Playback Control (Pbc) Menu (Vcd/Svcd)

    DISC OPERA TION Using the Video CD playback control Using the aSD menu (PBC) menu (VCD/SVCD) (DVDNCD/SVCD/CD) MENU ON SCREEN. Press to tum on the PBC function. During playback, press The disc menu appears on the TV screen. A list of available disc information appears on the TV screen.
  • Page 26: Displaying Text Information (Sa-Cd)

    DISC OPERA TlON • To select a title (DVD-Video)/group • To select a category of time (DVD-Audio) (VCD/SVCD/CD) Press ~ / ~ /,./ ~ repeatedly to highlight Press ~ ,~ ,,./ ~ repeatedly to highlight ENTER and then enter a title/group number using the and then press to toggle between the numeric buttons (0-9).
  • Page 27: Viewing Angles (Dvd-Video)

    DISC OPERA TlON Sharpness Mid Set this to adjust the sharpness of the image for the intermediate frequencies. Sharpness High Set this to adjust the sharpness of the image for the high You can enlarge the picture on the TV screen and to pan frequencies.
  • Page 28: Audio And Subtitle Languages

    DISC OPERA TlON The font sets listed below are available for DivX® external subtitle files. To watch DivX® discs with the desired font If the disc contains multi-language options, you can select set, set the default subtitle language setting in the setup audio/subtitle languages.
  • Page 29: Selecting A Group (Dvd-Audio)

    DISC OPERA TlON Some DVD-Audio discs contain bonus groups that require a four-digit password to gain access. In this case, refer to You can select a track in a specific group for DVD-Audio the disc jacket and other packaging for information. discs and a track/file in a folder for data disc.
  • Page 30: (Mp3Iwmaldivx®/Jpeg)

    DISC OPERA TlON Press ..l select a folder, and then press Press STOP ( • ) to stop playback. ENTER to open the folder. • To move to the upper folder, select the folder icon Press MULTI/2CH. with two dots when disc playback is stopped.
  • Page 31: Menu Overview

    SETUP MENU ~til~ • The initial setting for each parameter is indicated in bold. • If the settings you have made are inappropriate, you can always reset all options and your personal settings to the initial factory settings. For details, see "Resetting the system" on page 30. Setting ItemlParameter Menu Item Setting ItemlSubmenu...
  • Page 32 SETUP MENU Press.~ , select the desired main menu, ENTER. and then press .. Menu items and setting items appear. Setup is carried out on the TV screen, enabling you to customize this unit to suit your own particular requirements.
  • Page 33: Selecting Dvd-Audio Mode

    SETUP MENU iiBfiit o,oooo,o,HA • This setting is only available when no disc is loaded in the disc tray. • Selected mode becomes effective after you close the setup menu. • When you select [CD], this unit does not play back SA-CD discs which do not have CD layer.
  • Page 34: Setting The Screen Saver

    30 minutes or disc playback is continued for more than six hours without operation. Yamaha provides you with the DivX® VOD (Video On Demand) registration code that allows you to rent and Mode 2 purchase videos using the DivX® VOD service.
  • Page 35: Audio Setup Menu

    SETUP MENU Setting the LPCM output Set the LPCM output if you have connected this unit to a PCM-compatible receiver via a digital terminal, such as the coaxial or optical terminals. Discs are recorded at a certain sampling rate. The higher the sampling rate, the better the sound quality.
  • Page 36: Speaker Setup Menu

    SETUP MENU Initialize You can reset [Size] settings to the initial factory settings. Select [Initialize] under [Size] in [SPEAKER] menu. Press~. .. The confirmation screen appears. Select [Yes] to reset the setting, and then press ENTER. .. [Size] settings are reset to the initial factory settings.
  • Page 37: Setting Speaker Levels

    SETUP MENU Initialize Initialize You can reset [Distance] settings to the initial factory You can reset [Level] settings to the initial factory settings. settings. Select [Initialize] under [Level] in [SPEAKER] Select [Initialize] under [Distance] in menu. [SPEAKER] menu. Press~. Press~. The confirmation screen appears.
  • Page 38: Video Setup Menu

    SETUP MENU When the aspect ratio of your TV is 4:3: Playback TV display . setting disc i:-:-~: • : , , - '*2: _.__, , , *1: [Black Level) and [Closed Caption) are only for U.S.A. and Canada models. *2: [Scart Video Out] is only for U.K., Europa, and Russia models.
  • Page 39: Selecting The Black Level (U.s.a. And Canada Models Only)

    SETUP MENU Selecting the black level Setting the still mode (U.S.A. and Canada models only) You can select the picture quality for pausing or frame-by- frame playback. If you set the [TV Type] to [NTSC] (see "Step 3: Setting a TV type"...
  • Page 40: Switching The Scart Video Out (U.k., Europe, And Russia Models Only)

