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Usage Points - Haier SAP-KRV9AV Instruction Manual

Inverter-controlled split system air conditioner
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1.1 Working Principle
and Special
Functions for
1.2 Working Principle
and Special
Functions for
** For Heatpump models Only **
An air conditioner (cooling) absorbs room heat and transmits and discharges
it outdoors, thereby decreasing the ambient indoor room temperature. Its
cooling capacity will decrease relative to an increase in the outdoor ambient
Anti-freezing Function:
If the unit is running in COOL mode and at a low temperature, frost will form
on the heat exchanger; when the indoor heat exchanger temperature
decreases to below 0°C, the micro-computer of the indoor unit will stop
running the compressor to protect the unit.
1. An air conditioner (heating) absorbs heat from outdoors and transmits it
indoors, thereby increasing the indoor room temperature. Its heating
capacity will decrease relative to a decrease in the outdoor ambient
2. If the outdoor temperature is lower than the room temperature, please
operate the system with other heating/ventilating equipment.
1. When the outdoor temperature is low and there is high humidity, after the
unit runs for a while, frost will form on the outdoor unit and a ect the
heating function. At this time, the auto-defrosting function will turn on, and
the heating operation will stop for 8-10 minutes.
2. While the auto-defrosting function is operating, both the fan motors of the
indoor and outdoor units will stop operating.
3. While the defrosting function is operating, the indoor indicator ashes and
the outdoor unit may emit vapor. This is due to the defrosting and is not a
4. After defrosting has nished, the heating process will resume
Cold Draft Prevention:
In "HEAT" mode, the indoor blower will not act under the following 3 statuses,
until the heat exchanger reaches a certain temperature. This is to prevent
cool air from blowing. (Within 2 minutes)
1. When heating starts.
2. After auto-defrosting has nished.
3. Heating under low ambient temperature
Gentle Breeze:
Under the following conditions, the indoor unit may produce a gentle breeze,
and the guide louver may rotate to a predetermined position:
1. In "Heat" mode with the unit turned on, until the compressor starts
2. In "Heat" mode with the temperature at the set value and the compressor
has stopped running at about 1 minute.



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