Zanussi ZOB 668 Instruction Booklet

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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Contents English When the oven is first installed Description of the appliance Electric oven Electronic programmer Hints and tips for using the oven Cooking tables Cleaning and Maintenance What happens if something goes wrong 41 Service and spare parts Technical data Instructions for the installer Building-in...
  • Page 2: English

    English Warnings - Built-in ovens It is most important that the instruction book should be retained with the appliance for future reference. Should the appliance be sold or transferred to another owner, or should you move house and leave the appliance, always ensure that the book is supplied with the appliance in order that the new owner can be acquainted with the functioning of the appliance and the relevant warnings.
  • Page 3: When The Oven Is First Installed

    Technical assistance The symbol on the product or on its This appliance should be serviced by an authorized Network Service Centre, and packaging indicates that this product may not only genuine spare parts should be used. be treated as household waste. Instead it shall Under no circumstances should you be handed over to the applicable collection attempt to repair the appliance yourself.
  • Page 4: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the appliance ZBM 763 ZOB 668 ZOB 892 1. Control panel 6. Electronic programmer 2. Oven thermostat control knob 7. Grill 3. Oven function control knob 8. Oven lamp 4. Operating control light 9. Turnspit hole 5. Oven thermostat control light...
  • Page 5: Electric Oven

    Electric oven Mod. ZOB 668 Push-Pull control knobs Some models are provided with push-pull control knobs (Fig. 1). These knobs can be completely sunken inside the control panel when the oven is not working. Fig. 1 Oven Function Thermostat control knobs (Fig.
  • Page 6: Safety Thermostat

    Service Department. The cooling fan for the controls (in model ZOB 668 only) The cooling fan is designed to cool the walls of the oven and the components of the oven itself.
  • Page 7: Electronic Programmer

    Electronic programmer 1. Push button for selecting a function 2. Decreasing control button “ ” 3. Increasing control button “ ” 4. Display 5. “Cooking Duration” pilot lamp 6. “End of cooking” pilot lamp 7. “Minute minder” pilot lamp 8. “Time of day” pilot lamp The oven will work only if the time of day has been set.
  • Page 8: End Of Cooking" Function

    lamp will start flashing. Then, proceed as follows: To set the duration time: 1. press button “ ” or “ ”. 2. After the setting is carried out, wait for 5 seconds: the "Cooking Duration" pilot lamp will come on and the display will revert to the time of day.
  • Page 9: Cooking Duration

    To cancel the End of cooking time: 1. Press button repeatedly to select the “End of cooking” function. The relevant pilot lamp will flash and the display will show the programmed End of cooking time. 2. Press button “ ” until the display shows the current time of day.
  • Page 10: Hints And Tips For Using The Oven

    How to switch off the display 1. Press two or three programmer push buttons simoultaneously and keep them pressed for about 5 seconds. The display will switch off. 2. To switch on the display, press any button. The display can be switched off only if no other functions have been set.
  • Page 11 Grilling When grilling meat or fish, spread a little oil The ingredients for the accompanying sauce on them and always place them on the oven or gravy should be put in the baking pan at grid. The shelf level depends on the the very beginning only when cooking times thinckness of the food.
  • Page 12: Cooking Times

    Warning! - Do not attempt to place objects on the bottom of the oven and do not cover it with aluminium foil while cooking, as you can damage the enamelled surfaces and the food you are cooking. Always place pans, heat-resisting pans and aluminium foils on the oven shelves.
  • Page 13: Cooking Tables

    Cooking tables Traditional cooking and fan ducted cooking Traditional Cooking Fan Oven Cooking time TYPE OF DISH NOTES Level Level temp. temp. °C °C minutes CAKES Whipped up kneading 2 (1 and 3)* 45 ~ 60 In cake mould Shortbread dough 2 (1 and 3)* 20 ~ 30 In cake mould...
  • Page 14 Cooking times in the tables do not include pre-heating. We recommend to pre-heat the oven for about 10 minutes before any cooking. Grilling Cooking time Grilling Quantity (minutes) TYPE OF DISH Lower Upper Pieces Weight °C temp. Level side side Fillet steaks 12 ~ 15 12 ~ 14...
  • Page 15: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and Maintenance Before any cleaning switch the Oven door cleaning oven off and let it cool down. For a better cleansing of the oven door, you Never use steam or steam are suggested to remove it from the appliance machines to clean the appliance.
  • Page 16: Replacing The Oven Light

    Replacing the oven light Disconnect the appliance from its power supply point. Push in and unscrew the glass cap (Fig. 6). Unscrew the light bulb and replace it with a new heat-proof bulb (300 °C) having the following features: - Operative tension: 230 V (50 Hz);...
  • Page 17: What Happens If Something Goes Wrong

    What happens if something goes wrong If the appliance is not working correctly, please carry out the following checks, before contacting your local Service Centre. SYMPTOM SOLUTION $ The oven does not come on. #Check that both a cooking function and a tem- perature have been selected.
  • Page 18: Service And Spare Parts

    Service and spare parts If after the checks listed in the previous chapter, the appliance still does not work correctly, contact your local Service Centre, specifying type malfunctioning, the appliance model (Mod.), the product number (Prod. No.) and the serial number (Ser. No.) marked on the identification plate.
  • Page 19: Technical Data

    Technical data Dimension of the oven recess Height undertop: 593 mm in column: 580 mm Width 560 mm Depth 550 mm Dimensions of the oven cavity Height 335 mm Width 395 mm Depth 400 mm Capacity 53 l Oven thermostat regulation: from 50°C up to 230°C Heating elements ratings Bottom heating element...
  • Page 20: Instructions For The Installer

    Instructions for the installer The instructions given below are designed specifically for a qualified installer and should aid him or her to perform all installation, adjustment, and maintenance operations with absolute precision and in compliance with all current legislation and regulations.
  • Page 21 in all cases be laid out in such a way as to ensure that it does not reach at any given point a temperature 50 °C higher than the ambient temperature. Suitable power supply cables are the following types, considering the respective necessary section of cable: H07 RN-F, H05 RN-F, H05 RR-F, H05 VV-F, H05 V2V2-F (T90), H05 BB-F.
  • Page 22: Building-In

    Building-in To ensure correct operation of the built-in assembly, the kitchen cabinet and the recess for the built-in appliance must have suitable dimensions. When the appliance is fitted-in, there must be no open spaces left and it must be closed on all sides by the kitchen furniture to prevent the possibility of inadvertently touching “live”...
  • Page 23 ZBM763-ZOB668 ZOB 892 0,79 kWh 0,78 kWh 53,0 43 min. 41 min. 1130 cm²...
  • Page 24 35686-6505 04/06...

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