    WITH THIS MODEL 525P AND 625P DVD PLAYER, PLEASE CONTACT OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER. This unit is compatible with the complete line of Yamaha products, including the projectors DPX- I300, DPX-830 and the plasma monitor PDM-4220. Switching the SCART video out Setting the HDMI video (U.K., Europe, and Russia models...
  • Page 41: Selecting The Dvi Output Range

    SETUP MENU • Refer to the manual supplied with your monitor to select the appropriate aspect ratio. • You can also select the HOM! resolution by pressing HOMI on the remote control repeatedly. Selecting the OVI output range You can select the DVI output range to match the connected component.
  • Page 42: Selecting The Pbc (Playback Control) Function

    SETUP MENU Selecting the PBC (playback control) function You can set playback control (PBC) to on or off. This function is available only on Video CD 2.0 with the playback control (PBC) feature. • Select [PBC] in [DISC] menu. Select this to display a disc menu. Select this not to display a disc menu.
  • Page 43: Setup Menu 27 Language Code List

    LANGUAGE CODE LIST 1620 2224 2919 1112 Lingala Singhalese Fiji Abkhazian 2921 1I1I 1619 2230 Slovak Afar Finnish Lithuanian 1116 1628 2321 2922 Afrikaans French Macedonian Sloven ian 2927 1635 2317 2925 Frisian Malagasy Somali Albanian 1722 2329 1529 1123 Malay Spanish Amharic...
  • Page 44: Setup Menu Operation 28 Troubleshooting

    Refer to the table below when this unit does not function properly. If the problem you are experiencing is not listed below or if the instruction below does not help, turn off this unit, disconnect the power cable, and contact the nearest authorized Yamaha dealer or service center. Problem...
  • Page 45 TROUBLESHOOTING Solution Problem page No sound or distorted sound Adjust the volume on the TV or the AV receiver. Check that the speakers are connected properly. Adjust the volume level in the setup menu. No audio at digital output Check the digital connections. If you are playing a DTS source, check that your receiver can decode DTS and [Digital Out] is set to [All].
  • Page 46: Glossary

    GLOSSARY • Dolby Digital • Aspect ratio Horizontal and vertical ratio of a displayed image. The Digital surround sound system which is developed by horizontal vs. vertical ratio of conventional TV is 4:3, and Dolby Laboratories provides completely independent that of wide-screens is 16:9. multi-channel audio.
  • Page 47 GLOSSARY • Interlace • Region code The most common type of scanning used in televisions. It Many DVD discs include a region code so that the divides a screen into even and odd numbered fields for copyright owner can control DVD software distribution scanning, and then builds an image by combining them only to regions where they are ready to distribute.
  • Page 48: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS PLAYBACK SYSTEM TV STANDARD • DVD-Video • Number of Iines PAL: 625, NTSC: 525 • DVD-Audio • Vertical frequency PAL: 50 Hz, NTSC: 60 Hz • Playback Multistandard (PAUNTSC) • DVD-R, DVD-RW • DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL CONNECTIONS • Video CD, SVCD •...
  • Page 50 Pack the Dve Player, its Owner's Manual and all its accessories in the original box or a suitable alternative. If YAMAHA elects to exchange your DVD Player, you will receive replacement accessories with your replacement product. If you require information or wish to order new packing materials, call YAMAHA at (714) 522-9888. comple,ted service/exchange form and a copy your original sales receipt Into an envelope.
  • Page 51 Registering Your New Yamaha Product is Fast and Easy Thank you for purchasing a new product from Yamaha Electronics.We'd like to continue providing you with high quality products and better service. So, we've made it simple to register your new product purchase online. Please take a few minutes to www.yamaha.comIYEC/registration/...
  • Page 52 (3) Normal wear, battery replacement and any periodic maintenance. (4) Any unit which has not been purchased from an authorized YAMAHA Home Audio dealer in the U.S.A. If you are uncertain as to whether a dealer has been authorized by YAMAHA, please contact YAMAHA's Service Department, above.
  • Page 53 (1) If your YAMAHA product(s) require service, contact the authorized YAMAHA dealer in CANADA and the dealer will advise you of the procectures to be followed. If this is not practical, contact YAMAHA at the address, telephone number or Internet URL shown above. We may requeSt that you send the detective product(s) to a local authorized YAMAHA Service Center, to an authorized YAMAHA Regional Service Center In CANADA, or authorize return of the defective product(s) to YAMAHA for repair or replacement at YAMAHA's option.
  • Page 54 CANADA si les reparations sont la garantie. Comment vou. pouvez benefic..dLiservice de garantie : (1) Si votre produit YAMAHA a besoinde service, joignez Ie concessionnaire YAMAHA agree au Canada; ce dernier vous informera des prOC4klures suivre. Si cela s'avereincommode, contactez YAMAHA...
  • Page 55 313924604131 WF12960-1 Printed in China...